Textbook Alternatives


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Textbook Alternatives

  1. 1. Alternative$ to theHigh Co$t of College Textbook$ Prepared by Jennifer Little Morehead State University
  2. 2. Textbooks Cost too Much• Textbook prices have tripled over the last 20 year, faster than college tuition prices which have also increased faster than the rate of inflation (U.S. G.A.O., 1)• Create an unnecessary burden on students
  3. 3. Why do Traditional (Expensive)Textbook Publishers Remain Popular?• Authoritative and highly polished• Offer Supplementary materials – Assessments – Workbooks – Presentation slides• Large sales force peddles books to professors• Integrates with BlackBoard
  4. 4. Federal Initiatives to Lower Costs Government Accountability Office U.S. G.A.O., 2005.
  5. 5. Federal Initiatives to Lower Costs Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance This 2007 report appealed to colleges to lower the price of textbooks.
  6. 6. Federal Initiatives to Lower Costs Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 Textbook information must be disclosed when student registers for course. Section 112 Colleges are encouraged to provide students information regarding— ‘‘(1) available institutional programs for renting textbooks or for purchasing used textbooks; ‘‘(2) available institutional guaranteed textbook buy-back programs; ‘‘(3) available institutional alternative content delivery programs; or ‘‘(4) other available institutional cost- saving strategies.
  7. 7. Student Initiatives to Lower CostsStudent Public Interest Research Group – Make Textbooks Affordable Campaign
  8. 8. State Initiatives to Lower CostsCalifornia – The Board of Governors of the CaliforniaCommunity College system works with faculty senates to useless costly textbooksKentucky – KY Community Colleges are members of theCommunity College Consortium for Open EducationalResources. In 2009 Kentucky established the KentuckyLearning Depot, a repository for Kentucky online learningmaterials.Ohio – Ohio Digital Bookshelf Project is a pilot project thataims to provide quality textbook options for faculty andbetter learning outcomes, while also saving students money
  9. 9. Innovative Professors Can…Write & Publish Textbooks OnlineExample:
  10. 10. Innovative Professors Can… Use an Open Access TextbookOpen Access Textbook Sites:Connexions - Materials are easily downloadable to almost any mobile device for useanywhere, anytime. Schools can also order low cost hard copy sets of the materials(textbooks).College Open Textbooks - provides training for instructors adopting open resources, peerreviews of open textbooks, and mentoring online professional networks that providesupport to authors who open their resources.Flat World Knowledge - the worlds largest publisher of free and open college textbooks.WikiBooks - the open-content textbooks collection that anyone can edit.
  11. 11. Innovative Professors Can Save Student Costs by…Using Traditional University Resources: •Link to library material (journal articles and e- books) through Blackboard •Place textbook or course articles on Library Reserves system •Provide course packs through the University Bookstore
  12. 12. Thrifty $tudent$ Can…Rent Textbooks - Available from websites such asChegg.com, e-Campus.com, or Textbooks.comShare a textbook with classmate(s)Buy UsedSell Textbooks Back
  13. 13. View the Resources List and “Textbook Alternatives”Guide for Additional Resources