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Wiki Biographies

  1. 1. Laura Arrué Laura Arrue is an important figure in the biology world, she formulated a new theory. Born in Valencia on March 21st 1992, she became famous at 23 when she had hardly finished her studies at the University.   At 25 she got a doctorate in veterinary and opened her private clinic. In 2021, when she was 29, she got married. Two years later she had twins. When her children grew up she decided to continue developing her work.   She participed in a lot of important conferences where she received a lot of congratulations.   When she was sixty years old, she stopped working and moved to a big natural park in Africa where she lived with wild animals and continued investigating them. Although, eleven years later, she returned to Valencia in order to meet her grandchildren.   In 2082 she died by natural causes.
  2. 2. Soraya Arrué Soraya Arrué is famous because she was the first girl that took off on a rocket to the Moon in 2016. A lot of children say: “I will be an astronaut”, and Soraya was one of them but her dream came true. She was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1992. Her parents lived in Llíria, Valencia too. First, she studied in “Unió Musical de Llíria” and then in “I.E.S Camp de Túria”. She continued studying to her dream until she became an astronaut and in 2016, the best company of technology phoned her to go to the Moon. She accepted and she was recognized as the first girl that travelled to the Moon. After that, she was the most famous person on Earth and had a lot of work and conferences in universities around the world. She married Miguel Angel Silvestre and had two sons. But in 2045, she became ill because she had a lung cancer and two years later she died. She wrote a book before she died: “The Moon, an amazing place!”. At present, the book is still on sale.
  3. 3. Cristina Barona Cristina Barona is known around the world for being an excellent architect. She was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1992. Her parents were humble Spanish people that were living in Lliria, a town near Valencia, at the time. Her father worked as a builder, and Cristina always admired the construction processes. Because of that, she was certain of her future: she would be an architect. She went to “Polytechnic University” in Valencia, and in 2016 she qualified as an architect, then she travelled abroad (United Kingdom) to do a masters degree in advanced architecture, landscape, urbanism and design. She became well-known for her creations based on ancient Greek mythology, applied to modern science. In 2018 the Royal Family of Spain commissioned her to do a project based on the construction of a building that imitates the famous library of Alexandria. When this project was completed successfully, she married a philosopher from Italy and had a son (who later was also devoted to architecture studies) and a daughter (who studied fine arts). She continued doing projects since 2069, when she had an accident and died. Her work was recognized worldwide and later some architects continued her methods of construction.
  4. 4. Alfonso Beltrán Alfonso Beltrán is known for being the best chess player in the world. He was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1992. He grew up in an ordinary family as a normal boy. He studied in a school in a little village of Valencia, Alcublas. When he was four, he played with the chess pieces building castles. In 1998, he choked with a banana and he almost died. When he was seven, his father created a chess club in the village and he started to learn to play chess and as he liked this game, he learnt very quickly. Every year, he participated in a chess championship that was organized in the village. In 2014, he won the world chess championship, he played the final against Bobby Fisher’s son. He got married in 2020 and had got one son. For ten years, he travelled with his family around the world. In 2046, he went back to Alcublas. Nowadays, his son has got twenty-seven chess trophies which were won by his father. In 2062, he became ill and after three days, he died. After his death, people remember this man as a man that only lost one match in his life.
  5. 5. Guillermo Beltran Montalva Guillermo Beltran Montalva was the most important inventor in the XXIst century. He was famous for inventing a lot of things, but he was known in general because he invented the teleportation machine in December 2023. He was born in 1998, and he started making inventions when he was 14. He studied physics in Oxford University and he finished his career when he was 18 years old. Then he was called to defend the planet from the aliens attack. When the war finished, in 2019, he retook his investigations and became a millionaire with his inventions. A few years later, he went crazy and started to invent things with no sense. He died on June 21st 2037, when he was trying to catch a lightning storm with a metal bucket to create an unlimited source of energy.
  6. 6. Enric Cintero Enric Cintero was an important basketball player. He was born in Valencia in 1992. Enric studied in Lliria secondary school where he graduated. When he was twenty-six years old he finished his career at the university. Then he found a job as a physical education teacher in a secondary school. In 2034 Enric got married. Four years later, his wife had one baby boy. In 2037 he thought that he had lost the opportunity to play basketball as a professional, but luck knocked on his door and was booked to play in a first division team. He became popular for a long time. When he was forty-two years he retired from basketball. He moved with his wife to a house in Castellon and they enjoyed life until forty years later when he died in a horrible car accident. Today, Enric is remembered as the great athlete he once was.
  7. 7. Víctor Civera Durbán Víctor Civera Durbán is known for being the best World Player in Valencia CF. Víctor was born in Vilamarxant, Spain, in 1992. Vilamarxant is a famous town because there was born Víctor. Víctor went to two schools:”La Unió Musical” and “IES Camp de Túria”, but when he was 17 years old he left the school and joined Valencia CF. There Víctor was famous Because he won trophies, he was the highest scorer and won the World Cup with the Spanish national team, but Víctor is famous in the World because he won the first Champions League in Valencia and he was the best in this match. After the match of the champions league final a hooligan from Liverpool threw a chair at him, and Víctor died. Nowadays Víctor is a legend, because he was the best football player.
  8. 8. Joan Civera Ruiz Joan Civera Ruiz (February 8, 1992 - May 23, 2070) better known as Johan, is an outstanding actor of cinema and television, winner of the Oscar and Golden Globe prizes. He was born in València, he is a son of Manolo Civera - an architect - and Lola Ruiz - a psychologist, who helped him quite a lot in his life and his career. His parents divorced when he was thirteen years old. At the age of 16 he moved to Los Angeles with her mother. There he began his studies in the faculty of journalism. Once he had ended this career his mother persuaded him to take part in a film audition at the age of 22. He played his first major role in the movie Ocean’s Eleven. Later, he began to receive offers for primary and secondary parts in films like 7 Almas, The Fast and the Furious, The Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean, among others. In 2001 he married the actress Jessica Alba, he divorced after 2 years after an infidelity with her workmate Jennifer Anniston. In 2004 he met Scarlett Johansson at a Hollywood dinner, they married and had two children called Lucia and Jack. At 56 years old he retired to live a normal life with his family. They moved to a small island (Reunion Island) near Madagascar. They lived quietly and happily until they decided to return to America where Johan died of a new disease.
  9. 9. Irene Feltrer Irene Feltrer (August 7,1992- July 20, 2082) was born in Llíria, a town in Valencia (SPAIN). Her parents were teachers and they were a normal Spanish family. She had two brothers. Irene studied in "C.P Sant Vicent" primary school. She started to play violin when she was four with the Suzuki method. She studied ESO and batxiller in "IES camp de Túria" high school. She had a comfortable lifestyle when she was a teenager. In 2010 she passed the PAU exam. She went to maths college in Valencia and in 2015 she graduated as a mathematician. In those moments her successful life began. In 2016 she finished her musical studies. She played a lot of concerts around the world. She was very famous. In 2020 she finished her musical degree and began her scientific life. She did a magnificent scientific job. She was a teacher in a Valencian university and she devoted the rest of her life to teaching. She died when she was 90 years old. Nowadays, the name of the university of Valencia is Feltrer University so as to remember her.