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  • HomeQuest Custom Wordpress Websites

    1. 1. It’s time to grow your business! HomeQuest IDX-WordPress custom website will deliver! Consumers are after home listings and your new site will give them IDX coverage of your entire MLS!
    2. 2. Designs that will draw attention and prospects! Click image to view website
    3. 3. Blogging at your fingertips…
    4. 4. Easy of use... No more tech support! Click image to view website .
    5. 5. Up to the minute status… Click image to view website .
    6. 6. Up to the minute LEADS… Click image to view website .
    7. 7. About WordPress WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. It has many features including a plugin architecture and a templating system that give it the flexibility to suit the needs of pretty much any style or design concept. First released in May 2003, by September 2009 Wordpress was being used by 202 million websites worldwide. It is used by over 300 of the 10,000 biggest websites, and WordPress is definitely the most popular blog software in use today.
    8. 8. Testimonials How can I thank you, let me count the ways!  I have been a loyal Homequest subscriber for several years now (one of the first to jump on board, might I add).  From the moment I heard about the property search feature with map capabilities, I knew my client base would thrive on that format and I was correct.  I have clients who’ve bought homes several years ago and they still receive the daily e-mail updates (and weaning them would be similar to putting a crack addict into rehab).  So, when I heard about the custom sites I momentarily balked as I’m being completely conscious of my overhead in this current crazy real estate market.  However, I definitely want to be positioned in the marketplace for whatever version of a comeback, renewal or repair the real estate Gods see fit to bestow.  In the meantime, I feel I desperately need the most succinct and user-friendly web site I can imagine and afford to weather a tough market.  I loved the process of the discovery, the building and the ultimate implementation of my renovated site.  I felt acknowledged, reflected and appreciated.  I’m not one to get too hung-up on exactly how things look, but I’m very pleased with the look and feel of my site and I believe it authentically reflects me and my real estate philosophy.  I know that some of my client base follows my blog (because the e-mail me to comment), but next week I will be putting a new listing on market that came as a direct result of my blogging efforts.  I’m having fun with my blog site AND it’s working, you can’t argue with that!!! Much appreciation, Janeese Jackson
    9. 9. It’s time… – You need a website you can be proud of.   – A site that will provide dynamic content. – A functional and comprehensive home search (IDX) capability. – With the ability to generate prospects with integrated client management. We have designers and developers in-house, so we're able to provide you with a great experience with proven results as we have created some of the most beautiful (and functional) real estate websites around.  Our designers work with you to craft a custom designed site that fits your existing branding... HomeQuest staff are waiting to assist you in building your future, lets get you started…