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  • Gatorade will have its own Twitter accountThe company will have a specific social media center, that controls and monitors all platforms on a daily basis. Tweets will inform followers of new products, promotions, and contests and or sweepstakes that the company takes part in The company will promote the hashtag, “win from within” in most if not all of its tweets, because that is our company slogan.
  • Our company will also have a Facebook page Gatorade’s posts will include pictures, company events, promotions, and new products that will keep consumers informed on a daily basis. Goals are listed on the slide Likes on Facebook are a good judgement for how well informed the global audience is about our company
  • Our third and final social media platform will be YouTube Some things that will be streamed include commercials, athlete TV spots, and videos from company sponsored events Goals listed on slide
  • A full scale internet marketing launch by Gatorade includes Social Media, which was already covered, Search Engine Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization The company will have its own website, which will be explained in more detail later SEM and SEO will also be detailed later on Internet advertisements will be placed on the side of search engine results which include our companies keywords and/or tags. Keywords and tags are essential for a companies success in SEM and will be listed in the next few slides.
  • Our website is The website includes different tabs, including products and athletes The “G-series” includes (1)-Prime (2)-Perform and (3)- Recover; all of these associated with the different phases of athletic competition The “G-series fit” have the same product names, but instead of just drinks, the prime series includes chewables. These products are lower in calories, hence the “fit” label The “G-natural” series uses natural ingredients The athletes tab will display our Gatorade athletes, giving a short bio and their ties to the company. Some Gatorade athletes that are notable are Peyton Manning, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, Derek Jeter and others.
  • Like I said earlier, SEM and SEO are crucial for a companies success in Internet Marketing These are some of our keywords that will be associated with our company and our websites in internet searches
  • Gatorade will have its own mobile app, available on both the iPhone and Android markets. The app will provide users with information on upcoming/new products, promotions, etc. Push notifications will be sent to users, which immediately sends them an alert when there is something new affliated with the company, whether that be an athletic event update that Gatorade is sponsoring, a new product/promotion, etc.
  • Gatorade currently owns 80% of the sports drink market share, providing the company with a flexible advertising/marketing budget. We will be using a one-year budget plan Research shows that in 2007, Gatorade spent about $175 million on advertising, and with the company’s substantial growth over the past few years, they have more money to spend on an advertising/marketing budget. With that being said, I have come up with an estimated budget of about $200 million/year, which breaks down to about $1.67 million per month
  • Our target audience will include men and women ages 12 and up, mainly trying to target athletes, but not specifically because Gatorade can be drank by anyone. We will be targeting all major countries/territories We will attempt to tend to all languages, but our main focus will be placed on the major global languages, like English, Spanish, French, German, and Portugese. As a company, it is important that we focus on differences in cultures, ethnicities, etc. because there is such a broad spectrum of culture in the world, not everyone can be marketed toward the same way because not everyone has the same availability to technology.
  • Gatorade Full Digital Strategy

    1. 1. Full Digital Strategy- Gatorade Presentation by: Jared Goltz
    2. 2. Social Media- Twitter  Gatorade will have a twitter account  Tweets will inform followers of new products, promotions, and contests/sweepstakes  Goals: 1-10 tweets per day; 50+ RT and 50+ favorites/tweet; 100+ followers/day  #WinFromWithin
    3. 3. Social Media- Facebook Gatorade will also have a Facebook page Posts will include images, descriptions, and news about new products, promotions, etc. Goals: 1,000+ page likes/day; 100+ likes/post; 100+ comments/post
    4. 4. Social Media- YouTube Our final social media platform will be YouTube Gatorade will stream commercials, athlete spots, and videos from sponsored events on our YouTube channel Goals: 500+ views/week; 500+ likes/week
    5. 5. Internet Marketing Our internet marketing launch includes Social Media, SEM, and SEO. We will have our own website ( SEM will be visible on all search engine results (mainly focused on Google, Bing) Internet ads will be placed on sides of search engines, in search results that use keywords/tags that our company is associated with.
    6. 6. Internet Marketing Cont’d Website will include our companies products, which include the G-Series, G- Series Fit, G-Series Pro, and G Natural We will also include our “Gatorade Athletes”, who are athletes that endorse and are affiliated with Gatorade. Each athlete will have a detailed bio.
    7. 7. Internet Marketing- SEM/SEO The goal of our SEM is to come up with keywords associated with our company These keywords include: sports drink, energy drink, electrolytes, sports, athletes, nutriti on, rehydrate, drink(s), etc… These keywords will also lead to improvement in our SEO, which will lead to greater page visibility in search results
    8. 8. Mobile Strategy Gatorade will have its own mobile app. The app will be similar to the website, providing users with information on products, promotions, etc. Available in iPhone and Android markets Push notifications
    9. 9. Budget Gatorade owns 80% of the sports drink market share (flexible budget). 12-month (one year) budget plan In 2007, Gatorade spent $175,405,000 on Advertising. Company growth more money Yearly predicted budget: $200,000,000 (~1.67 million/month)
    10. 10. Target Audience Men/Women ages 12+ (mainly physically active, but not exclusively) All countries/territories All languages, but focus on primary ones like English, Spanish, French, German, Portug ese Focus on differences in cultures, ethnicities, etc.