Kampala : September 26, 2012For Immediate Release: UWEAL Commemorate 25 years Footprint in shaping women inbusiness in Uga...
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Uweal 25th anniversary press release


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Uweal 25th anniversary press release

  1. 1. Kampala : September 26, 2012For Immediate Release: UWEAL Commemorate 25 years Footprint in shaping women inbusiness in Uganda: “Women stepping out in the business world”This year, Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited (UWEAL), one of the Uganda at 50 top50 brands recognized by Government of Uganda and Private Sector Foundation Uganda is celebratingtwenty five (25) years of existence and success under the theme: “Women stepping out into thebusiness world”. UWEAL, a non-governmental organization with a vision to address genderdisparities by enhancing and empowering the economic status of women in Uganda was established in1987 by determined founding members: Mrs. Thereza Mbire, Mrs. Ida Wanendeya, Mrs. CatherineKisumba; Mrs. Cothilda Busuulwa (RIP), Mrs. Ntama Watuwa, Mrs. Joyce Sebugwawo and Mrs.Adelina Lubogo who at the time were struggling to survive and thrive in a male dominated businesssector.To celebrate the Silver Jubilee, UWEAL is looking at strategies to empower more women in business.Consequently, a series of activities will be held: Business forum on the 27th October 2012 with thetheme “Stepping out into the business world”. UWEAL and her partners will highlight footprint andcontribution towards investing in women economic empowerment; discuss the broad issues andstrategies to forge a way forward to further broaden women’s participation in the country’s economicdevelopment. A dinner gala to crown the celebrations will be held on 26th November 2012, atImperial Royale Hotel and the First Lady is expected to be the Chief Guest. At the same event UWEALwill recognize those individuals who have made undisputable marks in this country, excelled in differentsectors and contributed to the development of UWEAL specifically and of the country as a whole.As it celebrates twenty-five (25) years of existence, UWEAL commits to continue to provideopportunities for women in business and reach further into the community and grassroots women whoare greatly disadvantaged. UWEAL will continue to support its members through her three pillars thatinclude: Capacity Building, Networking and Advocacy.“The motivation for us to start up UWEAL arose out of the frustration we faced as women who venturedinto formal business in Uganda when business was a male dominated affair and women were expectedto stay at home and take care of the family. Women running business faced so many challenges likesimple opening of a bank account that required the consent of the spouse” says Mrs Mbiire, Businesswoman, UWEAL Patron and co- founding MemberUWEAL has registered tremendous success over the past 25 years with a strong membership base ofmore than 1000 women entrepreneurs in various districts including Jinja, Bugiri, Bushenyi, Gulu,Kampala, Kabale, Lira, Mbarara and Soroti.Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited (UWEAL), a Company limited by guarantee,incorporated in October 1987 with the aim of promoting businesswomen in Uganda. The association iscurrently firmly placed in the private sector to assist and provide support and guidance to women inbusiness and to advocate for favorable policies through which women entrepreneurs can flourish.For further information please contact Mrs. Stella Maris Ddumba Sewagaba, Chief Executive Officer(UWEAL), Email:sddumba@uweal.co.ug Telephone : + 256 414 4 343952, +256 0312271451 +256 792 159211 ###