Impact Investors Wanted


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Impact Investors Wanted!

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Impact Investors Wanted

  1. 1. Impact Investing in Ecovillages Jim Simcoe 760.271.7128
  2. 2. Current Marketplace • Demand for green homes far outreaches supply. • The ‘green home buyer’ target market continues to grow exponentially. • Builders build huge McMansions and largely miss the opportunity to provide homes to the green home buyer. • People want healthy homes in friendly neighborhoods. They want homes with front porches and friendly neighbors (ecovillage model) but nobody builds them.
  3. 3. The Problem We Solve • We build ecovillages that satisfy the green home buyer’s demand for healthy homes in friendly neighborhoods. • We’re bringing back the front porch and raising the level of performance and happiness for today’s home buyer. • We build homes that are non-toxic, save money/energy/water and help create a better way to live.
  4. 4. Capital Allocation • Operational expenses including: office rent, salaries, marketing, etc. • Development expenses including land purchases, pre-development and construction, etc.
  5. 5. For Impact Investors Only • We seek investors who want more than just a financial return. • Our impact investors receive returns in several areas including: financial, societal, economic, environmental, etc. • Impact investors who are committed to their personal legacy are our target investors.
  6. 6. Exit Strategy ! • Investors are cashed out (principle + profits) at the completion of every project.
  7. 7. Our Team • Jim Simcoe - Founder and CEO of Simcoe Green Homes. A nationally recognized green builder/sustainability speaker and author, Jim has worked on green real estate projects throughout North America. Jim has been featured on NBC, Fox,, and San Diego Insider TV. • Kristi Byers - AIA, LEED®AP BD+C is the president of Kristi Byers, Architect APC. She has worked in and studied architecture for more than two decades and has participated in a diverse range of commercial, civic, education, residential, mixed-use and master planning projects in roles ranging from Project Designer to Project Architect to Project Manager and Director of Sustainability.
  8. 8. Our Team (continued) • Bob Massaro - The CEO of Healthy Buildings, Bob has been one of the leaders in the green building industry for the last 30 years. He has an impeccable track record with over 150 green homes built and numerous green building awards won. • Aubri Almendariz - A college professor by trade, Aubri runs operations for SGI. Aubri’s experience with the real estate development world began in 2003,working at a small commercial acquisition and development firm in Del Mar.
  9. 9. Secret Sauce • 40+ combined years experience in green development and construction. • Unique knowledge of the expanding green buyer target market. • 10+ years experience working in the sustainable living and community-centric housing market.
  10. 10. Scale - Opportunity • Our model scales greater than just our target market of Southern California as long as people want green healthy homes. • Our healthy home, ecovillage model can be expanded to any community in the US.
  11. 11. Risks • Demand for new homes dries up. • Housing market crashes 40%+. • Credit requirements tighten.
  12. 12. Risk Mitigation • Demand for homes dries up - Our homes will still sell because they have little competition and offer major benefits that other homes don’t. • Housing market crashes 40+% - Our homes appraise for more money and offer a competitive advantage so they should not be hit as hard as typical homes. • Credit requirements tighten - We target mid-level buyers, not first time homebuyers. These buyers have historically still purchased houses when credit is tight.
  13. 13. Deal Specifics • Capital invested into Simcoe Green Investments is put towards all development projects. • You are investing in the company, the team, not just a specific project. • Legacy Investors receive 3.5% preferred dividend on top of profit split.
  14. 14. Why Now? Why Us? • We are at the convergence of high market desire, low market penetration and incompetent competition. • Team is uniquely qualified to scale this opportunity quickly. • What started as a trend is rapidly becoming the standard for our target buyers. Our team is on the front end of that curve.
  15. 15. The Next Step Contact Jim Simcoe for an exploratory call to learn more. 760.271.7128