Clients Roles & Responibilities


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Clients Roles & Responibilities

  1. 1. THE CLIENT’S ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITES Our agency will only enter into an Agreement with an individual(s) as a prospective foster parent (The Client) if both the individual’s responsibilities and the agency’s responsibilities have been discussed and are clearly understood by and between the parties. Upon acceptance into the Foster Care Program, prospective foster parents will be given an opportunity to discuss and to clarify the roles and responsibilities of agency staff and foster parents during pre-service training. We attempt to summarize these roles and responsibilities below. However, this list is not inclusive and additional roles and responsibilities are more clearly defined throughout policies. Specific policy references can be found at the end of this policy. AGENCY ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES Accounting Services (Reimbursements Only) Case management duties and responsibilities for each child/youth Central Registry Checks (Bi-Annually) Child/youth Discharges Child/youth Placement Decisions Clear, Concise Information & Communication Continuing Education - Training Classes CPR/First Aid Certifications (Renewals Only) CPS Liaison Criminal Background Checks (Bi-Annually) Police Activity Checks, initial verification and ongoing random checks Drug Screens (Random Only - Not Initial) Foster Home Monitoring Grievance Meetings with Foster Parents & Staff Information Sharing with Foster Parents & Staff Maintain foster family & child/youth records for compliance with standards Medical Consenter for child/youth Medical, dental and psychological resources for foster children/youth On Call Services (For Emergencies) Placement Monitoring Plan of Service Creation, Updates & Ongoing Monitoring Pre-placement visits with child/youth Pre-Service & Ongoing Training Curriculum & Instruction Support Services Visits to Foster Home THE CLIENT’S ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES 24-hour care and supervision of child/youth Clear, concise information & communication Consistently work to achieve goals for child/youth’s Plan of Service CPR/First Aid Certification – Infant & Youth (Initial Only) Extracurricular activities within the community for the child/youth Grievance meetings Healthy food and meal planning for child/youth daily Participate in Plan of Service meetings for child/youth Latest Revision 06/01/09 Page 1 of 2 file: CPA Policies/The Client’s Roles & Responsibilities
  2. 2. Participate in Training (both pre-service and ongoing training for compliance and quality care) Positive parenting role model for child/youth Provide appropriate clothing for child/youth as needed to fit in with other children/youth Provide appropriate grooming for child/youth as needed (haircuts, etc.) Provide appropriate supplies for child/youth as needed (school supplies, backpacks, raincoats, sporting goods, etc.) Provide basic life skills training for child/youth daily Provide necessary items to care for child/youth (i.e. prescription meds, diapers, baby formulas, etc.) TB Test for all family members Transportation of the child/youth (school, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, social activities, visitations, etc.) Weekly Progress Notes for child/youth Written Incident Reports Written Occurrences that could potentially have a negative impact on the child/youth’s well-being OTHER REFERENCES: More specific and detailed information can be found in the Foster Home Policies and Procedures – Clients Rights Policy, Individual’s Basic Rights & Mandatory Reporting Policy). THE CLIENT DATE THE CLIENT DATE THE AGENCY DATE Latest Revision 06/01/09 Page 2 of 2 file: CPA Policies/The Client’s Roles & Responsibilities