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Believe  IN  GOD

Believe IN GOD






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    Believe  IN  GOD Believe IN GOD Presentation Transcript

    • What is the meaning of believe?
      • Simple meaning of believe is faith in someone else.
      • The important thing about belief is that thing it is a necessary step toward knowing. Knowing is proving the belief through your own experiences, and trying it from enough different angles to see how it holds up.
    • WHAT IS GOD?
      • No body can see.
      • No body can hear.
      • No body can imagine the GOD.
      • No body can suppose the GOD.
      • No body can Explain what is GOD?
      • But some person can feel the GOD.
      • GOD is never present in a single place.
      • GOD is everywhere.
        • Every thing exist for a purpose and reason
        • God is owner of all things
        • God is the central fact of the universe
        • The truth about GOD has been made known to everyone
      • Millions of stars placed in the skies , by one God.
    • Many the ways all of us pray , to one God.
    • Many the paths winding their way, to one God.
    • In a World Three Types Of Peoples Theist Atheist Agnostic
    • Key Words
      • Atheist
        • Someone who doesn’t believe in God
      • Agnostic
        • Someone who is unsure about God
      • Theist
        • Someone who believes in God
    • Believe Don't Believe Unsure
    • Atheist Person
      • A person cannot believe in GOD in present time.
      • He can remember GOD when he in struggle or in last time of his life i.e. when death is near to him.
      • Then they said a words “O' GOD help me”(or Hai rabba)
    • Agnostic person
      • The persons whose ideas are in between in atheist and theist are confused about the GOD in whole life .
      • But,in the end of their life, they realize and feel that GOD is everywhere and everybody can feel if they make their believe in GOD .
    • Theist Person
      • The persons remember the GOD every time in our whole life and believe in GOD.
      • They feel themselves little bit close to the GOD. They make their mind stable and have no excitement about anything.
      • And they have their control on five vices or five demons i.e. (ego , greed , anger , attachment , lust).
    • Question for Audience
      • Who create you and is gifting the happiness of life in past ,in present and in future time?
      • How many of you believe in GOD ?
      • Please ask question to yourself that how much time do you devote to GOD in a day,in your busy life.
      • Are you satisfied with your life ?
      • At last I thank GOD for preserving my life, for supplying shelter, food and all my needs.
      • Thank god for the loneliness, for work, for difficulties and problems, for uncertainties and tears because all these brought me closer to GOD.
    • Submitted by :- Jagdeep Singh Malhi Class:- D2 IT Roll No:-7652 THANKS