Masters of Marketing: Website Content


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Presentation slides from the May 17th Masters of Marketing webinar from Insurance Technologies Corporation on Website Content.

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Masters of Marketing: Website Content

  1. 1. "Content is King" The Importance of Content
  2. 2. What Are Your Intentions?  ● Have people visit your site  ● Have people stay there a while  ● Have people continue to come back So where do you start?
  3. 3. Step 1: Get People to Visit“Sites that update their content 5 times a month receive 300% more traffic” ( More Visitors More Customers Make it relevant. Make it interesting.
  4. 4. Search Engines Don’t Care About Design Because Content Is King.  Content ∙ Search Engines ∙ Consumer
  5. 5. Quality. Engagement. Freshness. Keep your site fresh.  How often should a site be updated? Often. Weekly, if possible.   How much should a site be updated? A lot.   What kind of content should be added to the site? New Pages. Not just new content on existing pages.  
  6. 6. Dont Let it Go Stale Think: Expiration Dates  You dont want the stench of bad content keeping people from coming back to your site.       So take care of that content.  
  7. 7. Its Like Going on a Date You want the sparks to fly!  Just like you wouldnt want the conversation to die down on a first date, it’s the content that sparks an interest and keeps that visitor coming back!  
  8. 8. Step 2: Make People Stay a While People like to be intrigued. Is there really a person behind this website?   Do you know what youre doing?   Are you going to take care of me as a customer? Express how great you truly are. With Content.
  9. 9. Content. Content. Content.   Make those visitors know you actually exist.  Show off how much you know about customer service and managing a crisis.   Show that you care about each and every customer.     Show that you care about the time and effort it takes for people to pick your site out of millions.
  10. 10. Step 3: Keep People Coming Back Your Work is Done!  Just Kidding. Your work is never done.
  11. 11. Tricks of the Trade   Blogs – Post infographics, comic strips, funny stories about insurance, orimportant news about changes in the industry. Blogs are the epitome of new, fresh, and relevant content on your site. Contests – People like free prizes. And businesses like free publicity. A contest can also be the best way to keep people coming back.Testimonials – Seeing that Susie from down the street highly recommendsyour business will definitely help Mary make a decision to stay on your site for business.
  12. 12. Tricks of the Trade  Newsletters – This is a perfect example of how you can get people to visit your site, and then you can kindly remind them to come back.Press Releases – If you’ve got fresh, exciting, and relevant news to share, consider this option for some good, off-site content. Landing Pages – Take advantage of your great design and some evenbetter content. Use these pages to cater to specific content, and make it easy for the consumer.
  13. 13. Landing Pages  
  14. 14. Bottom Line   Content is King. It does it all:    Gets People to Visit   Makes People Stay a While   Keeps People Coming Back  
  15. 15. And now you know the importance of content.         Thank You!