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How to register for classes SP14

  1. 1. In the eConnect Main Menu click on the red Current Credit Student Menu.
  2. 2. Choose Find Credit Classes (NEW)
  3. 3. 1. Check the correct Term from the drop-down menu. 2. Check RLC - Richland 3. Check days to limit the number of choices if necessary. For example, M W F for Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes. Or check T & R for Tuesday, Thursday classes. 5. This drop-down menu lists all course name acronyms in alphabetical order. 6. This drop-down menu lists all course numbers available for the course. 7. After you choose the course name and number you want to search, then you MUST click [ + Add ]. 4. Check Day or Evening classes. 8. Now click Search
  4. 4. For example, you„ve Added to your search: Spring 2014 RLC – Richland EDUC 1300 – a 3 hr. class ENGL 1301– a 3 hr. class MATH 1332– a 3 hr. class CHEM 1405 – a 4 hr. class PHED 1119 – 1 hr. class Tuesdays and Thursdays Evening classes. Now you need to click the Search button.
  5. 5. The results could be a long list. When you select a class to add to your Worksheet click on this lock. Pay close attention to the notes under the class. Some classes, especially Math are taught in different formats and some classes have very important information you need to know before registering for them. To get a full description of the course you can click here. To get Textbook information click here. You can add many classes to your Worksheet and remove them easily. Class options
  6. 6. Click Worksheet Click this Show Detail button to see only your Worksheet classes in a detailed list. You can remove classes from your Worksheet by clicking the ( - ) button.
  7. 7. The below class is an example of an online first year English class. Online classes demand much higher reading and writing abilities and very disciplined study skills. Academic advising strongly recommends that first time students avoid online classes. The below class is also a short flex term class. The below class is an example of an online developmental math class. Academic advising strongly recommends that first year students avoid online classes. Online classes demand much higher reading abilities and sophisticated, disciplined study skills. M W is listed here; you must attend both of those class days. Very important, pay close attention to the notes UNDER the class. The note, “Online Classroom Flex Term,” means this class is much shorter than a usual 16 week class. For example this class begins in August and finishes in September! The class has meetings on M and W and more classwork online. Very important, the notes below the class describe an On-Campus orientation on Saturday that is mandatory. When you register for a class you must be aware of any orientations and you must attend them.
  8. 8. This is the Worksheet for a student who chose 5 classes. This student chose Chemistry, Education and English on MWF Then the student chose Weight Training and College Math on T-R. You‟ll need this list because it contains the registration numbers you need to actually register. KEEP THIS PAGE OPEN!! Check this screen carefully to ensure these are the classes you want and then click Register.
  9. 9. You need your seven digit student ID number and your eConnect Password. If you can‟t remember your password or if it doesn‟t work then you can reset your password here. If for any reason you still can‟t access eConnect then go back to the Tab labeled My Worksheet and list the classes on a Registration Form. Sign the form so an advisor can register your classes.
  10. 10. Important: you now have these tabs open, “DCCCD Find Credit Classes,” and “Express Registration.” Fill in the 6 digit registration number here. To get the numbers switch back to the DCCCD find Credit Classes tab Be sure you select the correct TERM!
  11. 11. The next screen should look like this which includes all the classes you plan to take. The registration numbers are 6 digits long. At the bottom of the page click SUBMIT.
  12. 12. This is My Schedule Plan. You must click register for each class. After you have clicked on Register for each class, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click Register/Drop/Remove
  13. 13. Click Continue to see your receipt and registration summary.
  14. 14. Registered for Classes. To see your receipt choose the correct term and click SUBMIT.
  15. 15. Your receipt will look like this on the screen. Are the classes registered at the right college? Richland section numbers begin with 8 and Richland rooms begin as RL as in this case Guadalupe hall room G138. Your payment deadline is important. Failure to pay your tuition by the payment due date may result in your being dropped from your classes. It is each student‟s responsibility to ensure the classes have been dropped and not to rely on an automatic drop.
  16. 16. Financial Aid students who expect to receive a Pell Grant need to know if the Financial Aid process is incomplete then a payment plan should be set up by the Payment Due Date to stay registered. Financial Aid students receiving Loans MUST set up a payment plan. Loans are not paid until after Certification Date.
  17. 17. • You can pay online with a credit or debit card. • You can also set up a payment plan online with a debit or credit card. • If paying with check or cash this must be done with the Business Office in Thunderduck Hall. • Payment plans can also be set up with cash or a check with the Business Office in Thunderduck Hall. • If for some reason you are not able to pay for your classes or set up a payment plan by the payment due date, it is your responsibility to CHECK to ensure you have been dropped from your classes. • If you are dropped for lack of payment, you should receive an email from Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) informing you that your classes were deregistered for lack of payment. • If you do not receive this email it is your responsibility to ensure your classes have been dropped to prevent grades of “F” from being issued for those classes.
  18. 18. You must use a blue or black pen! Write your student ID, name, number, and semester and year. Write the CURRENT SEMESTER in this column, an example is FA, SP, or SU. Write course name in the COURSE column; an example is BIOL for Biology. 1234567 Duck, Thunder EDUC 1300 81003 BIOL 1408 81002 Write course number in the NUMBER column; an example is 1408. SECTION numbers go in this column; an example is 81002. Circle the days and write the time frame for each class, remember if it has a lab the class takes more time, at least an hour longer per week! Students MUST sign their form and submit it to an advisor to get registered. Thunder Duck Current Semester T 8:00-08:55 9:40-12:30