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Foster Care Handbook Questionaire


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Questionnaire to be completed for Self-Instructional Annual Training Hours.

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Foster Care Handbook Questionaire

  1. 1. 5497286-8164Self-Instructional Annual Training Questionnaire <br />Subject: Texas Foster Care Handbook for Youth<br />Eligible Hours: 2 <br />Name:__________________________________<br />Date Submitted:__________________________________<br /><ul><li> What is “PAL?”
  2. 2. Describe “Respite Care.”
  3. 3. Why do the foster youth/alumni list their rights? List four (4) of these rights.
  4. 4. Describe “ETV.” What is the purpose?
  5. 5. What is the age of compulsory school attendance?
  6. 6. Is ETV eligible for youth who are still in care?
  7. 7. Are private schools/universities under the Tuition Fee Waiver?
  8. 8. Foster youth under the conservatorship of the State must receive permission from who in order to be put on television, newspaper, and/or radio?
  9. 9. Why would current and former foster youth feel the need to list the responsibilities of foster parents? Name four (4) of these responsibilities.
  10. 10. How many youth are emergency shelters and residential treatment centers licensed to provide care to?
  11. 11. What is the caseworker’s role pertaining to visitations?
  12. 12. Explain “confidentiality” as it pertains to foster youth.
  13. 13. Can foster youth have a car while in foster care? Why or why not?
  14. 14. Does the Child Protective Services and/or Jonathan’s Place provide automobile insurance for those youth wishing to receive the driver’s license while in care?
  15. 15. If/when a child leaves from care to college, will they have a place to stay during vacation/holidays? Please explain your answer.</li></ul>Please note: In order to receive annual credit hours for completing this subject, you must score 90% or above on the questionnaire. Certificates will be distributed to those who have successfully completed their subjects. Please return the completed questionnaire to Rusty Johnson, Foster/Adopt Recruiter & Trainer via email/fax at: or (972) 303-5346. <br />