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Business softwares doc

  1. 1. BUSINESS SOFTWARES & SOLUTIONS 64 Santoshpur Avenue, Flat No D2, Kolkata - 700075 Mobile: +919831080268 Ph: +91-33-24724013 Email: Faster Than You ThinkAbout Us: Softwares & Solutions is a company in software distribution of repute in India. The company isa part of the group of BSS, is in existence for more than 40 year in business of technology distribution.We facilitate distribution of softwares and its marketing, presales, first hand support andimplementation in India.COMPANY PROFILE: We are a software consulting and distribution company, in Kolkata from 1999. Ourexpertise lies in Security, Network Management, Storage Solution, Web Services ,Open Source,Virtualisation Technology , Consulting and Development ToolsBUSINESS SOFTWARES & SOLUTIONS India is one of the pioneers in bringing component-basedsoftware development to India. Components are basically reusable programs that perform a specificfunction and are easy to integrate with other components and applications.BUSINESS SOFTWARES & SOLUTIONS India markets and supports Technical Tools, their brand ofover 200 Microsoft, Java and UNIX software components from over 14 worldwide component vendors.Using Technical Tools, software developers and Project Managers are able to meet their deadlines, savecosts and improve on the quality of their development services.Technical Tools is the preferred choice amongst the most popular components available worldwide and isused by over 400 software development houses in India.Buying components from BUSINESS SOFTWARES & SOLUTIONS India has many benefits - they takecare of pre-sales support, which involves conducting need assessments of prospective clients andsuggesting the best-fit components. Pre-sales support also includes showing product presentations,demos and resolving telephonic/email-based queries while the client evaluates the product. Licensingissues are also discussed and clarified.
  2. 2. Here are some of the products categories mention in the following we work withCOMMUNICATION SOFTWARE: Axigen Mail Server, ActiveXperts SMS Server , Bulk Mail and SMS,SECURITY SOFTWARE: Kaspersky , Eset , BitDefender , AVG ,Avast , Avira , ZoneAlarm, Vipre,CounterSpy, Kerio, Hexamail , McAfee, Cisco, Intego, SecurStar Drive Crypt , CheckPoint , TrustPortNETWORK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: Solarwinds , PacketTrap, Script Logic Perspective, Ethernet Plus ,ISL Light , Dameware, TitanFTP , WebDrive , CompleteFTPSTORAGE SOLUTIONS & SOFTWARES: Acronis , Farstone, GoodSync, SyncBack , Cisco SMB Storage, QNapPARTIAL LIST OF SOFTWARE COMPONENTS: • FarPoint Technologies • Fitech Laboratories • FMS• FOSS Software • FoxBurner • GemBox Software • Gigasoft • Global MajicSoftware • Gnostice Information Technologies • Graphics Server Technologies • GravityboxSoftware . Grepton Informatics • HexaTech • Honeywell • IDAutomation • III Computing • ILOG • Inabyte •Indigo Rose • Synfusion • DevExpress • ComponentOne • CodeJack• 9Rays.Net • • Abstraction Systems • Actipro Software• Active Database Software • Active Up • activePDF • Adobe Systems• Adontec Computer Systems • Advance Software • Advanced Software Engineering• AFD Software • AG-TECH • ALNA • Anex Technologies • Anselmi Consulting• Antenna House • ARTech • Astron Digital • Atalasoft • Aurigma• Austin Sierra Technologies • BACKBASEAs a software sourcing distributor, BSSIT are dedicated to providing the best possible service to ourresellers. Our experienced Account Managers are waiting to meet your requirements so contact BSSITtodayCategories: Security System Supplier, Computer Software Store, Computer Networking Center, antivirussoftware , anti spam, anti spyware , web site development , network monitor, sms server , mail server,Cisco , Kaspersky, Eset, counterspy , Vipre , GFI ,APC , ActiveXperts, Axigen, Barracuda, Bluecoat,Revision, Trust Port, sms , VoIP, VoIP phone , data security , storage solutions, back up , ftp server ,consulting, Software Components, Development Tools, Our Product & Presentation in Details are as here:COMPANY PROFILE: TOOLS: PRODUCTS:
  3. 3. PRODUCTS IN DETAILS:Install Desk : Manager Plus: Access Audit: Power Admin Monitoring: NUMBER: 19611987002CST NUMBER: 19611987293SERVICE TAX NUMBER: ANWPS8235NST001PAN NUMBER: ANWPS8235N NAME: Jayanta Sen