Web tools for the workshop


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Various web 2.0 tools and activities are included in this presentation.

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  • Web tools for the workshop

    1. 1. Antwuan Stinson Ed. D. Assistant ProfessorAlabama State University
    2. 2. What ProfessionalCurrent Professional Development should lookDevelopment like
    3. 3. 1. To give you an idea what is available for teachers2. Guide you through a few tools that I use with my students3. Give you some ideas to help you expand your information and page on the schools website
    4. 4. CoolToolsforSchoolsWikispacesGoogle for TeachersGoogle appsMy Google SiteEdWeb2Wikispaces
    5. 5. GO2WEB20.NET Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX)Rubistar Youtube
    6. 6.  Designate a day for critical thinking or creative ideas for a major grade Try Glogster for online student development of multimedia posters Use Voicethread for the collection of group conversations, images, documents, and video Create a Edmodo site for classroom interaction (blog, discussions, projects)
    7. 7. An avatar is a personalized graphic file orrendering that represents a computer user.
    8. 8.  Add a voki to your webpage speaking in the target language to enhance students listening skills Give your homework assignments using your voki on your webpage Have students create vokis and speak on any grammar or vocabulary theme (describing self, illness, family, friends, how to’s, etc.) Have students email vokis to each other and comment on them.
    9. 9. Before getting started Log in to Voki Use 1 username and password for all webtool accounts to minimize forgetting Create a different email account so you don’t junk–up your main one
    10. 10. www.voki.com Create a VokiCreate an account or sign in 1. Create your character 2. Give it a voice 3. Customize your background 4. Change your player
    11. 11. When you are happy with your character, select the Publish button. You will be asked to name your character then save. Record your file using a digital recorder Type in the Record yourAdd your voice message usingby phone text, select a voice and your microphone select a Language Select standard Voki link. Copy link then paste onto a blog
    12. 12.  http://kmswildcatlibrary.wikispaces.com/Hunger+Games+ Voki Collection http://mrspilver.wikispaces.com/Magic+Schoolbus+Vokis School Field Trip http://cyberbrook.wikispaces.com/Our+Vokis Cyberbrook Classroom http://mwiser.wikispaces.com/Voki http://jamestownreads.wikispaces.com/voki http://techietuesday.wikispaces.com/Voki
    13. 13. Display a variety of information in one place including videos, slideshows, calendars, presentations, attachments, and text
    14. 14. 21 Create your site https://support.google.com/sites/b in/answer.py? hl=en&answer=153197&topic=2 3216&ctx=topic
    15. 15. Name your site3 Choose a template for your site
    16. 16.  Capture classroom moments then post them Student Handbook  Have 1-2 students be responsible for Discipline Plan helping with the site Experience as a teacher  Organize teams to submit project— Upcoming Projects based learning assignments  Link it to your school’s website under  Link your lesson plans  Link or embed your Voki to the school’s webpage Allow students to help create it!!!
    17. 17.  Teaching & Learning Screencast Tutorials Tips and Tricks
    18. 18.  EdWeb2 Wikispaces Lee Summit School District Teacher Help
    19. 19.  Embed Voki into a site Link Templates to choose from
    20. 20. ALEX Resources Flipbooks Standards Inside Math Site
    21. 21. http://www.rubrics4teachers.com/
    22. 22. Create videos from photos, video clips, words, and music
    23. 23.  Projects Teachweb2 Vocab/Grammar
    24. 24. Create stunning presentations that move and capture attention.
    25. 25.  Autobiographies  Build Prezi over a Book reports duration Illustrating poems  Prezi for Vocabulary  Zooming into details of a Lab reports picture Group projects  Use Prezi as a mind map Venn Diagrams  Mini-lectures Project-based learning  Synthesis level thinking ◦ Budget, Cost, Time frame
    26. 26. What can Voicethread webtool be used for? Students can share stories or design a project which explains an assignment. Allow students to change or amend it any way they wish. This authentic assessment will engage creative students for hours.
    27. 27.  Book Stories  Creating digital collages Solving math problems over the year Flip books  Authors of a certain period Pre-reading and making  Scientific method predictions  Animal Habitats Field trips  Photosynthesis Back to school night tour  Lab report or dissections of your classroom
    28. 28. While addressing Instructional Technology and Web tools in the 21st Century,  we also need to deal with the critical thinking skills needed to evaluate the validity of websites, the importance of ethics responsibility in the digital age, ways to address cyber-safety as well especially in a social network environment.
    29. 29. Antwuan Stinson astinson@alasu.edu (334) 229-7690 (office)(334) 377-0537 (Google Voice)