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  • Superb Tool for Tally ERP which will help you access Tally from your Mobile phone. Tally users rejoice now you can view your ledgers created in tally on your personal devices. This tool exhibits the complete business picture of all the companies registered in Tally on one screen on your smart phone. This report shows financial & inventory entries of various company reports directly. This covers Miscellaneous Expenses (Asset), Fixed Assets, Investments, Sales Accounts, Unsecured Loans, Direct Expenses, Loans & Advances (Asset), Stock-in-hand, Deposits (Asset), Direct Expenses, Suspense A/c, Provisions, Creditors, Purchase Details, Unadjusted Forex Gain/Loss, Loans (Liability), Duties & taxes, Bank OD A/c, Bank Account Details, Current Assets, Misc. Exp(Extent Not w/f), Capital Account, Direct incomes, Debtors Details, Indirect Incomes & Expenses, Cash Details and Secured Loans, etc. This reports will be displayed when your pc will be connected to the internet and it will automatically synced last modified data from your pc and enable you to see that data on your figure tips. You won’t have to go back to Tally again to view any specific information that you need on fingertips. They will also help you with customized solutions if required. Contact us now on… +91 79 67776555.
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27 tally presentation

  1. 1. GATEWAYTally is designed tointegrate all businessoperations, like sales,finance, purchasing,inventory, andmanufacturing and soon. TALLY facilitatesaccurate and up-to-date businessinformation at ourfingertips anywhere.
  2. 2.  Simplicity: Tally.ERP 9 is easy to setup & it requires basic knowledge of Accounts to use it. Speed: Tally.ERP 9 provides the capability to generate accurate report, which inspire the Mgmt. to take correct decision in favor of company. Support Center: Allows a user to directly post his supp queries on functional and technical aspects of the product. Tally. Net: Tally.NET establish a connection through which the remote user can access the data without copying/transferring. Remote Access: Tally provides remote capabilities to access the data from any-where anytime.
  3. 3. Go to Gatewayof Tally>PressALT+F3>CompanyInfo.>CreateCompany.
  4. 4. (1)Go to Gateway ofTally > Press Alt+F3 >Company Info. >Backup(2)Select Specify Path (Source)(3)Select Destination(Specify Path)(4)(Select thecompanies for dataBackup(5)Save the Screen.
  5. 5. (1) Go to Gateway of Tally> press Alt+f3> Company Info. > Restore.(2) Select Destination(3) Select Source(4) Select the company/companie s for data restore from the List of Companies(5) Save the screen
  6. 6. By default, Tally.ERP 9contains two ledgersaccounts namely, Cashand Profit & LossAccount . Based on ourrequirement, we cancreate all other accountsheads.Creating LedgersGo to Gateway ofTally > AccountsInfo. > Ledgers >Create
  7. 7. Tally.ERP 9 compriseVouchers, to suitdifferent businessrequirements . It alsoallows us to create user-definedVouchers( VoucherTypes) as perrequirements.Create Voucher TypeGo to Gateway ofTally>AccountInfo.>VoucherType>Create
  8. 8. A Balance Sheet is afinancial statementthat reports a firm’sfinancial position at aspecific time.Create Balance SheetGo to Gateway ofTally > Balance Sheet
  9. 9. Profit & Loss Account isa periodic statement,which shows the netresult of businessoperations for a specificperiod.Create Profit & LossA/CGo to gateway of Tally >Profit & Loss A/C