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The Pivotal CRM team offers business-integration solutions and implementation services, reducing the cost and complexity traditionally associated with integration to Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne HMS.

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Homebuilder front

  1. 1. Pivotal CRM Homebuilder Front Office Integration with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne HMS s o l u t i o n Homebuilders benefit from a cost-effective, seamlessly integrated front-office-to-back-office solutionPivotal homebuilder Front office– the Pivotal CRM team offers business-integration solutionsenterpriseone integration Benefits• Tight Integration - share data seamlessly and implementation services, reducing the cost and complexity and streamline processes with tightly traditionally associated with integration to oracle JD edwards integrated applications enterpriseone hMs. With Pivotal CRM solutions, homebuilders s h e e t• Productivity - improve efficiency and prevent errors by synchronizing key can deploy best-in-class applications in the back and front office, information between the front and back office and optimize their cross-application business processes—quickly• Ease of Use - benefit from a single point and effectively. of data entry; automate processes to Homebuilders have invested heavily in their expertise of the Pivotal Professional Services simplify and coordinate your maintenance EnterpriseOne Homebuilder Management team and Pervasive integration specialists, of communities, inventory home and lot System to increase business-process efficiency. homebuilders benefit from unrivaled, world- availability, sales and construction stages, But these investments yield maximum value class EnterpriseOne and Pivotal CRM and plan, elevation, and option assignments only when they are integrated with a flexible, integration expertise. This expertise can assist• Flexibility and Scalability - leverage a robust Customer Relationship Management homebuilders in integrating other functional standards-based solution to reduce the cost (CRM) system, providing a crystal-clear, 360- areas, such as scheduling or home mortgage and complexity of integration degree view of the homebuyer that can be used operations. Pivotal CRM delivers industryFeature/Function highlights to make informed business decisions, improve best practices, a proven methodology for• Geographic structures such as divisions, efficiencies, add value to every customer touch, implementation, preconfigured integration communities, and phases are maintained and improve the overall homebuyer experience. framework templates, and easy-to-use in EnterpriseOne and integrated with Pivotal As the marketplace becomes more competitive middleware technology to enable homebuilders CRM and homebuyers become more discriminating, to deploy a comprehensive integrated enterprise• Existing EnterpriseOne address-book homebuilders that embrace a customer-for- that includes a complete, flexible Homebuilder contacts are integrated with Pivotal CRM; life philosophy can optimize their processes Front Office CRM system fully integrated with an new buyers, co-owners, lenders, and realtors to present a unified face to prospects, EnterpriseOne back office, at a low total cost of are passed back to the EnterpriseOne homebuyers, and homeowners, who demand a ownership. address book consistent, personalized experience across all• The EnterpriseOne product library— departments. Fully integrated Applications including plans, elevations, options, and lot Designed to meet the needs of high-production inventory—is maintained in EnterpriseOne The Pivotal CRM team has partnered with homebuilders, integration between Pivotal and integrated with Pivotal CRM Pervasive Software to rapidly connect Homebuilder Front Office and Oracle JD EnterpriseOne and Pivotal Homebuilder• The complete options list, including option Edwards EnterpriseOne offers support for the Front Office, reducing the time, cost, and packages and wildcards, is brought into entire homebuyer lifecycle. With this solution, Pivotal CRM for option selection. risk associated with enterprise application complete end-to-end front-office and back- integration. This partnership gives homebuilders• Buyer-selected options, contracts, office integration improves data flow and the best of both worlds: EnterpriseOne, a stable, addendums, and changes are brought back management access to shared data. Integrated proven back-office homebuilder management into EnterpriseOne processes cut manual steps, redundant data system, and Pivotal Homebuilder Front Office,• Pivotal CRM tracks the history and entry, and multiple user interfaces, dramatically a flexible, enterprise-wide marketing, sales, and relationships between homebuyers, realtors, improving efficiencies. customer care solution that tightly integrates lots, contracts, and options for the life of the processes across functional departments and customer—and the home Any time information is maintained in more than geographic markets. No single vendor can one location, data synchronization problems provide this today. Most homebuilders choose can occur, and the administrator needs to EnterpriseOne and Pivotal CRM independently ensure that each system maintains the same because they find each to be the best product version of common data. For most companies, to meet their business needs. Now Pivotal CRM this means manually entering the same data in efficiently links these critical information systems both locations. With fully integrated applications, together to build customers for life. however, Pivotal Homebuilder Front Office and EnterpriseOne can coexist and work together The Pivotal CRM team has also partnered by transferring data bi-directionally between the with Pervasive Software to deliver two systems, dramatically reducing the risk of comprehensive integration services and lost data and lost opportunities. a cost-effective integration solution for homebuilders. Leveraging the combined Pivotal CRM | Solution Sheet
  2. 2. The transfer of data is typically done in a batch mode, with always know exactly which lots and homes are available forinformation visible in both systems upon completion of the sale and their current phase in the construction process.batch transfer—completely eliminating the need to log andmake updates in both applications, and mitigating costly data Through this integration, homebuilders eliminate otherwise-errors. Scheduling of the data synchronization is controlled daunting duplicate data entry in their CRM system. Moreby the homebuilder and can be automatically executed as importantly, it allows them to segment and assign sales teamsfrequently as desired, from every few minutes to hourly or and specific representatives to sales releases. When it is timedaily. Integrated data is then immediately available to front- to start selling, every release is optimally staffed, so salesoffice and back-office users online, and is automatically associates can sell better, sell more, and sell faster.synchronized with disconnected mobile users.Reflect Geographic Data in Pivotal homebuilderFront office Make options for each Construction PhaseConstruction planning forms the basis of what products Available in the Front officeare available for sale at any given time. All of that critical Administrators set up available options for each neighborhoodinformation is entered and stored in EnterpriseOne HMS, in the backend. With integration between Pivotal CRMavailable to the back-office on demand, but virtually out and EnterpriseOne, these can be pushed live to the frontof sight to the people who want it most: the sales team. office, so that the assignment of options to releases in eachSharing information and updates from EnterpriseOne with construction phase is accurately reflected in Pivotal CRM. ThisPivotal Homebuilder Front Office allows sales representatives capability helps sales representatives work with customers toto access every available release, lot, and inventory home accurately build and select optimal preferences on the spot.within each region, division, and neighborhood that they are After a contract has been signed, buyer-selected options arepermitted to sell. Their jobs are made that much easier—they brought back into EnterpriseOne. Pivotal CRM | Solution Sheet
  3. 3. Once a community is set up in EnterpriseOne and pulled adjustments, deposits, and contingencies—are all reflected ininto Pivotal CRM, all related data, including pricing, is EnterpriseOne, for consistency across the business.available in the Pivotal CRM system. Only lots with a releasedate in EnterpriseOne will be made available to the front- Maintain a shared Address Bookoffice. As the release progresses, subsequent changes Break down silos with a single system of detailed contactto the price in EnterpriseOne are reflected in the Pivotal records. Key demographic data on customers and theirCRM system. Pivotal CRM supports the wildcarding option relationships with lenders or brokers can be sharedfeature in EnterpriseOne, allowing for a minimum amount throughout the company—in both the back and front office.of data transformation to the CRM system. Accordingly, Bi-directional capabilities streamline data entry and ensureadministrators only need to specify options once to make information entered in EnterpriseOne or Pivotal CRM isthem available or wildcarded for all elevations, plans, and always in synch and up to date. Back-office personnel havereleases in each neighborhood. This integration leads to everything they need to get the home built and financed, andincreased productivity and lower costs. front-office staff can easily access customer information to personalize follow-up, conduct marketing, and ultimately helpMake inventory homes Available in Pivotal find the right home for their customers.homebuilder Front officeOnce geographic data and the option catalog are pulled into The Integration SolutionPivotal CRM, the sales team can easily access the status The Pivotal CRM and Pervasive teams provide a platform forand details of homesite inventory homes. The sales team can integration that controls the most expensive and unpredictablequickly identify and look up pre-planned inventory homes, portion of any integration project: the cost of development.and inventory homes that have been sold once but are again Integration projects often start small but grow quickly as theavailable for sale. With complete access to product plans/ need arises for custom coding and development to tackle theelevations for lots, sales representatives can look up divisions wide variety of situations an integration team often encountersand see which plans are assigned to a neighborhood and during the course of a project.which lots are available for sale, speeding up the sales cycle. A preconfigured solution provides a solid footing for a reliable,When sales representatives are with customers, they can use adaptable integration and also takes as much accountPivotal Homebuilder Front Office to look up plans/elevations as possible of customers’ specific requirements. The pre-that are assigned to lots in EnterpriseOne. They can also look packaged integration solution between Pivotal CRM andup the status of lots. The Pivotal CRM application facilitates EnterpriseOne includes:the management of inventory homes by automatically • Integration processes built using the Pervasivehandling the listing of an inventory home and its configuration Development Studio, running on the Pervasive Businesswhen a contract is cancelled and the construction has already Integratorbegun. • Customizations to Pivotal Homebuilder Front Officesend Contact and Contract Details to required to integrate with EnterpriseOneenterpriseone • Configuration of forms and set-up processesOnce a contract is signed, the execution of the contract can • The run-time environment and data repositories required tobe set in motion. Unique buyer information is transferred support the integrationfrom Pivotal CRM directly to EnterpriseOne, kick-starting • Documentationthe construction process and instantly providing neededinformation for accurate billing, releasing of purchase • Professional services expertise from both the Pivotal CRMorders, setting up building schedules, and assigning work and Pervasive teams, executing a proven integrationto subcontractors. Through this integration, homebuilders methodologyeliminate the need to re-enter information, which reduces • Ongoing supporterrors and administrative costs.As customers select new options or put the finishing touches Accelerated integration Methodologyon their plans, the systems are automatically updated to The Pivotal CRM team believes customers should spendreflect the changes. time focused on their business, not on the business of technology. We understand the importance of leveraging dataContract details are sent from Pivotal Homebuilder Front in EnterpriseOne from Pivotal Homebuilder Front Office, andOffice to EnterpriseOne only after a homesite has been sold; vice versa. We have partnered with Pervasive Software toall quotes remain in Pivotal CRM. Cancellations, transfers, employ an in-depth and flexible implementation methodology,and updates to contract details—such as the realtor, lenders, “PRIMe,” that powers the successful implementation of data- infrastructure projects and speeds customer achievement of value. The key to an on-time, on-budget implementation is Pivotal CRM | Solution Sheet
  4. 4. i. Discovery Phase ii. implementation Phase iii. Acceptance Phase Key Activities: Key Activities: Key Activities: Pre-project Assessment/Discovery • Detailed Design Workshops • Client/User Acceptance Testing • Detailed Requirements Workshop • Integration, Mappings, and UI • Conference Room Pilot • Proposal/Project Plan Development • Specifications Development • Training and Education (optional) • Customer Review and Acceptance • Technical Implementation • Integration Rollout Documentation Development • Post-Project Review • Migration, Functional, and Technical Design • Design Review • Integration Configuration and Development • Data Migration of EnterpriseOne Records - Cutover Requirements and Strategy - Data Mapping Validation - Data Scrub and Population of Pivotal CRM • User Profile Setup - Security Profiles - Validation - Employee Record Setup • Integration Functional and Performance Testing • UI Testing Deliverables: Deliverables: Deliverables: • Legal Documentation • Specification of Operational Design and • Support Documentation • Project Plan and Proposal Customer Environment • Project Overview (De-brief ) Session • Business Process Flow Diagram • Documentation of Best Practices, • Documentation of Functional • Suggested Process Improvements, and • Requirements, Mappings, and UI Other Intellectual Property Specifications • Milestone Deliverables and Reviews • Change Requests • Testing Results Reportunderstanding what needs to be done and using professional, have been completed, that the customer can receiveexperienced project management and integration specialists world-class support, and that new best practicesto keep the project team focused on the goal: improving your identified are implemented. Details of the scope ofbusiness with tools that fit and optimize your processes. documentation, knowledge transfer, and production rollout will be defined explicitly in the initial proposal.PRIMe is a three-phase methodology consisting of thefollowing: Each of the PRIMe steps may include one or more substeps based on your needs. These are the components that make 1. Discovery Phase: this phase is dedicated to PRIMe flexible enough to scale to many different types and understanding the customer’s requirements and defining sizes of data infrastructure projects. the project objectives, with the goal of producing a project plan and proposal. PRIMe, combined with best practices in CRM and integration to EnterpriseOne, forms the basis for data-integration 2. Implementation Phase: Pervasive Professional Services excellence. Not only will homebuilders benefit from a team members assigned to the project review the complete and scalable integration solution, they will also approved design documents. Details are documented benefit from a proven methodology. Customers have found and clarified by working with the customer to resolve that by incorporating learning and best practices from initial unknowns and mitigate risks. As milestones are reached projects, later projects are done more quickly, and more work or scope changes are identified, they are reviewed with can be reused. This produces faster time-to-benefit from the customer. application integration by minimizing learning curves within 3. Acceptance Phase: the acceptance phase consists of the organization. The complete solution of technology and three steps, which ensure that the project deliverables Pivotal CRM | Solution Sheet
  5. 5. methodology can help you move from current state to desired About Pervasive software state smoothly, while helping you become self-sufficient for Pervasive Software is a global value leader in data future initiatives. infrastructure software. The company’s award winning products enable customers to manage, integrate, analyze, About Pivotal CRM for homebuilders & Real and secure their critical data, providing the industry’s best estate combination of performance, reliability and cost. Pervasive’s Tailored specifically for the high-production homebuilders strength is evidenced by the size and diversity of its customer industry, Pivotal Homebuilder Front Office is designed base, serving tens of thousands of customers in virtually every to handle the complete marketing automation, lead industry market around the world. With headquarters in Austin, management, sales automation, and customer care cycles Texas, Pervasive was founded in 1994 and sells its products of volume homebuilders—from the first point of interest into more than 150 countries. through the complete sales cycle to the handling of service and warranty requests years after a home is purchased. Built on an enterprise-class, Microsoft-based platform, Pivotal Homebuilder Front Office offers industry-specific functionality, while still providing the flexibility to support each homebuilder’s unique business processes and operations. For more information, please visit pivotal.com/homebuilders.take the Pivotal step with Pivotal CRM for homebuilders & Real estateTo learn more about how Pivotal CRM for Homebuilders & Real Estate can help your organization increase efficiencies and improve client service,call us today at +1 877-PIVOTAL (+1 877-748-6825) or visit us at http://www.pivotal.com/homebuilders.Copyright © CDC Software 2007. All rights reserved. The CDC Software logo and Pivotal CRM logo are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of CDC Software.