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  • Arizona Home Sellers & Investors | East Coast Investors, Inc.

    1. 1. Investment Packet
    2. 2. Agenda
    3. 3. Current Real Estate MarketIn Phoenix the bottom tier of homes is seeing strong demand relative to the higher priced homes for two chief reasons:First, home values in the bottom tier have fallen farther from peak levels, thus making them more affordable than the middle and top tier. In Phoenix the bottom tier has fallen 64% from peak in May while the top tier has only fallen 44%.Second, the bottom tier of homes is particularly attractive to investors interested in converting homes to rental use.This has created an extraordinary opportunity for savvy investors
    4. 4. Housing Values
    5. 5. Why Arizona?• Greater Phoenix, Arizona community • Home Sales Growth of 3% over past year • Median Home Price: $ 170,300 • Average Rent Increase of 4% to $740 over 2011 • Rental Vacancy Rate Decrease from 8.1% to 7.6% in Q4 2011 • Appealing salary to home cost ratio • Low construction cost • Maricopa County has seen 24.2% population growth from 2000 to 2010, compared to 9.7% for the nation as a whole
    6. 6. Leader in the housing rebound
    7. 7. S&P/Case-Shiller Home PriceIndices• New York, May 29, 2012 – Data through March 2012, released today by S&P Indices for its S&P/Case-Shiller1 Home Price Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices, showed• There are some better numbers: Only three cities – Atlanta, Chicago and Detroit – saw annual rates of change worsen in March. The other 17 cities and both composites saw improvement in this statistic, even though most are still showing a negative trend. Moreover, there are now seven cities – Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Miami, Minneapolis and Phoenix – where the annual rates of change are positive.• In March 2012, 12 MSAs posted monthly gains, seven declined and one remained unchanged. Phoenix posted the largest annual rate of change, +6.1%, while home prices in Atlanta fell the most over the year, down 17.7%.
    8. 8. Our Approach• Specific Acquisition Model • Identify available properties - research valuations • Cap acquisition investments to within model• Explicit Financial Model • Disciplined Cost Controls • Limitations on rehabilitation costs• Controlled Time Line • Rehab completed in 2-4 weeks • Immediately to market
    9. 9. Market Timing
    10. 10. Our Target Property Profile• Lower middle market properties• Suited for typical first time home buyer• 3/4 Bedrooms
    11. 11. Who We Are Lewis Pasquin, Managing Partner Lew began his career in finance in New York City after graduating from St. Johns University in 1984. Some years down the road he opened his own firm that comprised not only financial planning but also real estate investing. Over the years he accumulated over 80 million dollars in assets under management and has successfully sold over 20 million dollars worth of real estate .This equates to over 100 properties sold in New York and Arizona in the last several years .His main objective is to create a superior finished product and to deliver to his equity partners superior returns. Lew brings to this company the ability to find distressed properties in need of rehabilitation and turning them around into well manicured homes.
    12. 12. Who We Are Janet Marsico, Managing Partner Janet’s prior exposure to the world of real estate development began in her previous position as the office and purchasing manager for a large construction company in the early 1990’s, a position that led to her becoming a construction supervisor. The skills that she developed while helping to coordinate large scale construction projects in a timely and cost- efficient manner. In this position she oversees the daily operations of all current projects and in making sure all are completed in a timely manner. Having worked as a legal assistant in the early 2000’s specializing in the conveyance of real estate, Janet also brings extensive legal experience to which helps in its day to day operation.
    13. 13. Our Company• Extensive knowledge, experience and reputation within the Phoenix real estate community• Combined 200 real estate purchases in the Phoenix area• Developed proven inventory channels • Extensive wholesalers network • Auction steps • REO brokers • Short Sale listing agents and more• Relationships with licensed and insured general contractors and sub-contractors• Full team of professional leasing agents and asset managers within our own Real Estate Brokerage
    14. 14. Our Winning Strategy
    15. 15. Our Past Projects• Waddle, AZ• 1458 sq ft• 3/2 built in 2006• Purchased for: $75,000• Rehab: $1,500• Days on Market: 106• Sold for: $93,000• Profit: $16,500
    16. 16. Our Past Projects• Avondale, AZ• 1466 sq ft• 3/2 built in 2005• Purchased for: $72,000• Rehab: $1,500• Days on Market: 33• Sold for: $98,000• Profit: $24,500
    17. 17. Our Past Projects• Glendale, AZ• 1900 sq ft• 4/2 .5 built in 2008• Purchased for: $67,000• Rehab: $12,000• Just Listed at $109,000
    18. 18. Investment Opportunity• We have systemized our business model to offer a few different investing strategies that are customized for the Phoenix market• Flexible to the investors’ specific needs and criteria• Opportunities range from Small ($10k-$15k) to Large ($65k- uncapped)• Short term (12 months) bridge loan secured by a deed of trust and offer 8%-10% return on their investment paid quarterly or at the end of the term.
    19. 19. Get Involved Today• Secured Investment• The Investor can monitor the project every step of the way, or if he/she prefers, it can be entirely “hands-off”• The Investor decides the lending period of the investment • The majority of our projects range from 3-12 months• Liquidation is always a possibility• Use your IRA and attain tax free or deferred returns
    20. 20. Contact Lew Pasquin He can be reached at 914 925-3426 and on his mobile at 914 772 -3205 Or by email him at
    21. 21. Thank you