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.Power point london

  1. 1. London is the capital city ofUnited Kingdom.It belongs to the constituvenation of England.
  2. 2. SaintSt. George Georges Dayis the patron is celebratedof the city on 23 April, theCountries that traditionallycelebrate St accepted dateGeorges Day of Saintinclude Georges For EasternEngland,Canada, OrthodoxAD death in 303. ChurchesCroatia,Portugal, which use theCyprus, JulianGreece, calendar, 23Georgia, AprilSerbia, correspondsBulgaria, to 6 May onRomania, the GregorianBosnia and calendar.Herzegovina,
  3. 3. London is divided into eight regions:* Central London* West End* East London* East End* Docklands* West London* South London* North London
  4. 4. POUNDSThe currencyused is the poundsterling.The woman in theticket is the queenElizabeth. PENNIES
  5. 5. If you go toLondon,youll seeone of thesebuses… …or one of these taxies.
  6. 6. This is the subway map, thesubway is one of the longest in the world.
  7. 7. Some of the busiest streets of London are: Abbey Road, this was where the Beatles took this famous photo. Baker Street.
  8. 8. Oxford Street.Portobello Road. Downing Street, here is where the prime minister lives.
  9. 9. The River Thamesflows through thecity and isnavigable.
  10. 10. In this city isvery typical toeat fish andchips.
  11. 11. Currently, tea is thenational drink."Tea Time" is betweenthree and five p.m. Tea is usually accompanied by some muffins
  12. 12. Commercial area of ​Picadilly Circus.
  13. 13. London EyeThe London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel situated on the banks of the River Thames.
  14. 14. Big BenBig Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London
  15. 15. National GalleryThe National Gallery is an art museum on Trafalgar Square.
  16. 16. St Paul CathedralSt Pauls sits at the top of Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the City of London, and is the mother church of the Diocese of London.
  17. 17. Tower Bridge.Tower Bridge (built 1886-1894) is a combined bascule and suspension bridge over the River Thames
  18. 18. Westminster AbbeyWestminster Abbey, is a large, mainly Gothic church, in the City of Westminster.
  19. 19. Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace, in London, is the officialresidence and office of the British monarch. Located in the City of Westminster.
  20. 20. Thesepicturesshow thechanging ofthe guard atBuckinghamPalace.
  21. 21. The phone booth isthe "popularmonument" bestknown of London ,and a great souvenir.
  22. 22. Fulham,Chelsea,Arsenal,Tottenham,and theQueens ParkRangers arethe footballteams playingin the“BarclaysPremierLeague”.
  23. 23. The most importantrugby teams are:London Wasps,London Irish,Harlequins FC andSaracens.
  24. 24. The next Olympic Gameswill be held here.
  25. 25. Preparations for the Olympic Stadium.The stadium has acutting edge designand technology.