MyeClass, Ebooks, and navigating the Destiny Catalog

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Learn about how to access eClass, check out e-books and navigate the Peachtree Ridge's Destiny catalog

Learn about how to access eClass, check out e-books and navigate the Peachtree Ridge's Destiny catalog

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  • 1. Destiny Catalog, MyeClass, and Follett Shelf e-books Tutorial
  • 2. How to Access ● Go to the School web site ( ● Click on “MyeClass” under the “Student” Tab. ● Type in your student number for username, and your password is the same password you use on a school computer
  • 3. Activating Your Account Two Options: ● Once a student has successfully logged in to his/her network account at school and has changed his/her password, this student’s account to the Student Portal will be activated ● The second way to activate the student portal(MYeClass) is to go to MyeClass and click on the activate button. This is ONLY if you have NOT signed on to a computer at PRHS.
  • 4. Logging In ●Students will enter the EXACT SAME username and password as they do here at Peachtree Ridge. ● If students change their network password while signed on to a computer at PRHS, it will automatically change their password to the student portal.
  • 5. Awesome Textbook Resources including videos, tutorials, activities, modules and more. See your grades here Access the media catalog here Access the Databases and Passwords Here. Use these databases to help you find great research resources for your projects. My eClass at a Glance
  • 6. Did you know you can now access the media catalog from your student portal???? (aKa “My eClass”)
  • 7. Two Ways to Access the Media Catalog • From a school computer, double- click on this icon: • Click on “Media Catalog” while in the Student Portal (i.e. MyeClass)
  • 8. For Students: Login with your Student Number and Password (the one you use to login to the computers)
  • 9. Searching for a Book: Search for books here by title, keyword, etc Looking for something specific? Conduct an Advanced Search here. Narrow your search by subject, genre, interest level, series, reading level
  • 10. If the results give you a number then that means it is a nonfiction book. If the results show “FIC” then that means it is a fiction book located in the center of the media center.
  • 11. Putting a Book on Hold When you are logged in and select a book, just click this button to put it on hold. We will notify you when it is available. Recommend books to your friends here Not sure what to read next? Try these recommendations See reading level here
  • 12. Basic Destiny Features You can access our ebooks here, too. See what you have checked out here. Make a personalized list by dragging and dropping books hereYou can also search for web sites on Destiny and narrow your searches by Lexile, source, etc.
  • 13. You can now pay your fines online on MyPayments Plus! Late Fees: -10 cents a day for each day overdue on regular books -25 cents a day for each day overdue on Reference books. -Lost Books= $20.00
  • 14. Exciting News: The Library Now Has E-books!
  • 15. Three Ways to Access Ebooks ● Destiny Catalog ● Ebooks link on the Media Center Web Site (under “Good Reads” tab) ● From Your Smart Phone
  • 16. Reading E-books From Your SMARTphone ● Download the Follett Digital Reader TextFlow app from your app store. ● Once you open up the app in your phone, type in your student number for your username, and your password that you use at the computers at school ● For the FollettShelf URL type in “wbb14062” or (depending on your phone) wbb14062Download Follett TextFlow App for iphones/ipads, etc Download the Follett Digital Reader app for everything else
  • 17. Ebooks from Destiny Catalog! Look for this icon to find our Follett ebooks Look for this icon to find our Database ebooks You can read e-books from your computer, too!
  • 18. Click here to access FollettShelf FollettShelf e-books Link is also in the Catalog
  • 19. Login here using your student number and password Here’s What FollettShelf Looks Like: Look at all of our ebooks!
  • 20. What is in Your Bookbag?
  • 21. FolletShelf automatically returns the book after two weeks How to Check Out an e-Book
  • 22. Here is what an ebook looks like. You can add notes, bookmark pages, highlight text and more!
  • 23. Check out our Audio Books in FollettShelf: Click Here
  • 24. Additional Directions for Teachers
  • 25. Exit Quest Logging In
  • 26. Login Logging In
  • 27. For Teachers: Login with your Go.Gwinnett Username and Password Directions for using the Catalog Without the Destiny Quest View.
  • 28. Searching the Catalog
  • 29. Extra Step :
  • 30. Searching the Catalog
  • 31. Searching the Catalog
  • 32. Putting a Book on Hold in the Catalog
  • 33. Putting a Book on Hold