Why train people to be brainstorm facilitators


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Why Train People to Be Brainstorm Facilitators

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Why train people to be brainstorm facilitators

  1. 1. WHY Train Your People to Be Masterful Brainstorm Facilitators? © Idea Champions, 2013
  2. 2. Because your company needs to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace – creating new products, new services, and better ways of doing business in a tough economy.
  3. 3. And it won’t be able to do this if your workforce and your leaders keep regurgitating the same tired, old “pet ideas”.
  4. 4. Your company needs to envision new possibilities
  5. 5. It needs to tap into the innate brilliance and brainpower of its people.
  6. 6. It needs to find a simple, effective, engaging way to help it’s workforce make powerful new connections.
  7. 7. It needs fresh new ideas for growing the business.
  8. 8. …and committed champions willing and able to go for it!
  9. 9. HOWHOW will you do this?will you do this?
  10. 10. By creating a savvy crew of in-house brainstorm facilitators with the ability to spark great ideas – small, medium, and large – that make a difference.
  11. 11. We’re talking a about facilitators who know how to transform a room full of stodgy thinkers into a thriving idea greenhouse where minds meet minds and elegant solutions are discovered.
  12. 12. Change Agents who can help your company find a way to stop saying NO to new possibilities and quicken its process of exploring blue oceans and blue skies.
  13. 13. Savvy conductors of genius who will help put an end to all the territoriality and naysaying that has, unfortunately become part of the DNA of your company’s ideation sessions.
  14. 14. WHEREWHERE will you findwill you find these people?these people?
  15. 15. In your own company! They’re just waiting to be asked, skilled up – and unleashed.
  16. 16. Idea Champions can help you do this with CONDUCTING GENIUS, our brainstorm facilitation certification training. We will assess, advise, consult, catalyze, train, coach, and help you establish an effective crew of savvy, in- house brainstorm facilitators.
  17. 17. We’ll work with you to identify the people best suited for this role in your organization. We’ll teach them the skills they need to get individuals, groups, and teams out of the box. We’ll teach them to design, facilitate, and leverage the most productive and engaging ideation sessions your company has ever seen.
  18. 18. So, what are you waiting for?
  19. 19. Take your next step today! Contact Idea Champions. Ask about Conducting Genius 845.679.1066 info@ideachampions.com www.ideachampions.com