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How to Make Money Blogging


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How to Make Money Blogging

  1. 1. How to Make Money Blogging
  2. 2. Company History• 2 Years in the SEO and Internet Marketing Industry – Sean Si • SEO and Internet Marketing Specialist • SEO Hacker General Manager – Kevin Si • Lead Web designer and front-end developer – Richmond Ibasco • Lead Web developer and back-end programmer – Angelyn Co • HR Manager – Robert Cipriano • Linkbuilding Specialist (Guest Posting Specialist) – Kyle Kam • Linkbuilder (Guest Posting Specialist) – Vince Salud • Linkbuilder (Guest Posting Specialist) – Austin Takahashi • Blog Manager• For more Credentials, check out our blog
  3. 3. CLIENTS SERP = Search Engine Results Page SEO - Keyword: Foam SERP: 1 Keyword: Liveaboards Philippines SERP: 1 Keyword: Radiator Philippines SERP: 1 Keyword: Wiring Devices SERP: 1 ORM Keyword: Luke Roxas Results Cleaned: 45 out of 50
  4. 4. Client Testimonials
  5. 5. On to the Topic
  6. 6. Ways to Make Money online• Ads• Affiliate products• Own products – Online Tool – Course – Software – Information / Data – Offline products
  7. 7. You can Make Money from• Product• Service• Idea
  8. 8. What you Need• Blog or a Website• Good amount of Traffic• Concentrated Niche• Knowledge in basic HTML/JS/PHP
  9. 9. Let’s Start with
  10. 10. Ads
  11. 11. Advantages• You can just paste the code in your site and VOILA!• Sit back, relax and do nothing (for a while) and keep earning money• It can sometimes make your site look good
  12. 12. Disadvantages• You can’t choose which product gets advertised• You don’t have a choice with the design• You can’t earn much if you don’t have that much traffic• Earnings depends on where your ads are placed• Too much ads can damage your SEO
  13. 13. Ads Services Provider• Google Adsense• Textlink Ads• Independent Ads – – –
  14. 14. Some of my Ads• Google Adsense• Independent Text Ads
  15. 15. Ads Services ProviderCheck it out at
  16. 16. Ads Services Provider
  17. 17. Independent Text Ads Sold for $150Linkbuilders buy Links. If your site is good enough, you get paid for ‘em
  18. 18. So that’s it for Ads
  19. 19. Let’s move on to
  20. 20. Affiliate Marketing
  21. 21. Advantages• You can make LOTS of money (up to 60% cut per sale)• You can sell something you really believe in• You can try out the product yourself• You can make your own ads for it• You can re-sell aff products as much as you want• You can sell more than 1 kind of aff product
  22. 22. Disadvantages• You have to make a sale• You have to exert more effort in driving people to really buy and spend money for you• You have to learn good copywriting• You have to open an aff account• It’s work
  23. 23. Affiliate Websites• ClickBank• Shareasale• ClickBooth
  24. 24. Affiliate Products• Software• Real Product• Online Tool• Etc…
  25. 25. Some of my Affiliate Products• Scribe – SEO made Simple• Lean and Fab
  26. 26. Scribe – SEO made SimpleCheck it out at
  27. 27. Lean and FabI sell ‘em because I can
  28. 28. Own Products
  29. 29. Advantages• You can make 100% of the profit• You can make more money by letting affiliates sell your product• You are ALWAYS ahead of the game• You can dictate how the product is going to be• You can choose who to sell it to and where to sell it
  30. 30. Disadvantages• You have to make something up• You have to be creative and unique• You have to back it up with great service• You have to give guarantees• LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of work
  31. 31. Some of my Own Products• SEO Hacker School• SEO Hacker Services
  32. 32. SEO Hacker SchoolCheck it out at
  33. 33. SEO Hacker ServicesCheck it out at
  34. 34. Making Money Blogging is Work• The ‘Making Quick and Easy Money Online’ notion is a MYTH• You can’t earn BIG passive income if you don’t work BIG actively beforehand• ‘Passive Income’ is always indirectly active in some way
  35. 35. How to Set-Up your Blog• Get a Webhost – Solidhosting –• Get a good domain name (500php/year .com) – Again, from Solidhosting – Make it your brand• Set-up a Wordpress blog in your 1 gig OL space
  36. 36. Once you have a Blog• Put in your Ads inside• Set-up your Framework for Affiliate Marketing a product• Start Thinking of products you can sell• Just do it and then tweak-as-you-go
  37. 37. Wanna know More?• Contact Me! –• Pay us a Visit! Let’s have Coffee  – 247 NUR Building El Grande Ave. BF Las Pinas• Enroll in the SEO Hacker Basic SEO Course• Read blogs! – (Ana Hoffman) – (Kristi Hines)