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Linked instatwitbooktrest navigating the social seas 

A presentation about navigating the current social media scene, circa 2013. This presentation deeply utilizes data from an infographic presented in this blog post.

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Linked instatwitbooktrest navigating the social seas 

  1. 1. LinkedInstatwitbooktrest Navigating the Social Seas
  2. 2. Why we are here today • Social Media Dos and Don’ts – Always post an image – Talk “with” not only “at” your audience – Be human • Add value to the conversation • Develop a Social Media Strategy
  3. 3. Justify My Existence • Christopher Spencer, 15 years in the communication game: Print, online, analytics • Former newspaper reporter for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (1999 – 2004), Morning News of Northwest Arkansas (2005 – 2009), El Dorado News Times (1998 – 1999) • Founded Ozarks Unbound (2009 – 2011) and WordCamp Fayetteville (Fourth year this weekend) • Work currently as a digital media strategist for the University of Arkansas (2011+). Taught digital journalism class last semester
  4. 4. Develop a social media strategy • Know your message – Does what I say contribute value to the conversation? • Know your audience – What does my audience want? • Know your channel – Is this the right channel for your message? • Know your success – Measure your performance and monetize it.
  5. 5. Know your channel Source: Social Barrel
  6. 6. Know your channel Source: Social Barrel
  7. 7. Know your channel Source: Social Barrel
  8. 8. Know your channel Source: Social Barrel
  9. 9. Know your channel (Shorthand version) • Facebook: The new Yellow Pages for businesses • Twitter: The place for quick-hit engagement • Instagram: Feeds Facebook and Twitter with visuals • LinkedIn: For your professional set • Reddit: A community that rewards thoughtful discussion • Pinterest: A place to show images
  10. 10. Know your success • Choose a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and set goals based on it – I’ll have a 200 followers on Twitter in two months; I’ll generate 1000 like in three months • Look at types of data available and begin to create a strategy from that data – Facebook has insights, websites have Google Analytics. All sites have some statistics • Determine the monetary value of your activity – What’s a conversion for you? Aka, what’s meeting your goal.
  11. 11. Add value to the conversation • Say the right thing • … to the right people • … in the right place • … and read their reaction