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With so many teaching and learning technology tools available in social media and digital platforms, how do you choose the correct one(s) without overindulging?

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  • Media Buffet

    1. 1. Do you need that extra helping of turducken?Avoid overindulging at the social media and digital tool buffet
    2. 2. Social media, technology, and teachingturkey in a duck in a chicken flicker user njvack (Nate Vack)
    3. 3. Can this be appetizing?
    4. 4. Yes! Though, only in manageable bites.
    5. 5. Why should you require students touse social media and/or digital tools?Learn how to place reliable,accurate content in a containerappropriate for today’sinformation consumption cultureRelevant for the 2020 Workplace(Meister and Willyerd, 2010)Suitable for learning in a variety ofways (visual, auditory, tactile) transliteracy skills
    6. 6. Social Media & Digital ToolsThere are over 300 socialnetworking sites (accordingto wikipedia)There are countless onlinetools that require users tobuild their own contentThere are softwareprograms and hardwaretools too
    7. 7. What are some tools Bucks Faculty use?Blogger (journaling substitute)Facebook (study groups, photo sharing)Glogster (poster substitute, and much more)Google Apps (group document editing, android appdevelopment)Prezi (brainstorming, alternate to ppt.)Timeline tools (xtimeline, timetoast, dippity)VoiceThread (accessible, group conversation)Video Mashups (comprehensive research, groupwork)
    8. 8. Pick a tool that facilitates the learning objectives for your course Assignment Online or F2F Tool Time Objectives* CourseBlogger, Facebook, Great tool to facilitate online discussion, or Writing, communication skills, marketing, Twitter, have students get a jump-start on a f2f collaboration, sharing resourcesVoiceThread, etc. discussion Demonstrate a procedure, juxtaposition, Both: good substitute for an in-class Glogster or Prezi report facts, in-depth exploration of a very presentation, powerpoint , or poster specific topic The evolution of a topic or idea, The combination of visual and text Timeline Tools documenting a period of time, or information makes this an ideal documenting a sequence of events presentation project for both course types. Parallels a research paper (needs intro, body, Ideal for group work projects in both Video Mashup conclusion), evokes emotion, synthesize course types ideas, display knowledge of complex issues* Information literacy skills, transliteracy skills, media literacy, visual literacy, and digital literacy skills potentially apply.
    9. 9. Assignment Examples: Good TooUse to create a timeline l fac ilita tes ach ieviSelect 20 events that occurred during the ng o bjec tiveCivil War s Objectives: Represent each event with a 100 word - Learn key events in the Civildescription. Include at least 5 pictures, Warand 2 websites found in reliable, accurate - Build writing and researchresources skills - Evaluate the relationshipSubmit the URL to your timeline and a list between a historic event, and artifacts representing thatof your works cited to the course space. event - Build communication andYou will give a 15 minute presentation to presentation skillsthe class. In your presentation, discuss thehistoric event and the relevance of the text,website, or image you used to representthis event
    10. 10. Timeline for US History Course
    11. 11. Assignment Example: Needs Improvement Not bad, but not the best. A mashup lends itself well to portraying synthesis and emotion. Neither of which are objectives for this assignmentPick a topic from your health book andmake a video mashup ObjectivesExplain the topic, and give 4 examples Present an in-depth report of a healthusing at least 2 pictures and one video problemIt cannot be longer than 4 minutes Conduct researchWork with a group Practice group workProvide citations Build presentation skillsEnter the mashup contest Example:
    12. 12. So, when you get to the buffet, choose wisely!
    13. 13. Works CitedImages are Creative Commons Licensed by flickr usersDonovan, K. (January 29, 2010). Social Media Heart Collage.Retrieved:, N. (December 10, 2005). Geology. Retrieved:, A. (July 23, 2004). Computer Party. Retrieved: