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  • 1. OpenBook WordPress Plugin John Miedema One Big Library Unconference Toronto, Ontario June 27, 2008
  • 2. Overview
    • Impetus: Amazon
    • Comparison of Catalogues
    • Technical Overview
    • Future Enhancements
    • Code is Political
  • 3. Impetus: Amazon
    • Book reviews. Often indie titles.
    • Common practice of linking to Amazon
    • Random House asked to link to their publisher’s website. Made sense.
    • Amazon: will only sell print-on-demand books printed by its own service
    • Links = coin on the web. Need an easy alternative to Amazon.
  • 4.  
  • 5. Comparison of the Catalogues
    • Amazon: Fewest titles, closed source, closed data
    • LibraryThing: Closed source, open data, social data, private
    • WorldCat: Most titles, closed data, social data but not used, not-for-profit
  • 6. I Picked Open Library
    • WorldCat ranked highest by straight count
    • Initial impetus: often review indie titles not in WorldCat, cannot add titles, as closed as Amazon
    • Open Library: open source, open data, not-for-profit = about as library-like as you can get. Hence “OpenBook”
    • Stable?
  • 7. Technical Overview
    • WordPress: good for book reviewers, library websites, open source
    • Open Library API: querystring http:// openlibrary .org/ api /get?key=/b/OL3674869M
    • PHP: file_get_contents , gets data, replaced by curl because forbidden by some servers
    • json_decode , easy to parse data, requires PHP 5.2
  • 8. Technical Overview - 2
    • Cover images: Not in data, standard format, alternate in data
    • Publisher link: Not available by API, added as an argument
    • Hook into WordPress: make a “filter” function, replace tags with HTML [openbook]ISBN#[/openbook]
    • Upload to WordPress server => thousand hits, >100 downloads
  • 9. Sample
  • 10. Future Enhancements
    • Remove dependency on json_decode
    • Insert multiple anywhere in text
    • Search by other numbers, not just ISBN
    • Choice of data source
    • Internationalization
    • Rich data: Open Library has scans
  • 11. Code is Political
    • Impetus: Alternative to Amazon’s monopoly, support independent pressses/ideas = very library
    • Can private company do this for libraries?
    • Can not-for-profit do this?
      • Is OCLC really not-for-profit?
      • Is Open Library ready? Adding titles.
    • Does it matter who does this?
  • 12. Sources
    • Amazon Muscles Print-On-Demand Services http://www. techcrunch .com/2008/03/27/ amazon -muscles-print-on-demand-services/
    • Small Publishers Feel Power of Amazon’s ‘Buy’ Button http://www. nytimes .com/2008/06/16/business/media/16amazon.html
    • Open Library http:// openlibrary .org
    • OpenBook download page at WordPress (open source): http:// wordpress .org/extend/ plugins / openbook -book-data/
    • My OpenBook page: http:// johnmiedema .ca/ openbook - wordpress - plugin /
  • 13. Contact
    • Blog: http:// johnmiedema .ca
    • Mail: mail@ johnmiedema .ca