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Advertising Campaign Book for State Farm Renter\'s Insurance

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  1. 1. It’s YOUR stuff… Protect it. State Farm Renter’s Insurance 4/24/2009 The Goonies Creation Studio, LLC Alicia Allen Katie Gale Thomas Graindorge Kelsey Highland Travis Werbelow
  2. 2. Table of Contents Executive Summary............................................................................ 3 Competitive Analysis .......................................................................... 4 Opportunity Analysis.......................................................................... 5 Target Market Analysis ...................................................................... 6 Customer Analysis .............................................................................. 7 Strategies ........................................................................................... 9 Objectives .......................................................................................... 9 Tactics .............................................................................................. 10 OOH (Out of Home Advertising) .............................................. 10 Print Advertising....................................................................... 12 Internet Advertising ................................................................. 12 Partnership/Sponsorship ......................................................... 13 Execution.......................................................................................... 16 Works Cited ...................................................................................... 24 2|Page ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  3. 3. Executive Summary workforce. The total population of this target market is 43,742; we will be aiming to gain the attention of this entire This advertising and promotion plan has been specifically population. designed for State Farm Insurance. This plan will feature an analysis of what competitors, as well as State Farm, are doing The “It’s your stuff…Protect It” campaign was created to to promote their company. It also includes our advertising target the younger generation in many different ways. First we campaign which has been designed to fit the needs that State will use Out-of-Home advertising to grab their attention when Farm needs filled. Over the past few years, the company has they are least expecting it. By doing this we can appeal to been losing ground with its competitors over the younger them when they are out doing their everyday activities and generation and they need… most worried about their belongings at home. An overview of our plan includes: The campaign will also utilize sponsorship, print, and internet advertising. These advertising mediums will help to reach the Creating awareness of Renter’s Insurance in the 18- target market at the onset of renting process. State Farm’s 24 year old target market Renter’s Insurance will therefore be present at the same that Increase the target market’s knowledge of State individuals are looking for property to rent or lease. Farm, as well as change their view of the company After six months our advertising campaign will be successful in Use unique forms of advertising to attain the raising awareness for the product as well as repositioning State Farm to better accommodate the 18-24 year old attention of our market such as sponsoring the demographic. Denver Housing Fair. This will also show the general population that State Farm enjoys working with everyone in the public, and not just a specific age group The market that is being targeted is 18-24 year olds in the Denver-Metro area who are in college or just entering the 3|Page ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  4. 4. Competitive Analysis campaign focuses on humor and the ease at which you can use the website. 18-24 year olds prefer When people are beginning to go out on their own one of the online interaction to traditional one-on-one contact with an first things that they do is look for an insurance company. agent, to obtain quotes. Whether it’s automobile, renters, or possibly home, they have a definite need for insurance. The main problem that new Geico always uses humor and fictional mascots to insurance customers come across is making a decision among promote its business, which give it the same appeal the vast number of competing firms and their various offers. a sports team or favorite movie character might Over the last decade, many newly emerging insurance have. It has also been the biggest spender in the companies have joined the industry, making the decision even advertising category, spending approximately $500 more complex. The newer firms have taken more non- million in 2006 alone. These numbers explain traditional paths with their positioning and marketing efforts, Geico’s achievement of being number one in Top- gaining them some competitive advantages over firms older of-Mind Awareness polls. 91% of consumers noted firms like State Farm. Specifically, newer firms use humorous that they have seen or heard at least one Geico ad in the past and dramatic appeals in their marketing efforts, whereas State twelve months compared to 80% for State Farm (Frazier, Farm’s marketing mostly uses its reputation and quality 2007). Their ads also insist consumers call to save “15% or service. The unique advertising efforts of the new firms tend more on car insurance” which induces to appeal to younger markets, including the Target Market of action on the customer’s part. 18-24 year olds. Following, are Allstate’s campaign focuses on getting the three main competitors’ potential customers’ attention using marketing efforts and dramatic car accidents and life altering competitive advantages events. These intense ads obtain viewer’s summarized. interest and compel them to feel they need insurance to Progressive has used many protect them in such events. different marketing approaches; however, their current 4|Page ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  5. 5. Each of these competitors stresses the cost-saving benefit of attention through its use of advertising techniques they will be their services over others. State Farm, however, does not able to create brand awareness as well as directly reaching the generally rely on the cheap cost of their services to gain consumer on a more personal level. Information about State customers. This gives competitors an advantage over State Farm and its Renter’s Insurance needs to be readily available Farm, especially to the cost-conscious 18-24 demographic. and accessible to our target market. Opportunity Analysis The main goal concerning this target market is attempting to rejuvenate State Farm’s image in the minds of 18-24 year olds. As with all insurance companies, State Farm offers many State Farm has a reputation of being an old and conservative different services to consumers including auto, life, fire, home, company. We have the opportunity to reposition ourselves in and renters insurance making them one of the most the minds of the younger market through the idea that State recognized insurance companies in the United States (State Farm is inexpensive and easily attainable. The target market Farm Insurance, 2008). The company has consistently stressed should be inundated with State Farm information making that it is the leader in customer service and care by ensuring them realize that insurance is in fact important and a reality. that it’s important to the State Farm family that their State Farm could benefit from a stronger relationship by customer’s are taken care of and are treated equally. State placing an image of the company prior to the consumers being Farm represents their brand as one that stands for superior ready to buy. This will create a strong carry over effect for quality and care. State Farm. When the young adults are ready to look into State Farm’s Renter’s Insurance is an untouched market with insurance, State Farm will immediately come to mind. the opportunity of gaining quality customers who are just Our objective is to create awareness and to attract the getting out on their own. As noted in the Civic Youth website, younger target market to State Farm’s Renter’s Insurance. It is “After several years of decline, the population of young imperative that State Farm is viewed as a dependable and people has begun to grow, and in the coming years will grow secure company as insurance is an essential purchase to to rival the size of the baby boomer generation” (Lopez, 2002). young individuals who are out on their own. Attracting this market is crucial and if State Farm can create 5|Page ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  6. 6. While the competitors have continued to emphasize that they Farm’s renter insurance is expensive and show that State Farm can save money, State Farm has remained the leader in can fill the need of our target. retention of customers at 94.6% (Frazier, 2007). Demographics Target Market Analysis The population of people ages 18-24 years old in Denver is The target market that this campaign is going to focus on is 43,742 (Population Overview: Denver, 2005); the majority of this young adults ages 18-24 who are going to college and/or are population makes less than $30,000 a year. The median just entering the work force. Our target is someone who is just income for the total population in Denver Colorado is $59,209 beginning to be off on their own, one who leaves home for (“Denver, CO”). college or work and invests in what they need for their new Psychographics place. This is when our target begins possessing their first high value products: car, laptop, While our target market makes little money, most enjoy many television, etc. They also leisure activities such as camping/hiking, skiing, wines, want independence but recreational vehicles, bicycling, horseback riding, and foreign can’t afford buying a house; travel. Most also own either an Apple or Macintosh PC. Forty- therefore, they rent their three percent of people in Denver shop by mail or catalog, first “independent place”. 20.5% attend cultural and art events, while 20.9% of the Moreover our target, population is into golf, 43% works on physical fitness and although limited in their exercise and 38.1% watch sports on TV (“Denver, CO”). budget, lives an expensive lifestyle where they like to spend Obviously we need to focus our advertising on outdoor events money on: partying, various outdoor sports, traveling, etc. Our and activities to get our target markets attention. target has money, but needs to identify the necessary Our target market is one that has been highly untapped by expenses from the unneeded expenses. The problem is that State Farm until now. Most of its competitors have been State Farm is seen as expensive, classic, and as “your father’s bombarding this market for some time using mostly humor to insurance company”. We have to break the myth that State 6|Page ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  7. 7. get their attention. Now is the perfect time to break into this The 18-24 year old demographic is very different than State market for State Farm because with the downturn of the Farm’s current customer base. They do not generally share the housing market, many people are turning to renting rather traits of baby boomers listed above. Younger individuals tend than purchasing a house. Also, the retail market is high in to make less money and purchase practical products and consumer products, many of which young adults purchase services based on cost. Further, younger consumers prefer to when they first move out such as laptops, game consoles, and spend the majority of their funds on non-practical purchases big screen televisions. such as entertainment. Spending more to obtain better customer service is therefore usually not an option, nor is it a Customer Analysis priority. State Farm customers vary widely, however, they tend to Positioning Analysis skew older. It has the reputation as being more appropriate for the older generations, such as the baby boomers. These State Farm is in its eighty-seventh year of operation, making it individuals are generally well-educated and put a lot of the oldest and largest insurance agency amongst competitors. thought into purchases. They are also concerned with their State Farm’s longevity has helped the firm to maintain an careers and families making the vast majority of their image of classic tradition and exceptional quality. State Farm’s purchases are practical ones, such as insurance services. image also conveys an idea of reliability. Consumer reviews Having more responsibility, they look for reliability and mention “Solid company,” “big company, likely will be around trustworthiness when doing business, making State Farm and a very long time,” “Financially sound, full-service insurer-- their reputation invaluable to this offering life, property, casualty insurance” (Epinions, 2009). group. Lastly, State Farm’s customers The insurance company has positioned itself in the minds of are known for being goal oriented and consumers to be reliable and trustworthy, “Like a good conservative, yet willing to pay more for neighbor…” better service and products. Marketers at State Farm also emphasize traditional, one-on- one customer service and custom-tailored policies. These ads 7|Page ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  8. 8. are supposed to influence consumers to see a reliable, Caveman and the Gecko. Younger consumers better relate to attentive, high quality company. the humor and simplicity Geico ads portray, over the more serious State Farm ads. The comical view of Geico also lends However, in the eyes of consumers, the firm’s image of to make the company look less expensive. Less pristine tradition and sophistication comes with a higher price. quality, to consumers generally represents a lower price tag. Especially for younger consumers, State Farm tends to be viewed, and positioned, as an expensive insurance company. When looking at insurance products, there isn’t too much This opinion can possibly be attributed to their parents’ having variance regarding the quality and price of insurance because State Farm for insurance. It is a brand that has both “the curse it is such a regulated business. However, in retrieving quotes and blessing of being known as your father’s insurance for renter’s insurance from each of the major insurance company,” which obviously doesn’t resonate well with the companies (Allstate, State Farm, Farmers, Progressive, and younger crowd (Frazier, 2007). However, the firm is trying to Geico), there were some major differences. Each website better position itself in the minds of younger consumers with offers the chance for a free quote, however, some, like marketing efforts like State Farm’s VP, Mark Progressive and Allstate, were much more difficult to work Gibson comments on the ads, with than then others. The Progressive site would only allow “attracting the younger target has been you to receive a quote if they were given permission to search something people in our space have your credit score, while the Allstate website asked far too been working on.” many questions and in the end wouldn’t give a quote without directing you to an agent. Otherwise, the websites were, in Major competitor Geico, seems to be a general, fairly similar and easy to use. lot better at attracting younger customers. Marketers at Geico portray Obviously when receiving an insurance quote online there are the company as being “easy to use,” many variables that are not accounted for, and the quote is “fun,” and “entertaining” (Armbruster, 2007)Little known just an estimate. When looking at the quotes, we found very before the late ‘nineties, the firm made a lasting impression similar numbers ranging from $125 per year, which was State on America with the introduction of the Geico characters, the Farm, to $161.82 per year, which was Farmers. Each agency 8|Page ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  9. 9. offers monthly payments and chances to add or reduce Strategies insurance premiums, deductibles, and coverage. Geico offers the most options regarding personal property coverage The ad campaign will reach the elusive 18-24 year old market (jewelry, computers, etc...), and also offered the greatest utilizing non-traditional and Out of Home media. The ads will range of coverage for each item; anywhere from $1000 to feature simple “insurance moments” that will strategically $20000. portray the imminent need for Renter’s Insurance. Also, a high frequency of repeated exposures to these media will provide State Farm has currently been working to go after the younger brand awareness to the target individuals who are mostly market, starting with the campaign. As State unfamiliar with the product. Lastly, the ads will be humorous, Farm’s VP Mark Gibson says regarding the ads that and feature content that the 18-24 year old demographic can competitors are putting out, “attracting the younger target relate to and will be entertained by. This will ensure the has been something people in our space have been working product piques the target market’s interests and holds its on” (Frazier, State Farm looks to update Image, 2007). The attention long enough to become a consideration. younger market is a huge asset and it’s important that State Farm begins aiming their advertisements at them because Objectives they are still researching and learning about the insurance One of our objectives is to strategically reach 18-34 year olds world and it would be great to get them hooked when they’re and target college students renting in the Denver Metro area. younger and hopefully retain them as they begin to insure The ad campaign will run from August through October and more in the future. The 18-30 age group is the perfect market April through June, around the time when students will be for State Farm to go after because they are virtually untapped. looking to rent. They are just getting out on their own and are in a need for coverage for the first time in their lives. By getting their The overall objective for the ads will be to: attention right away the company puts itself in a position to keep their policies for years to come. Create awareness for renter’s insurance since the product, and its benefits, are relatively unfamiliar to students. 9|Page ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  10. 10. We also aim to inform potential customers that Tactics the product is affordable, easy to obtain, and most importantly, valuable in solving real-life, everyday OOH (Out of Home Advertising) crises that the typical 18-24 year old encounters. Out-of-Home reaches a young affluent audience that spends a We will also begin to re-position State Farm in the lot of time out and relaxing with friends. OOH ads will help eyes of this demographic by illustrating that the keep Renter’s Insurance fresh in consumers’ minds by creating company’s products aren’t just for their parents a buzz on the streets at just the right time and place. OOH also anymore. allows State Farm to target renters when they are away from home and most likely to be thinking about the security of their Reminding this age group they are no longer protected by belongings. their parent’s insurance will reinforce the importance of State Farm’s products, specifically renter’s insurance. The campaign OOH advertising is very effective and remarkably efficient will also be far less serious than most of State Farm’s compared to typical TV and Print media. With OOH advertising, featuring humorous content that the target advertising, State Farm can reach 75-90% of the market with a demographic can relate to. $200-$500,000 budget. The same reach with TV and print media campaigns would cost an estimated $3 million (CBS, The campaign will also feature verbiage that shows obtaining 2005). quotes can be done very easily online, with very little information needed from the applicant. We will compare the Billboard ease of obtaining State Farm’s online quotes with the difficulty Billboards are located along secondary and encountered with obtaining quotes from competitor’s primary roadways in urban areas. They are websites. highly visible to vehicular traffic and make a dramatic impact to local audiences. 10 | P a g e ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  11. 11. 2 will be placed in the Denver Metro area to and will provide much-needed distraction for target highly rented neighborhoods and will busy/bored commuters. feature “Its your stuff…protect it.” 20 total ads will deliver a mass exposure of Bus approximately 25% of the Denver metro population. Specialty Bus ads will “drive” our message all over the Denver Metro area. They present a Bathroom highly visible medium that is easily seen on all Bathroom ads are designed to reach a broad sides of the platform by pedestrian and audience that can target male and female vehicular traffic alike. consumers exclusively. They reach an elusively 2 Buses will feature “Your stuff is worth more active market that cannot be reached with than you think” on side panels along with traditional in-house advertising. graphic extensions in each window of Ipods, 33 of these ads will be strategically displayed in Laptops, Flat screen televisions, etc and their restrooms and common areas of popular coordinating values. venues and cannot be walked by, clicked past, Bus Shelter tuned out, or turned off. Women’s ads will feature female specific content like expensive Bus Shelters follow bus routes along major city shoes and men’s ads will feature male specific thoroughfares and follow residential content like flat screen televisions. neighborhoods. Theater Ads will be placed in the Denver Metro area in neighborhoods that are highly rented. They will Theater or Cinema advertising starts at the feature humorous content that is entertaining feature film’s published show time in a lights- down environment ensuring State Farm’s 11 | P a g e ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  12. 12. Renter’s Insurance is seen by an attentive A full page ad will be placed in the Denver audience. Moviegoers, who see Cinema ads, Apartment Guide every month for six months. are more likely to exhibit increased interest in Internet Advertising the advertised brands, have a better opinion of the brands and talk to others about a point Facebook brought out in the ad, than other types of media. is a popular social networking site that is used by a very large population all A 30 second “Cinema Spot” will be seen by 10- around the United States. Ad space has been 100 movie-goers, 5-6 showings a day, 7 days a purchased and will appear on the right hand week. side of the webpage. Print Advertising These ads will be viewed by our exact audience, Apartment Guides which we will be targeting demographically by location and age as well as targeting students Apartment Guides are designed to reach our specifically attending colleges in the Denver target audience who resides in residential area. communities that are looking for apartment rental units. It is supported by apartment Our campaign tagline, “It’s Your Stuff….Protect renters as well as businesses offering their It,” will be placed at the top of the page as a services to renters such as State Farm. way to catch our target markets attention. This is a great advertising tool because our target They are strategically focused on Denver to market is constantly logged onto this reach our specific target market. These guides networking site, which allows the ad to be are published monthly and are free of charge to continuously viewed. renters. 12 | P a g e ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  13. 13. Once the individual clicks on our End Date 6/30/2009 91 Consecutive days advertisement; they will be directed to State Partnership/Sponsorship Farm’s Renter’s Insurance page where they can receive more information about Renter’s Housing Fairs Insurance and receive a free quote. Held once a year, the Denver Housing Fair kicks Total cost will be divided between CPM (Cost per Impression) off Affordable Housing Week. This fair features and CPC (Cost per Click). CPM is used to create an awareness a variety of affordable housing and rental of Renter’s Insurance and the cost is based on a thousand options available throughout the city and impressions. CPC is used to drive our audience towards the county of Denver, as well as various housing Renter’s Insurance page to receive a quote and is more services such as State Farm’s Renter’s effective in terms of receiving a response. We will divide these Insurance. costs because we feel that these are the most efficient way to target our market. The amount of ad time that will be received Metropolitan University, University of is based on clicks and daily postage charges. This is a relatively Colorado-Denver, and Community College of inexpensive, but effective way of reaching our target market Denver hold a combined housing fair that is based on our budget. available to all students from all three campuses. They hold two annual housing fairs Ads are projected to run as follows: one available in the spring known as the Spring Fling and one in the fall known as the Fall Fest. Run Time All three campuses have students looking for Start Date 8/1/2009 rental units since on-campus housing isn’t available to them and will be more interested in End Date 10/31/2009 92 Consecutive days receiving knowledge about living on their own. Start Date 4/1/2009 13 | P a g e ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  14. 14. State Farm will sponsor both of these fairs and Our first objective, creating awareness of renter’s insurance, hold an informational booth with local agents. will be accomplished by Out of Home advertisements as well Renter’s Insurance brochures will be provided as the internet advertisements. These can be tracked by the to help educate potential clients about the amounts of clicks and impressions through the website. Also, service and its benefits. based on daily estimated circulation (DEC), on average, 45,000 people see at least one bus shelter daily and 25,000 see one To create brand awareness State Farm will also bench daily (Singletary, 2009). have giveaways such as pens, notepads, and magnets. These forms of giveaways are used Our other objectives are a little more difficult to measure. since they will remain a reminder to these However, we believe that by using various methods of individuals about State Farm’s Renter’s advertising, we will be able to increase awareness among our Insurance as they look for housing units. entire audience and its services. Also, the humor that is incorporated in the ads will help position the company as By sponsoring the housing fair, as well as purchasing a booth more modern and one that they would be interested in buying for the Spring Fling and Fall Fest, State Farm will be able to get Renter’s Insurance from. Our plan is to work with local agents its name out in the open as a major provider in Renter’s to keep track of the increase in Renter’s Insurance policies Insurance. Also, we will be able to attract new customers and bought by 18-24 year olds during our campaign. We will also show them that State Farm is a reliable and affordable record the number of quotes that are requested through the company for all ages. State Farm website during this time. We will evaluate these numbers after each segment of the campaign to see what Evaluation forms of advertisements were effective and what needs to be The following evaluation methods will be used to measure the modified. success of our campaign: 14 | P a g e ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  15. 15. Media Cost Time Period/Amount Total Billboard $4,300.00 2 Billboards Every 4 weeks for 6 months $51,600.00 Interview with Rob Hoobler Bus $2500+$800/Month 6 Months for 6 buses $34,200.00 Interview with Dan Starzy Bus Shelter $400.00 20 Shelters Every 4 weeks for 6 Months $24,000.00 Interview with Rob Hoobler Bathroom $450.00 For 33 Locations, for 6 months $2,700.00 Interview with Donna Theater $700+$584/Week 30 Second Spot for 28 Weeks $16,352.00 Interview with Colleen Gormley Apartment Guide $1,195.00 A month for 6 months $7,170.00 Denver Housing Fair FREE FREE $0.00 College Fairs $100/Day 2 Days/2 Fairs a year $400.00 Interview with Dave Sutton Pens $0.24 1500 Pens $360.00 Paper Pads $0.81 1500 Paper Pads $1,215.00 Magnets $0.93 1500 Magnets $1,395.00 Facebook Ads 183 days $5,000 Total: $144,392.00 15 | P a g e ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  16. 16. Execution Billboard Advertisements 16 | P a g e ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  17. 17. 17 | P a g e ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  18. 18. Bus Advertisements 18 | P a g e ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  19. 19. Bus Shelter Advertisements Page 19 ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  20. 20. Theater commercial Story Board: Principal character of the commercial, he is the tenant of the house and he is completely drunk. Music, people partying in the background. Music comes from the house and we can see people partying through the windows. Page 20 ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  21. 21. Someone is calling the tenant. Slow reaction from the tenant. Tenant: Ok take care but I am nooooooot drunk! I am just trying to beat a Polish world record! A guy hiding something under his jacket is walking to the door. Guy: Sorry but we have to go. It was a fun party, thanks. Girl: I have never seen you drunk like that before. Page 21 ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  22. 22. Tenant is staring at the thief. The thief is getting very nervous Pointing his finger to the thing that the guy is hiding. Tenant: Hey! WHAT IS THAT?! Tenant: WOAAAAWWW! Awesome laptop! Taking off a laptop from his jacket Guy (nervous): It is just my laptop man, you see..? Page 22 ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  23. 23. Tenant: Awesooome Ipod! The thief is doing a thumbs up, looking behind him Nice TV! Tenant: Really awesooome laptop! Friends of the thief are smiling at him and are looking at the Tenant : Awesooome couch ! stuff around. Cool dog, it seems that he likes me! Page 23 ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  24. 24. Works Cited Frazier, M. (2007, July 9). Geico's $500M outlay pays off; CASE (2009). Retrieved April 8, 2009, from Pens R Us: STUDY: Insurer leads the category in pulling in new customers. (2009). Retrieved April 8, 2009, from Vista Print: Advertising Age . Armbruster, A. (2007, March 12). Geico Takes Varied Roads to Frazier, M. (2007). State Farm looks to update Image. Advertising Customers; Trio of TV Ad Campaigns Succeeds in Wooing Different Age . Target Audience. Television Week . Gormley, C. (2009). Marketing Representative. (K. Gale, Interviewer) Apartment Guide. (2009). Advertise with us. Retrieved March 30, 2009, from Apartment Guide: Hoobler, B. (2009, April 8). Marketing Representative. (K. Gale, Interviewer) CBS. (2005). Beyond Body & Car Counts: A study of the impact of Lopez, M. H. (2002, October). CIRCLE: The Center for Information & Billboard Advertising. Retrieved March 31, 2009, from CBS Outdoor: Research on Civic Learning & Engagement. Retrieved April 17, 2009, from Youth Demographics: “Denver, CO.” Chart. Standard Rate and Data Service. 2008. phics.PDF The Lifestyle Market Analyst. Des Plaines: SRDS, 2008. 214- Population Overview: Denver. (2005). Retrieved April 5, 2009, from 215. Denver Population Overview: Donna. (2009, April 5). Marketing Representative. (K. Gale, bin/popInfo.php?locIndex=9430 Interviewer) Singletary, S. (2009, April 15). Account Executive. (A. Allen, Epinions. (2009). State Farm Group. Retrieved February 28, 2009, Interviewer) from Starzy, D. (2009, April 13). Marketing Representative. (K. Gale, State_Farm_Group_-_Auto Interviewer) Facebook. (2009). Facebook Advertising. Retrieved April 1, 2009, State Farm Insurance. (2008). State Farm Insurance. Retrieved April from Facebook: 5, 2009, from Page 24 ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”
  25. 25. Sutton, Dave. (2009, April 17). Residents Life Administrator. (K. Highland, Interviewer) Ware, T. (2009, April 14). Director of Business and Housing Services. (K. Gale, Interviewer) Page 25 ”It’s your stuff…protect it!”