Regional Cohort Gatherings 07 27 & 28, 2011


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The first Regional Cohort Gatherings for church planters on the East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church

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Regional Cohort Gatherings 07 27 & 28, 2011

  1. 1. Regional Cohort Gatherings | Orientation • Wed July 27: NY/NJ Metro Cohort • Thu July 28: Greater Boston/New England CohortContact Info:Jason R. Condon Peter AhnAssociate Superintendent & Director of Church Planting Metro Church, Englewood • 860.479.2020 • • Josh ThroneburgMichael Carrion, Promised Land Church, Bronx NY Highrock Brookline, Brookline • 917.504.6184 • 978.473.649611:00am | Welcome & Introductions • Welcome! • Open in Prayer • Vision: every church planter encouraged, equipped, and multiplied for a sustaining church planting movement • Introductions: who you are, where you’re from, a bit about your church plant (or interest in church planting)12:30ish | Lunch1:15ish | Regional Cohorts & CoachesRegional Cohorts OverviewDefinition: all the East Coast Conference church plantersin a geographic region • NY/NJ Metro • Greater Boston/New England • D.C./Baltimore (developing) • Regional cohorts stand on their own, while also encompassing the Coaching Relationships, therefore its likely to have more church planters than Coaching relationships in these early stagesPurpose: • To help church planters connect regionally to fulfill our Vision & Purpose that every church planter is “encouraged, equipped, and multiplied for a sustaining church planting movement” • To have mid-sized organizational units balancing critical mass and propinquity (power of “nearness”) Diagram of Regional Cohort components and configurationFirst Regional Cohort Gatherings | Orientation! page 1 of 6
  2. 2. Monthly Rhythm for Equipping & Encouraging • Frequency: Monthly Gatherings 9x/year • Pattern: 3-Month Repeating Cycle (with freedom for variations)Month 1 | Big Picture:  • Gathered: Entire Regional Cohort with Director of Church Planting and Coaches in that Region • Focus: Vision-casting and Big Picture issues for training, support, and collaborationMonth 2 | Peer-Led:  • Gathered: • Option 1: Entire Regional Cohort (with or without DCP) • Option 2: Coaching Huddles (with or without DCP) • Focus: Peer-led teaching and equipping, sharing best practices, encouragement, collaborations. Sometimes from Regional Coaches, sometimes from other church planters.Month 3 | Clusters: • Gathered:  • Option 1: More localized clusters of 2-4 church planters • Option 2: Coaching Huddles gather • (occasionally include DCP or Coach)• Focus: Encouragement and support for Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Health, as well as more localized collaboration opportunities.Repeat • Repeat pattern with breaks for Advent & Christmas Season, Midwinter, ECConf Church Planters Retreat, etc.Preview: “Successful Fall Outreach Season”July ("Month 0") | Orientation: Structure & RhythmAugust ("Month 1") | Big Picture: Successful Fall Outreach Preparations • Components: Spiritual foundations, Message Series Planning, Coordinated Events, Word of Mouth & Marketing Strategy, Small Groups preparation, Connection & Assimilation, etc. • Goals: • every church plant grows in spiritually depth and in reaching people • strong launches for new church plants • plateaued churches break 100 • strong launch for those launching 2nd or 3rd worship servicesSeptember ("Month 2") | Peer-Led: Sharing Best-Practices (and Spectacular Failures!) • share successes and set-backs from various "Grand Opening" and Fall Outreach efforts • What worked, what didnt work, resources, etc. • If most church planters want to target September instead of October as the major outreach month, we can shift this topic to Follow-up, Connection, and Assimilation issuesFirst Regional Cohort Gatherings | Orientation! page 2 of 6
  3. 3. October ("Month 3") | Clusters: Encouragement & Accountability • 2-4 localized church planters OR a Coaching Huddle • gather locally to pray and ask each other, "How are you doing emotionally, physically, and spiritually?"November ("Month 1") | Big Picture: Follow-Up & Follow-Through (from growth during Fall Outreach SeasonDec: No Official Cohort GatheringsWhat questions or comments do you have about Regional Cohorts? • • • •Coaching Relationships OverviewDefinition: A formal relationship where a seasonedchurch planter helps encourage and equip 1-4 church Our Current Regional Coachesplanters through their formative stages • Occurs both 1-on-1 and in Coaching Huddles • Details will be outlined in a "Coaching Planters Guidelines," according to what life-stage the church plant is in throughout years 1-5. • Coaches will receive a stipend per planter, based on both life-stage and receiving monthly reportsGeneral Requirements Peter Ahn! Michael Carrion! Josh Throneburg Metro Church! Promised Land! Highrock Brookline • Regular contact and coaching with assigned church planters NY/NJ Metro: • Timely reports on coaching relationship • Peter Ahn continues as our “Sr.” Regional Coach • Ongoing collaboration and training with other • Michael Carrion joins Peter in this Regional Cohort, coaches and DCP for overall church planting focusing primarily on the Bronx movement on the East Coast ConferenceConferences & Covenant Partnership Greater Boston/New England: • Specialized Training for Trainers of Coaches, • Josh Throneburg will serve in this Regional Cohort Mon, October 3 – Fri, October 7: (along with Jason) Several DCPs (including Jason) will receive specialized training to in-turn train Coaches D.C./Baltimore: (developing!) • Coaches Training, • Jason will coach this area directly as it develops Tue, December 6, 2011 – Wed, December 7: Regional Coaches from the various Conference Additional Coaches: Over the next year we’ll need across the Covenant will gather to be trained by a to add 2-3 more coaches as we anticipate starting team of DCPs. Peter Ahn, Michael Carrion, and 8-12 church planting projects by the end of 2012 Josh Throneburg will attend from the ECConfFirst Regional Cohort Gatherings | Orientation! page 3 of 6
  4. 4. Proposed Coaching Relationships• Note: not all “church planters” are listed here. These official coaching relationships apply to those ECConf church planters in their first 5 years of a church planting project. Other Covenant church planters, and those exploring church planting who are invited, are still welcomed to participate in Regional Cohort gatherings and relevant events.NY/NJ METRO:Peter Ahn - Coach, Metro (Englewood NJ) • Jose Humphreys, Metro Hope (Harlem NY) • Derrick Jackson, Life Covenant (Holmdel NJ) • plus 1 or 2 other potential church planters awaiting an Assessment CenterMichael Carrion - Coach, Promised Land (Bronx NY) • Efrain Alicea, Elements (Bronx NY) • plus 1 or 2 other potential church planters awaiting an Assessment CenterGREATER BOSTON/NEW ENGLAND COHORT:Josh Throneburg - Coach, Highrock Brookline MA • Kiho Lee, Worship Frontier (Brookline MA) • Aaron Engler, upcoming Highrock Arlington & Highrock Brookline plant (likely North Shore, Boston, MA) • Stephen Sharkey, upcoming Highrock Arlington & Highrock Brookline plant (likely South Shore, Boston Area) • possibly 1 other in the futureJason - DCP/Coach • Frank Catalano, Evergreen (Sanford ME) • Monyroor Teng, Sudanese ECC (Manchester NH) • Andrew Mook, Sanctuary, an upcoming church plant (Providence RI) • plus possibly some others awaiting an Assessment Center or coming online in the futureD.C. METRO/BALTIMORE:Jason - DCP/Coach • Peter Chin, Riverside (D.C.) • plus 2 or 3 other potential church planters awaiting an Assessment CenterWhat questions or comments do you have about Coaching Relationships? • • • • •First Regional Cohort Gatherings | Orientation! page 4 of 6
  5. 5. 2:15ish | CalendaringUpcoming Events and Dates • Please add these dates to your calendar (even if you mark them “tentative”, so as to protect them as best you can • The Assessment Centers and Training Centers arent relevant to many of you, but give a sense of the overall big picture (and may prove relevant to those exploring church planting with the Covenant on the East Coast Conference :)  • Especially note comments in Red.2011 (last half): • Monthly Regional Cohort Gatherings (need to schedule exact dates, Locations TBD): Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov (None in Dec) • Church Planter Assessment Center (Minneapolis MN) Wed Aug 10, 11:00am – Sat Aug 13, 12:00pm • Church Planting Training Center (Dallas TX) Wed Nov 2, 9pm – Sat Nov 5, 12pm • ECConf Fall Pastors Retreat (Pilgrim Pines Conference Center, Swanzey NH) Sun Nov 13, 5pm – Wed Nov 16, 11am • Sunday Night: Church Planter Dinner & Outing in Keene NH2012 (first half): • Monthly Regional Cohort Gatherings (Location & Dates TBD) Jan, Feb, Mar, May (None in April or June) • Covenant Midwinter (Chicago IL) Mon, Jan 30 – Fri, Feb 3 • Wed Night: ECConf Church Planter Dinner & Special Outing (may combine with 1 or 2 other Conferences) • East Coast Conference Annual Meeting (Easton CT) Thu April 19 – Sat April 21 • Will include a special Church Planters continuing ed. component • Exponential Conference (Orlando FL) Mon April 23 – Thu, April 26 • Special gathering event for Covenant church planters, DCPs, Coaches, and friends during the Pre-Conference time-slot and throughout. • I strongly encourage you to get this worked into your church budget now (or whenever you do your 2012 budget). Well have scholarships to help cover registration costs, with additional scholarships available for those needing help with travel and lodging • Church Planter Assessment Center (Providence RI) Wed May 16 – Sat May 19 • First Annual ECConf Church Planters Retreat! (Central CT Area OR Pilgrim Pines in Swanzey NH) Tue June 5, 12pm – Thu June 7, 1pm [definitely save these dates now] • Exclusively for ECConf Church Planters and those whove received a "Recommended" or "Recommended with Conditions" at an Assessment Center • Training Center (Irvine CA) Mon June 18 – Wed June 20 • just before Covenant Annual Meeting, June 21-23 in Irvine CAFirst Regional Cohort Gatherings | Orientation! page 5 of 6
  6. 6. Scheduling the Next Few Cohort GatheringsWhat are the best dates? • Aug _______ OR _______ • Sept _______ OR _______ • Oct _______ OR _______ • Nov _______ OR _______What are possible locations? • • • • •Closing Questions, Comments, & Discussion • What current challenges are you facing? (both for prayer and coaching insights) • • • • • What topics would you like to see tackled in the future? • • • • • Anything else? • • • •before 3:00pm | Close in PrayerPrayer for one another and our churches • Prayer for any needs that were shared • Prayer for those in Assessment process • Prayer for effectiveness in sharing the gospel through our lives, ministries, and church communitiesHope to see you next time!First Regional Cohort Gatherings | Orientation! page 6 of 6