Epic story of Ibalon


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The three brave heroes who fought the peace of Ibalon ( old name of Bicol ).

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Epic story of Ibalon

  1. 1. Hello. Good Morning. Today I will tell you the story of IBALON, the story of three brave heroes. But for now I will introduce to you the main characters of the story.
  2. 2. ● He is a hero who came from Botavora of the brave clan of Lipod. ●He is a mysterious man who had a power to make someone blind. ●He is an adventurer who built house, cultivate and plant a crops of Gabi inside the forest of Ibalon.
  3. 3. ● Second hero who came to Ibalon. ●he built a community in Isarog city of Ibalon. ●He invented one kind of water Vehicle. ●His follower named a kind of rice after his name for his victory. ●He is a good leader. In his term, a discovery of things are continued by help of Ginantong, Hablom and Sural.
  4. 4. ●A kind soldier who fought Giant Rabot. ●A man who use his wisdom before fighting. ●Good observer.
  5. 5. Now, The story goes like this.
  6. 6. A long time ago, there was a rich land called Ibalong, came to this land when many monsters were still roaming in it’s very dark forest. Then one night Baltog decided to look for this Boar, who was destroying the crops.
  7. 7. ●Wild of the forest of Ibalon. ●Had a big jawbones, big fangs. ●A big boar who loves to destroy things after eating.
  8. 8. Baltog: Who are you? Why you are here? Tandayag: I’m here to destroy all your crops.
  9. 9. Baltog was not afraid. He was strong and brave. He fought the tandayag and he was able to pin down the monstrous and break apart it’s very big jawbones. After the fight, Baltog went to his house in Tondol and carrying the tandaya’s broken bones.
  10. 10. Handyong Adventure
  11. 11. Handyong is the second hero who came in the land of Ibalong. Together with his men, he had to fight thousands of battles, and face many dangers to defeat the monster.
  12. 12. They first fought the Dambuhala, For ten months, they fought without rest. And they never stopped fighting until all these monster were killed.
  13. 13. ● one-eyed monster with tree neck who came from land of Ponong. ●He don’t let anyone who came in his teritory.
  14. 14. Handyong: Poor monster, this will be your last day here. I will destroy you. Monsters: Let’s see who will be the mighty one.
  15. 15. For ten months, they fought without rest. And they never stopped fighting until all these monsters were killed.
  16. 16. Handyong and his men made their next attack against the Triburon. They continued fighting until the defeat of the last Triburon.
  17. 17. ● Giant flying sharks ● which had hardly flesh and saw like teeth that could crush rocks.
  18. 18. Handyong: Now, among our enemies, Oryol was the hardest to kill. We must kill it, to have our peace here. Man: Yes we need to kill it.
  19. 19. ●A serpent who can transform in a beautiful lady. ●Had a very good voice. ●alliance of handyong.
  20. 20. So alone and unafraid, Handyong decide to look for Oryol in the heart of the forest. He followed the beautiful voice and was almost enchanted by it in his pursuit.
  21. 21. Days and nights passed until Oryol came to admire handyong’s bravery and gallantry. Then the serpent helped the hero to conquer monsters, thus restoring peace to the entire Ibalong.
  22. 22. Bantong’s Adventure After a heavy rain, flash flood, earthquake, eruption of 3 volcanoes ( Hantik, Kolasi, Isarog ) the Giant Rabot was appeared after the Pasacao ( where Rabot live) show.
  23. 23. ● Half man and half beast, with awesome and terrifying powers
  24. 24. Man:1: Oh no!!! There’s a Giant Rabot. Man1: How we can do that? His too powerful compare us. Man2: We need to defeat him Man2 : We need the help of Bantong.
  25. 25. They went to Bantong place and told to him what happened
  26. 26. Bantong: Yes! I’m willing to help.
  27. 27. All: Go Bantong!!!!
  28. 28. To do this, he took with him a thousand warriors to attack Rabot’s den. But using his wisdom against Rabot, he did not attack the giant right away. He first observed Rabot’s ways. Looking around the giant’s den, he discovered that there were many rocks surrounding it, and these were the people who were turned into rocks by Rabot.
  29. 29. Bantong also learned that Rabot loved to sleep during the day and stayed awake at night. So, he waited. When Rabot was already sleeping very soundly, Bantong came hear him. He cut the giant into two with his very sharp bolo and without any struggle, Rabot died. So Ibalong was at peace once more.
  30. 30. Do you want it to watch in a video clip? Please click here.
  31. 31. And that how the story goes. I hope you enjoy the story. 