Home Study Questionnaire Sensitive Subjects


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Must be completed by each foster adopt parent.

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Home Study Questionnaire Sensitive Subjects

  1. 1. SENSITIVE SUBJECTS (To be completed by prospective foster parents As a partner on the Adoption or Foster Care team, you may find that the special circumstances of the child placed in your home will require that you talk with the child or social workers about what we can call “sensitive subjects.” These sensitive subjects concern things that people often don’t talk about. In Adoption or Foster Care work, these sensitive subjects may be about separation, divorce, death, sexual issues including sexual abuse, mental illness, angry feelings, and sad feelings. As a foster or adoptive parent, and as a part of our team, we need to know which of these “sensitive subjects” you think you can talk easily about and deal with; which sensitive subjects you would need some support in dealing with or talking about; and which sensitive subjects you would prefer not to ever have to deal with or talk about. Again, we don’t want to offend you or make you feel uncomfortable, but we do need to know your ideas about these subjects. With this explanation in mind, then, would you please review the following list and answer as best you can? Thank you for your patience in answering these questions. We know they are not easy. We appreciate your partnership effort. 1. What were the one or two occasions in your life when you remember feeling very, very angry- and what did you do about your angry feelings? 2. Many of the children needing Adoption or Foster Care have had some inappropriate sexual experiences. For example, they may have observed older children or adults involved in sex or they may have been sexually abused. Could you parent the following children: Latest Revision 06/01/09 Page 1 of 2 file: CPA Policies/Forms/Parent File/Sensitive Subject Questionnaire
  2. 2. Could Could parent parent Could without with not help help parent a. Child who masturbates _____ _____ _____ b. Teenager who was or is sexually active _____ _____ _____ c. Child whose mother was or is involved in prostitution _____ _____ _____ d Child of any age who had been sexually abused _____ _____ _____ e. Child who wants to talk to you about sex _____ _____ _____ f. Child who talks to your children about sex _____ _____ _____ g. Child who expresses interest in homosexual relationships _____ _____ _____ 3. Have you or anyone close to you had any direct experience with: Yes No Sexual abuse ___ ___ Mental illness ___ ___ Drug Abuse ___ ___ Being in jail or prison ___ ___ Alcoholism ___ ___ Counseling or therapy ___ ___ Financial problems ___ ___ Please explain any “yes” answers. Latest Revision 06/01/09 Page 2 of 2 file: CPA Policies/Forms/Parent File/Sensitive Subject Questionnaire