Hygiene and You


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Presentation on personal hygiene

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  • Is it really important?“In medical school” : I learnt the definition that:The conditions and practices that serve to promote or preserve health, as those followed for personal hygiene.
  • Common PrinciplesThe common general codes of etiquette at the work place are:Greeting a person well on the first meeting of the day.In a meeting or in discussion, relevant references should be mentioned without mentioning any person by name who is closely related to the work.Persons leading a team of people should be able to understand all the views of his/her team before concluding to a decision or making a point.In a meeting, keeping the handphone/cellular phone in a silent / vibration mode so it does not interrupt the discussions on hand and other members of the meeting. Likewise, the person can send a message to the calling party who requires urgent attention by excusing himself/herself from the meeting or discussion.When a person is talking or delivering a speech, other members of the group should not abruptly interrupt him/her. If anything is to be said on the discussed topic, the questions or suggestions should be noted down and raised politely at the permitted time (mostly at the end of the speech).
  • What is this an example of?Aww What a pair!This is what we all aim to be when done pairing. Want to be (in love?) No.. But happy with who we have worked with that day
  • Pet peeves are things that make us go – omg I do not like that at allWhat are some things according to you will really turn u away from pairing with someone?Anyone wants to add points?
  • Body odorNot hugo boss intenseBut intensely gross
  • ShowerDeodorantPerfumeStrong? - Faint
  • Personal spaceShaking your legsSitting to close for comfort
  • What can you do about it?Just be conscious of who is around youJust good sense (Don’t do it!)
  • Fighting with your pair!
  • Just keep calm and get a choc lava cake
  • Bad breathAte a nice big omelette?All that pizza?Chewing gumLike a cow chewing cud??
  • And who is this?What is the first thing we think of when he see him?COME OWN!Brings us to the point of sheer volumeSometimes necessary but when you are sitting right next to someone trust that they can hear you!
  • Want to hit on that girl/boy on the top of your list?
  • Smelly socks- Clothes and shoes
  • Dress well – take an interest in yourselfYou will realise you feel better and everyone else feels better about you
  • Values – respect You want satisfaction of working well at the end of the day.
  • To summarizeTake a shower Wear neat clothes Talk politely (as far as possible) – talk softly Be aware of personal space
  • Questions and answers
  • Hygiene and You

    1. 1. Do you stink? (Literally)<br />
    2. 2. Personal Hygiene<br />Important? Really?<br />
    3. 3. Etiquette<br />What’s that?<br />
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    5. 5.
    6. 6. Some common pet peeves <br />
    7. 7.
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    9. 9.
    10. 10. Personal Hygiene<br />