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Question 2

Question 2






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    Question 2 Question 2 Presentation Transcript

    • How Effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text
      Our ancillary text matches our video quite well because our digipacks matches the Fall Out Boy genre and the song itself. The band are all portrayed in the music video and in the digipacks because that is what you expect from a band digipack, the band. This will be recognized by the everyone because were wearing the same laid back fashion just like the music video. Also, our band picture shows the main status of the band such as the main people in a band is the lead guitarist and lead singer and me and Jake are stood in the middle as the main people. The close up’s of us for the inside of the digipack are used to establish the band on a more personal level. This will help sell the digipack more because the closest fan’s will want to learn more about the band. The video has a red background throughout and in the digipack has red writing. This is our colour theme because It is a striking image so it stands out especially on such as websites as Youtube because it’ll be the first video people see, a bold red video.
    • Here is the first album cover from Fall Out Boy. As you can see it’s very basic like ours and the lead singer is the in the middle and the bassist stands out as well so it follows our main status theme of the main person in the middle.
      Here is a screenshot from Fall Out Boy’s I Don’t Care video and again is shows the lead singer and the bassist ( the main two members of the band) and they are portrayed before and of the other members.
    • Here is our front and back album cover. Like I said, the background is red, just like our video. Also, it is very similar to Fall Our Boy’s first album. It’s very basic and as you can see the lead singer and the bassist can stand out a lot because their the two main people in the band. But, in ours it’s the lead guitarist and the lead singer which are portrayed in the middle of our digipack. Also, on the Fall Out Boy digipack they have the same colour blue as their name and their background colour, Just like how we have red for our name and our background.
      Also the reoccurring theme of the fuzzy blurred effects on the front cover back cover and the poster. This will be effective because it stands out from all of the other digipack because its different that having just the band standing there. The Fall Out Boy logo is in the same writing throughout the digipack and the I Don’t Care writing is in the same font as well. This is very effective because when people see the the font they will instantly think of Fall Out Boy.
    • Here is the inside of our digipack. This contrasts with our main colour theme red and black. These pictures are the same colour as our video and poster. Also the text is the same throughout. This will create a link so people will look at the font and think of Fall Out Boy. It is very simple and again it links with the video and people will notice the laid back nature of the pictures and the video and they’ll think of Fall Out Boy.
    • This is a screenshot from our music video. In this screenshot, it is showing Craig and Jake kicking leaves at Lee. This is going down more of a bullying route. This is our way of re-creating Fall Out Boy’s bullying scene. We have taken their harsh shots and re-made our own. In the screenshot below there is a picture of the lead singer of Fall Out Boy taking a Zimmer frame from an old man. We tried to create this bullying technique but in a less calmer fashion.
    • This is another screenshot from our music video and Fall Out Boy’s original video. In our screenshot you see Lee and Craig sat on a zebra crossing. This was done because it show’s not caring and being annoying because their blocking the road. In the Fall Out Boy video it show’s the bassist annoying and replicating the mime. These screenshots are done in the same manor with the same meaning but their displayed in different ways.
    • This is our band poster. The first thing people will see is the the four members of the band. This is because of the dark red and the black colours which makes the band stand out a lot. It has an album date so that people know when the album is coming out. Also, the black in all of the digipacks goes well with the Emo theme which links with the Fall Out Boy genre of Emo-Rock. If someone looks at the poster they will see the black Emo effect and link back to our band poster. Posterized is the effect that was used in the making of the poster.
      This effect is a conversion of a continuous gradation of tone to several regions of fewer tones, with abrupt changes from one tone to another. This effect is used on all of the images so this, again, is a contrast of digipack and our media video.
    • In these screenshot we’ve taken Fall Out Boy’s idea and made our own. On the top screenshot show’s me pushing a person into a grit bin. This is like the bottom screenshot where you see the bassist pushing a mime away. This has the same bullying feeling and it links with the Emo/Punk theme, which Fall Out Boy are.