Columbia Equine Hospital Dental flier


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Columbia Equine Hospital Dental flier

  1. 1. Columbia Equine Hospital Full Oral Examination under sedation with odontoplasty, bit seat and incisor alignment Dental Examination & Power Dentistry Oral examination requires sedation Dentals are performed in the hospital or on and a full mouth speculum. Sedation the farm. An overhead beam and an Annual dental allows your horse to relax during the electrical supply are required. A set-up fee examination is procedure so that the doctor can of $25 will be charged for on the farm completely evaluate and correct appointments for less than 3 horses. necessary for your any dental issues. Unlike other horse’s comfort and dental speculums, the full-mouth performance. speculum, distributes pressure $150 Maintenance dent evenly across all the incisors to al reduce strain on the TMJ. The $190 Extended dental Your horse’s first dental exam and horse’s head is suspended in afloat should be performed by one year of padded swing and supported by Price includes:age. Soft baby teeth develop sharp points a licensed technician to reduce Oral exam & 1st sedatiothat lacerate the cheeks and gums. Wolf stress on the neck and poll. n! Excludes extractionsteeth, if present, should be removed prior Veterinarians at CEH use No set up fee if hauled-ito bridling. Dental exams should be n to CEH or >2 horsesperformed every six months until 5 years Powe r fl o at a n d D re m e lof age to remove any loose caps and file technology to perform a gentleany sharp points that have developed due and thorough dental in a shorterto losing teeth. Once your horse has all his period of time than manual Columbia Equine Hospital staffs a Boardpermanent teeth, examinations once a year flotation. The rotary burr on the Certified Equine Dentist for complicatedshould be sufficient. Powerfloat will not lacerate the cheeks or extractions and oral surgery. tongue like traditional hand floats can. Drs. Clabaugh and Zuver 27841 SE Orient Drive Gresham, Oregon 97080 503-663-1515
  2. 2. Common Oral ulcerations are a source ofDental pain and performance limitation.ProblemsIncisor Problems Overbite Trauma - Tooth Fracture Trauma - Non-vital pulp exposure Slant mouth Severe oral erosions and ulceration due to sharp enamel points along cheeks.Cheek Teeth Issues Tooth wear is dependent Signs of Dental Disease: on many factors: Abnormal chewing action Wolf teeth Age and breed of the horse Quidding/dropping feed Dental Conformation Weight loss Loose or missing teeth Bridling problems or head shy Cranial Hook Diet: Bit evasion & resistance Hay vs. pasture Unbalanced or one-sided when ridden Pellet vs. whole grains Facial swellings Wave Mouth Abnormal chewing due to: Odorous breath trauma abscesses/tumors Unilateral nasal discharge arthritis of TMJ Long fibers, oats or corn in manure Step Mouth Impaction colic Check Don’t wait until ulceration your horse is in pain!