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Transportation Policy


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Transportation Policy

  1. 1. JONATHAN’S PLACE POLICIES & PROCEDURES POLICY O.6 FOSTER HOME TRANSPORTATION Revision Date: 06/01/09 Board Approval: Pending Last Revision: 07/01/08 POLICY O.6 General policies will meet the requirements according to the Texas Minimum Standards for Child Placing Agencies. PROCEDURE (§749.3101, §749.3103, §749.3105, §749.3107, §749.3069, §749.3109, §749.3111) Vehicles used to transport foster children must be:  Maintained in safe operating conditions at all times; and  Inspected and registered according to federal, state, and local laws.  The driver and all passengers must follow all federal, state, and local laws when driving, including laws on the use of child passenger safety systems, seat belts, and liability insurance.  With agency approval, caregivers may teach or supervise foster children in learning to drive. The agency will document approval in the child’s record.  Only the caregiver responsible for instruction and the child learning to drive may be present in the vehicle.  Children must be inside the vehicle when transported. The back of a pick-up truck is not considered inside the vehicle.  Children must never be transported in the bed of a pick-up truck, while standing on runners, or while on the hood or trunk of any vehicle. Other children in the foster home may transport a foster child if the:  Child driving has a valid driver’s license; and  Service planning teams for the foster children being transported and the foster child transporting, if applicable, approve of the transportation arrangements. Page 1 of 1 file: CPA POLICIES/TRANSPORTATION