The civil rights movement ppt for itc 1 mh 2


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The civil rights movement ppt for itc 1 mh 2

  1. 1. Misti Holloway and Katherine Jones Digital Technologies in Education ITC 5220-375 Spring 2012  
  2. 2. Cross-Curricular Project:The Help novel, the Civil Rights Movement & 21st Century Skills Junior Honors Classes   2012-2013
  3. 3. • Teachers from different curricular areas plan a unit implementing English, History, and Technology into a research project.• The students are placed in groups of three to four students to complete work assignments for ten different work stations.• Each assignment topic is related to an important event that took place during the Civil Rights movement.• For each station, students read background information, research, and produce a product.• All ten products will be put together into one presentation incorporating technology, collaboration, and creative thinking.• Knowledge Construction Tools, Social Mediating, Dynamic Modeling Tools, and Semantic Tools are used throughout the process.
  4. 4. • Students will construct knowledge about the Civil Rights Movement while locating, organizing, analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing information from a variety of sources during research.• Students will demonstrate creative thinking while developing innovative products using technology.• Students will interact, collaborate, and publish with peers employing a variety of digital environments and media.• Students will create original works as means of personal expression.• Students will demonstrate a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity.
  5. 5. Class Websites for Social Mediating SOCIAL MEDIATING IN EDUCATION used with the class website
  6. 6. • Assignment One: Harlem Renaissance • (Design a timeline using Microsoft word )• Assignment Two: Segregation • (Create an infomercial using Flip Video.)• Assignment Three: School Desegregation • (Design graph using Excel.)• Assignment Four: The Montgomery Bus Boycott • (Compose a news article and illustrate with clip art or graphics.)• Assignment Five: Sit-Ins • (Create “blogs” for famous people involved in sit-ins. What would they put on their blog if they had one?)
  7. 7. • Assignment Six: Freedom Riders • (Recreate a newscast to explain detail of events. Use Flip Video to film and save.)• Assignment Seven: Desegregating Southern Universities• Assignment Eight: The March on Washington • (Each student collect highlights of event from The Library of Congress American Memory website. Explain why you selected that article.• Assignment Nine: Voter Registration• Assignment Ten: The End of the Movement
  8. 8.  Groups will participating in group work stations. There are ten stations in all each focused on an important event that took place during the Civil Rights Movement. Teacher teams will set up work stations in their classes and allow time for groups to work on research and product production.
  9. 9. Group Work Stations 1-3 in English Class Group WorkStations 7-10 Group Workin technology Stations or 4-6 in Social exploratory Studies wheel
  10. 10. Open The Help forum. Go to Start at Civil Rights Research Review topic and assigned Movement link. Find the rubric for collaborategroup work PowerPoint for the group with group to station your station. complete work station. number. Read assigned task. background information .
  11. 11. Knowledge Dynamic Semantic SocialConstruction Modeling Tools Mediating Tools Tools Hyperlinks in Discussion PowerPoint used using blog on to build teacher’s background website. Create a timeline Design flow information. using Microsoft map for of Word 2010 major events Collaboration Video linked into PowerPoint for using Wiki building page. background information. Students will share Use Microsoft personal forms of drawing tools to Design expression such create a timeline . circle maps Additional research Insert into to topic by as poetry,, art, and presentation for research. music on blog students using post. assigned links.Click link below to open PowerPoint for Assignment One.
  12. 12. • Students will comprehend the Civil Rights Movement and The Help novel while analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing the plot and historical events in the book.• Students will interact, collaborate, and publish with peers through answering blog questions on the English teacher’s webpage.• Students will create blog posts, a character analysis thinking map, and a plot diagram timeline as means of personal expression and novel comprehension.• Students will demonstrate increased reading comprehension and plot analysis through using technology that supports collaboration, learning, and productivity.
  13. 13.  Students will consider and answer weekly blog questions located on the English teacher’s website. Blogging about the novel encourages students to collaborate with classmates while increasing comprehension of the book.
  14. 14. • Students will create a character analysis thinking map on a character from the novel to demonstrate comprehension.
  15. 15. • Students will create a timeline of important events from the novel using the ReadWriteThink online interactive resource.
  16. 16.  50 Ways to Use Technology to/Pages/creating-timeline.aspx resources/student-interactives/ resources/student-interactives/