Why train people to become brainstorm facilitators?


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Why train people to become brainstorm facilitators?

  1. 1. WHYTrain People to Become MasterfulBrainstorm Facilitators?© Idea Champions, 2013
  2. 2. Because your companyneeds to adapt to anever-changingmarketplace –creating newproducts, newservices, and betterways of doing businessin a tough economy.
  3. 3. And your companywon’t be able to dothis if it keepsregurgitating thesame old, sameold “pet ideas”.
  4. 4. Your company needs toenvision new possibilities.
  5. 5. It needs to tapinto the innatebrilliance andbrainpower ofits workforce.
  6. 6. It needs fresh new ideas for growing the business.
  7. 7. It needs tofind anengaging,effective wayto help itsemployeesmakepowerfulnewconnections…
  8. 8. and champion newlyconceived ideas worth developing
  9. 9. Bottom line, your company needs a savvy crew of in-housefacilitators who know how to coax others into “discovery mode” – the mindset needed to go beyond the status quo.
  10. 10. CHANGE AGENTSwho can help yourcompany stop sayingNO to new possibilitiesand quicken its processof sparking insight,breakthroughs, andideas with the mojo togrow your business.
  11. 11. Were talkingfacilitatorswho knowhow to transforma room fullof stodgy thinkersinto a thrivingidea greenhousewhere mindsmeet minds andelegant solutionsare conjured.
  12. 12. SAVVY CONDUCTORS of genius who willhelp put an end to all the territoriality and naysaying that has, unfortunatelybecome a big part of the DNA of your company’s ideation sessions.
  13. 13. WHERE will you findthese people?
  14. 14. In your own company!They’re just waiting tobe asked, skilled up – and unleashed.
  15. 15. Idea Champions canhelp you do this withConducting Genius,our brainstormfacilitationcertification training.We will assess,advise, consult,catalyze, train,coach, and help youestablish an effectivecrew of savvy, in-house brainstormfacilitators.
  16. 16. We’ll work with you to identify the people best suited for this role in your organization. We’ll teach them the skills they need to get individuals, groups, and teams out of the box. We’ll teach them to design, facilitate, and leverage the mostproductive and engaging ideation sessions yourcompany has ever seen.
  17. 17. CONDUCTING GENIUS, our three-day brainstorm facilitationcertification training, will provide you andothers in your organization with the skills,tools, methods, techniques, and mindset needed to exponentially increase the impact of your ideation sessions. Intrigued? Call us and we’ll dive in deeper: 845.679.1066
  18. 18. So, what are you waiting for?
  19. 19. “I cant understand whypeople are frightenedof new ideas. Imfrightened of the oldones.” – John Cage www.ideachampions.com
  20. 20. Take your next step today! Contact Idea Champions Ask about Conducting Genius 845.679.1066 info@ideachampions.com www.ideachampions.com