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Green map icons_v3_2pages

  1. 1. Green Map® Icons Version 3 Think Global, Map Local! TM Green Map® System promotes inclusive participation in sustainable community development worldwide, using mapmaking as our medium. This globally-recognized iconography connects communities to diverse local sites, routes and resources. More at Sustainable Living Green Economy Farmers/Local Healthy Eco-Agriculture Organic/Local Eco-Products Green Green Local Reuse Shop / Market * Dining * /Permaculture * Food * Enterprise * Store Business Market Fair Responsible Social Ecotourism Reuse Recycling * Rental/ Repair Trade Company Enterprise Resource Share Shop Technology & Design Solar Ener gy Wind Energ y Water Ener gy Water Geothermal/ Green Green Roof Self-Built Composting Site * Site * Site Recycling Ground Heat Sit e Building * House Site Scientific Green Greenhouse Gas Energy Paper Reduction Green Research Site Technology Reduction Conservation Site Cleaning Mobility Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle Bicycle Pedestrian Wheelchair Public/Mass Bus Rapid Transit Water Site * Path Path Parking Friendly * Accessible Transportation * Light Rail/ Transport Alternative Park 'N Rid e Traffic Caution Fuel/Vehicles * Facility Hazard * Zone Hazards & Challenges Blight Air Water Pollution Waste Contaminated Brownfield Vulnerable Habitat Deforestation Site * Pollution Source Dump * Site * Site Site * at Ris k Climate Change d Disaster Abandoned Unhealthy Noise Airport Oil /Gas Nuclear Facilitie s Mining Area Area Site Spot Pollution Facility & Waste Site Site Nature Land & Water Waterfront/ Water Wetlands Drinking Water Natural Corridor Geological Eco-Design/ Future Cleaned-up Riverside Park * Feature * Source * /Greenway Feature Planning F eature * Redevelopment * /Rebuilt Site Eco Shaded Icons © Green Map System, Inc. 2008. All rights reserved. Landscaping Boulevard * Standard Icon Set Green Map is a registered trademark and used with permission. 1/2
  2. 2. Flora Public Forest/ Special Native Forest Garden * Community Spring Autumn Rapidly Food Natural Area * Tree * /Plants * Garden * Blossoms Leaves Renewable Plants Gathering Site Fauna Significant Wildlife Amphibian Coastal Aquatic Wildlife Protected/ Insect Bird & Wildlife Habitat * Habitat Habitat * Habitat * Habitat * Center/Zoo * Cultivated Habitat Watching Sit e Watching * Duck Farm Migration Pond Animals Zone Outdoor Activities Park/ Public Space / Sport Site / Eco-tour/ Swimming Canoe/ Sailing/Row Skateboard Dog Recreation Area * Square * Play with Natu re * Nature Walk Kayak Site Boat Launch Site Run Snow Camping Scenic Sunrise/ Star Gazing Activity Sit e Vista Sunset Sit e Site Culture & Society Cultural Character Cultural Museum Art Cultural Local Lively Artisan Traditional Historical Site * Spot * Performance * Music Spot /Art Studio Way of Lif e Feature * Archaeological Traditional Diverse Community Child Friendly Senior Eco-spiritual Alternative Memorial/Site Site Neighborhood Neighborhood Center * Site * Friendly Site * Site * Health Resour ce of Conscienc e Eco - Information Eco Environmental Green Public Green Maps Independent Online WiFi Pollution Information * Education * School * Library * Available * /Eco-Media Resource * Spot Monitor Eco Special Appointment Certification Site Needed Justice & Activism Eco-Justice Eco Club / Significant Volunteer Eco Social Food Vote Her e Free Speec h Organization * Organization * Org/Agency * Site * Expert Service Bank Zone Poor Labor Unsustainable Gentrification Practice Land Use * Shanty Refugee Town Area Public Works & Landmarks Waste Water Energy Solid Waste Landfill Incinerator Governmental Hospital School Place of Treatment Plan t Infrastructure * Transfer Statio n Office Worship Icons © Green Map System, Inc. 2008. All rights reserved. Cemetery Information Landmark WC/Public Prison/Detention Military Landmark * Green Map is a registered trademark Kiosk Dining /Pub Restroom Center Site and used with permission. 2/2