Mechanical Turk: Increase Image Sales (April 2013 Webinar)


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Use Amazon Mechanical Turk in combination with algorithmic computing power to tag, categorize, keyword, moderate, describe, translate collections of images, vector art, illustrations, video, audio.

Amazon Mechanical Turk does not endorse factual or legal conclusions of third parties based on their use of services offered through the Mechanical Turk Marketplace.

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  • Before we start, I’d like to introduce your speakers for today’s webinar and cover some basic logistics.I’m Daniel Gray, Principal for Amazon Mechanical Turk’s Digital Media, based in Seattle, Washington.With me is Todd Carter, CEO for Tagasauris based in New York, one of Amazon Mechanical Turk’s Partners in our Partner network.Today’s live webinar will be recorded, take about 35-40min, with 5-10min reserved for Q&A at the end of the webinar. We invite you to submit questions via your GoTo dashboard, or when we open the line; a link to the recording will be made available post-haste. For now, please place your phones on mute. With that, let’s get started!
  • Who is Although most people know who Amazon is, I think it’s helpful to share with you how we’re organized.
  • To understand Amazon Mechanical Turk, firstit’s helpful to understand Amazon is a company of marketplaces - we have three macro and distinct businesses:1. our Consumer/Retail business (with tens of millions of active customers around the world)2. our Seller business (where third parties sell on Amazon websites, using Amazon technology for their own retail websites, leveraging Amazon’s massive fulfillment center network)3. our IT Infrastructure business (where cloud computing infrastructure for hosting web-scale solutions serves hundreds of thousands of registered customers around the world).Amazon Mechanical Turk is a marketplace for work, and is part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Like our cloud computing infrastructure which offers computing power, Amazon Mechanical Turk is the infrastructure to access a global, scalable, on-demand workforce for human power.
  • With that background set, here’s our plan for today’s webinar:Level-setting on crowdsourcingExplaining what is Amazon Mechanical TurkIntroducing Tagasauris, a Partner in our AWS Partner Network (APN)Profiling a success story on how Amazon Mechanical Turk-Tagasauris has helped increase sales of imagesHow the Amazon Mechanical Turk-Tagasauris solution worksAnd finally, how to get started
  • Today’s webinar roadmap will cover business and technical concepts, with the objective of empowering you with helpful information to either get started, or further iterate your crowdsourcing efforts.
  • The Umbrella of Crowdsourcing is helpful to understand the taxonomy of ‘crowdsourcing’, which categorizes it into 4 primary groups (microtasks, macrotasks, crowdfunding, & contests). This categorization is based more on the inputs vs. the outputs each produces.Today, we’ll focus on how you can leverage the Amazon Mechanical Turk-Tagasauris solution to programmatically break down your collections (images, illustrations, vector art, audio/video assets) into definable tasks for the Mechanical Turk Workforce to complete.
  • As it applies to your collections of images, illustrations, vector art, audio/video assets, there are multiple ‘use cases’ you can leverage Mechanical Turk for – Data management: This includes data or algorithm training…With Mechanical Turk you can quickly develop large sets of training data to train your algorithmsAnalysis/research: perform sentiment analysis, monitor customer feedbackContent management: moderate your collections for appropriateness/accuracy to market, improve search engine-level discoverability by adding descriptions to your collections in addition to tags/keywordsAnnotation: tag collections with keywords, improving classification/categorization. Again, discoverability is critical to image sales - Mechanical Turk Workers can quickly and accurately add attribute descriptions (or tags) to all types of content so that it can be easily indexed and searched. Example Tasks: Generate keywords for an image, advertisement, or website. Identify objects found in an image for easier searching and advertising targeting. Timestamp and tag sections of a video or audio clip based on content.
  • _ Mechanical Turk is a marketplace for work – think of it as the infrastructure layer upon which Partners like Tagasauris offer a technology solution to Requesters (those looking for workers) to access a scalable, global, on-demand Workforce _ Mechanical Turk provides access to the tool required to build workflows and control quality_ Mechanical Turk provides the payment administration (though Amazon Payments)_ …and lastly, it can handle millions of tasks, with web or API-connectivity options_The process includes breaking down a project into tasks, publishing the tasks via HIT’s (human intelligence tasks). Depending on the qualifications set for your tasks, either a defined or undefined group of Workers accept the assignments, submit their results for approval, and the process continues.What are the Key advantages that deliver business benefits: 1. VARIABLE EXPENSE: Lower Costs_ Transform fixed [human capital] costs into variable costs_ Offers a pay-as-you-go model2. GAINECONOMIES OF SCALE: as your collections continue to grow, scale more efficiently3. SPEED AND AGILITY_ On-demand (vs. on the bench) access to a scalable workforce_ Results-focus (vs. time focus) emphasizes productivity; Workers can work in parallel, around the globe, around the clock4. FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESSWith increased efficiency, productivity, and lower costs—you have more time to focus on critical business objectives, increasing the pace of your innovation._ Experiment Often_ Fail quickly at a low cost= More Innovation5. GLOBAL REACH: 500k Workers across 190 countries6. ACCURACY: drive fast, accurate work results at competitive prices without long term contracts or minimum commitments7. SCALABILITY: avoid waste_ Burst up and down according to the capacity you need, when you need it_ 100% Efficiency_ Independent of your workload type, maintain the flexibility your business demandsThis is the ‘business’ buzz around Mechanical Turk  It’s these business benefits that make Mechanical Turk a strategic initiative for companies like Comscore, Twitter, Linkedin…and the difference between the “disruptors” vs. the “disrupted.”
  • Key advantages yield business benefits: Lower Costs_ Converts a fixed cost into a variable cost_ Significantly reduces ongoing headcount expenses_ Offers a pay-as-you-go staffing modelEFFICIENCY:_ Gives you access to an on-demand workforce_ Use only the capacity you need, when you need it_ 100% Efficiency_ Maintain the flexibility your business demandsFASTER TIME TO MARKET_ Eliminates lead time of interviewing and staffing _ Work gets done faster, by working in parallel_ Work continues around the globe, around the clockFOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS [EMPHASIS HERE]With increased efficiency, productivity, lower costs—you have more time to focus on critical business objectives, subsequently increasing the pace of innovation.Why so much buzz around Crowdsourcing? It’s these business benefits that make crowdsourcing a strategic initiative for companies like Comscore, Twitter, Linkedin… etc. Many companies are developing internal centers of excellence and internal tools/resources focused on taking advantage of the benefits of crowdsourcing. (Why we’re here today)
  • Mechanical Turk: Increase Image Sales (April 2013 Webinar)

    1. 1. Increase Image SalesWebinar
    2. 2. 2Before we start][2Daniel Gray, Principal - Digital Mediadjgray@amazon.comT: 310-800-4832AWS Mechanical Turk, Seattle, WATodd Carter, CEOtodd@tagasauris.comT: 917-776-3027Tagasauris, New York, NYC
    3. 3. 3Who is ][3
    4. 4. 44][’s three businessesConsumerBusinessTens of millions ofactive customeraccountsEight countries:US, UK, Germany,Japan, France,Canada, China, ItalySellerBusinessSell on AmazonwebsitesUse Amazontechnology foryour own retailwebsiteLeverage Amazon’smassive fulfillmentcenter networkIT InfrastructureBusinessCloud computinginfrastructure forhosting web-scalesolutionsHundreds ofthousands ofregisteredcustomers in over190 countriesMarketplacefor Work
    5. 5. 5Our plan for today][51) Level-setting on crowdsourcing2) What is Amazon Mechanical Turk3) Tagasauris4) Success story5) How it works6) Getting started
    6. 6. 66MoreTechnicalMoreBusinessWhat is AmazonMechanical Turk?TagasaurisGetting startedCrowdsourcingSuccess storyHow it worksHow technical is it?[ ]
    7. 7. 771. CrowdsourcingMoreTechnicalMoreBusiness CrowdsourcingWhat is AmazonMechanical Turk?TagasaurisSuccess storyGetting startedHow it works
    8. 8. 88Daily Crowdsource
    9. 9. 9Common Use Cases[ ]9Data Management_ Verification_ Entry & Collection_ De-dupe_ Algorithm TrainingAnnotation_ Tagging_ ClassificationContent Management_ Moderation (Photos, Content)_ Transcription_ Writing/EditingAnalysis/Research_ Sentiment_ Relevance_ Online Research
    10. 10. 10102. Amazon Mechanical TurkMoreTechnicalMoreBusiness Cloud ComputingWhat is AmazonMechanical Turk?TagasaurisSuccess storyGetting startedHow it works
    11. 11. 1111$Variable expenseTransform fixed humancapital costs into variableexpense$Economies of scaleA lower variable expensethan companies canachieve themselvesSpeed and agilityOn-demand access toscalable workforce &higher productivityFocus on businessRedeploy valuablehuman resources to corebusinessGlobal Reach500K Workers across190 countriesScalabilityNo need to guesscapacity requirements =avoid wasteFast GrowthPredictable peaksOn and OffVariable peaksResults’ AccuracyDrive fast, accurate workresults at competitiveprices without long-termcontracts or minimumcommitments
    12. 12. 12123. TagasaurisMoreTechnicalMoreBusiness CrowdsourcingWhat is AmazonMechanical Turk?TagasaurisSuccess storyGetting StartedHow it works
    13. 13. 1313Human Assisted Computing Platformthat makes content smarter![ What is Tagasauris? ]
    14. 14. 14Business Benefits ][Faster time to marketLower costs$ Traffic, relevance &conversions$14Focus on your business
    15. 15. 15154. Success storyMoreTechnicalMoreBusiness CrowdsourcingWhat is AmazonMechanical Turk?TagasaurisSuccess storyGetting startedHow it works
    16. 16. 161640% Increase in Sales![ Magnum Photos use case]
    17. 17. 17amazonweb services175. How it worksMoreTechnicalMoreBusiness CrowdsourcingWhat is AmazonMechanical Turk?TagasaurisSuccess storyGetting startedHow it works
    18. 18. 1818Tagging with HTTP URIs[ How it works? ]
    19. 19. 1919“Getty Standard” metadatafor faceted search & discovery
    20. 20. 2020Media annotation platform & app
    21. 21. 2121Two ways to engage[ Free trial on all accounts ]
    22. 22. 2222Self-Serve. On-Demand
    23. 23. 2323Support for special collections
    24. 24. 2424Deduplicate & transcribe1.8mm digitized press prints
    25. 25. 2525Curate 800K advertising imagesthat don’t require model releases
    26. 26. 2626AWS S3, CloudDrive & Dropbox.Desktop XMP & IPTC Support[ Ease of Integration with …]
    27. 27. 2727CSV On-Demand
    28. 28. 2828RESTful API
    29. 29. 29amazonweb services296. Getting startedMoreTechnicalMoreBusiness CrowdsourcingWhat is AmazonMechanical Turk?TagasaurisSuccess storyGetting startedHow it works
    30. 30. 3030•Sign-up:•Pick a task & load your data•Pay via credit card•Get results2 Ways to get started![ ]•Contact us regarding enterpriseengagements
    31. 31. 31Thank you][31Todd Carter, CEOtodd@tagasauris.comT: 917-776-3027Tagasauris, New York, NYCDaniel Gray, Principal - Digital Mediadjgray@amazon.comT: 310-800-4832AWS Mechanical Turk, Seattle, WA