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Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
Believe  IN  GOD
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Believe IN GOD


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Published in: Spiritual
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  • 2. What is the meaning of believe?
    • Simple meaning of believe is faith in someone else.
    • The important thing about belief is that thing it is a necessary step toward knowing. Knowing is proving the belief through your own experiences, and trying it from enough different angles to see how it holds up.
  • 3. WHAT IS GOD?
    • No body can see.
    • No body can hear.
    • No body can imagine the GOD.
    • No body can suppose the GOD.
    • No body can Explain what is GOD?
    • But some person can feel the GOD.
    • GOD is never present in a single place.
    • GOD is everywhere.
  • 4.
      • Every thing exist for a purpose and reason
      • God is owner of all things
      • God is the central fact of the universe
      • The truth about GOD has been made known to everyone
  • 5.
    • Millions of stars placed in the skies , by one God.
  • 6. Many the ways all of us pray , to one God.
  • 7. Many the paths winding their way, to one God.
  • 8. In a World Three Types Of Peoples Theist Atheist Agnostic
  • 9. Key Words
    • Atheist
      • Someone who doesn’t believe in God
    • Agnostic
      • Someone who is unsure about God
    • Theist
      • Someone who believes in God
  • 10. Believe Don't Believe Unsure
  • 11. Atheist Person
    • A person cannot believe in GOD in present time.
    • He can remember GOD when he in struggle or in last time of his life i.e. when death is near to him.
    • Then they said a words “O' GOD help me”(or Hai rabba)
  • 12. Agnostic person
    • The persons whose ideas are in between in atheist and theist are confused about the GOD in whole life .
    • But,in the end of their life, they realize and feel that GOD is everywhere and everybody can feel if they make their believe in GOD .
  • 13. Theist Person
    • The persons remember the GOD every time in our whole life and believe in GOD.
    • They feel themselves little bit close to the GOD. They make their mind stable and have no excitement about anything.
    • And they have their control on five vices or five demons i.e. (ego , greed , anger , attachment , lust).
  • 14. Question for Audience
    • Who create you and is gifting the happiness of life in past ,in present and in future time?
    • How many of you believe in GOD ?
    • Please ask question to yourself that how much time do you devote to GOD in a day,in your busy life.
    • Are you satisfied with your life ?
    • At last I thank GOD for preserving my life, for supplying shelter, food and all my needs.
    • Thank god for the loneliness, for work, for difficulties and problems, for uncertainties and tears because all these brought me closer to GOD.
  • 16. Submitted by :- Jagdeep Singh Malhi Class:- D2 IT Roll No:-7652 THANKS