Setting Up Your iPad for Use in Court

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Whether your in the courtroom, the office or just at your house, this presentation will help you use your iPad in the most effective ways possible. …

Whether your in the courtroom, the office or just at your house, this presentation will help you use your iPad in the most effective ways possible.

Do you want to use your iPad for presentation but technology is holding you back? Here is a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to set-up your own wifi network, independent of the internet for use in trials, office, classrooms, and more.

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  • 1. North County GraphicsSetting Up Your iPadfor Use in CourtSaturday, June 1, 13
  • 2. Things You’ll Need•iPad 2nd Generation or Up•AppleTV 2nd/3rd Generation•AirPort Express 2nd Generation•HDMI equipped Television•HDMI Cable•AirPort Utility App (Free)It is recommended to have the most recent Generation of Apple ProductsSaturday, June 1, 13
  • 3. Connecting YourAppleTVConnecting the cables1.Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the back of your TV.2.Connect the other end of the cable to the HDMI port on theback of AppleTV.Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 4. Menu/BackConnecting YourAppleTVConnect the power cordConnect one end of the power cord to the powerport on the back of AppleTV and the other end to apower outlet.Turn on your TV and select the inputThe first time you use AppleTV, it helps youchoose a language and a networkSKIP THE NETWORK SELECTIONSaturday, June 1, 13
  • 5. Connecting YourAirPort ExpressConnect the Power CordPlug the AirPort Express power cord intothe power port and a power outlet.There‘s no on/off switch.When you plug the AirPort Expresspower cord into a power outlet, the statuslight glows amber during startup, andthen flashes amber during setup.Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 6. Open SettingsLocate the“Settings” app onyour iPad HomeScreen and tap it1Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 7. Select Your AirPortIn “Settings” tapthe “Wi-Fi” tabUnder the “Set upan AirPort BaseStation” section,tap your AirportExpress device12Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 8. AirPort SetupA window will open called“AirPort Setup.” Tap“Create a New Network”Tap“Next” tocontinue12Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 9. Name & PasswordType your Network nameand Device nameTap“Next” tocontinueType yourPassword123Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 10. Guest NetworkYou may create a Guest Networkif you like but it is not recommended.Tap“Next” tocontinue1Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 11. Save PasswordTap “Save” to have your iPad remember yourAirPort Express password.Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 12. Waiting for AirPortWaiting for your settings, passwords, and names to apply to your device.This may take a few moments.Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 13. Waiting for EthernetAn AirPort Express has the option to create a Wi-Fi signal.DO NOT CONNECT YOUR AIRPORT EXPRESS to theInternet with an Ethernet cable.Tap “Next”to SKIPthis step1Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 14. No InternetA window will pop up and say you have“No Internet Connection”Tap“ContinueAnyway” tocontinue1Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 15. Joining NetworkWaiting for your AirPort Express to Join your new Local Network.This may take a few moments.Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 16. Setup CompleteYour new Local Network can now be connected to by otherdevices such as your iPad and AppleTV.Tap “Done”to continue1Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 17. Connect to Your NetworkYour new Local Network will now appear in the “Choose a Network” list.Find and select your Network within the list.Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 18. Open AirPort UtilityLocate the “AirPortUtility” app on youriPad Home Screenand tap itIf you do not have the “AirPort Utility” app already then:1.Open the “App Store” app2.Type “AirPort Utility” into the search bar and download it1Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 19. Ignoring ErrorsWait for your AirPort Express to show up Tap your AirPort Express and then tap “Status Messages”Tap ALL the “OFF” switches so that they say “ON” Once all the Errors are Ignored the Express’s StatusLight will turn green1 23 4Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 20. Menu/BackConfiguring yourAppleTVHave your network name and password and your Apple Remote handywhen you configure AppleTV. Make sure there are no obstructionsbetween the remote and AppleTV.Connecting to your wireless networkAppleTV helps you connect to your wireless network. Have your nameand password ready to access your network.Use the Apple Remote to:1.Navigate to “Settings” > “General” > “Network” > “Wi-Fi”2.Select your network from the list3.Enter your network passwordSaturday, June 1, 13
  • 21. Menu/BackInternet Connection& NamingInternet ConnectionAfter you enter your password you will be warned that your“Internet Connection Failed”.1.Select the “Continue Without Internet” option2.For the Configure IP page select “Automatic”3.Once you get back to the “Wi-Fi Configuration” page press “Menu” onthe remote to go back to “General”Name Your AppleTV1.Select “Name”2.Select “Custom”3.Type in what you would like to call your AppleTV4.Select “Submit”Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 22. Menu/BackSleep and ScreenSaverSleep After...AppleTV has an automatic sleep function. For optimal use it isrecommended to change the sleep timer.1.Under “General” scroll down to “Sleep After”2.Select “Sleep After” to change the time it takes for your AppleTV to goto sleep while not in use. (10 Hours recommended)Screen SaverThe AppleTV has a screen saver function and isrecommended to be switched off.1.Under “Settings” select “Screen Saver”2.Select “Start After” and change it to “Never”Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 23. AirPlay MirroringDouble tapthe homebuttonSwipe yourfinger to theright in thisarea12Saturday, June 1, 13
  • 24. Tap the AirPlayicon1AirPlay MirroringSaturday, June 1, 13
  • 25. Tap thename ofyourAppleTVTurn“Mirroring”on bytapping the“OFF”switch12AirPlay MirroringSaturday, June 1, 13
  • 26. You have completed all the steps to mirror your iPad onto a TVAirPlay MirroringSaturday, June 1, 13