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Presentation at SCCEC DLD preconference. One part of a three part presentation on writing strategies and CBM.

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  • Image of inverted triangle to represent RTI tiersUniversal Interventions 80% of the students, universal design for learning integrating technology application to meet the needs of all students. Productivity software applications, supplemental instructional for basic skills, free technology toolsSelected Interventions 15% of the students accommodations using selected technology, programs for intensive instruction in skill areasIntensive Interventions 5% of the students curriculum modificationsPoll:Is anyone targeting RTI for written language and tracking using CBM Correct writing sequencesElementarySecondary MiddleSecondary High schoolNo not at all
  • Images of a boy sitting in a chair and second image boy at the bottom of a slide
  • Image of word web screen with the word, definition, list of related words, can choose form nearest, antonyms, see also, similar. Image of speaker to hear the word.
  • Image from visuwords with guitar as the target word
  • Screenshot of shahi definition of nursery with words and images from Flickr
  • Image of Readplease Image of Natural Readers Floating toolbar is an advantage over Readplease as you don’t have to copy and paste text also now available for the Mac. Lowcost version will convert files to mp3
  • Image of online ghotit free online spell checkerImage of FreespellSpell check works fine in most programs but for poor spellers it does not show logical choices.
  • Image from SpeakQPopular brands Dragon naturally speaking, speakq
  • Images from an interactive PowerPoint story showing sequence of the screensA great example of a beginning collaborative activity that, with the help of a simple strategy, could be an individual activity.
  • Image from piclits writing program
  • Image of page from bookbuilder discovering descriptive language
  • Image from University of Houston the educational uses of digital storytelling
  • Image from a voice thread from to kill a mockingbird conceptions and misconceptions
  • Image from a toondoo on cumulonimbus clouds cartoon
  • Image from glogster edu of a poster for thomas jefferson
  • Image screenshot of Science writer from CAST
  • Image from CAST Strategy tutor
  • Image from Trackstar
  • Image: Jackpot survey criteria edible items, escape, adult attention, academic activities. Image 2: google docs screen capture of survey results from the use of a form.
  • Images:1- Cool Text image of the word PLAY2- Spell with Flickr example of the word WORDS3- Wordle
  • Pasted text from TIA into TagxedoHow can this help students in writing, are they getting across their message as the word used most often will be the largest
  • Image screen capture of Tagxedo from the once I was almost killed story . What words stand out?
  • Screen shot pbworks scenario sisters work on behavioral interviewingGorlewski portfolio on art but could be applied to writing activities too
  • Screenshot Pat Hensley Blog Successful TeachingWissick Web Toolbox wiki
  • Example of autosummarize tool window
  • Screen capture of autosummarize of a student report on Should we ban smoking in restaurantsNotice the main ideas are highlightedResearch report from:
  • Image front screens from eKidTools and iKidtoolsGoal setting and progress monitoring engage students and also support executive functions
  • Image from thinkfinityImage from Education World
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