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How the US Army Use Social Media
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How the US Army Use Social Media


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Published in: Technology

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  • 2. Ivan 585,146 People Like This© 2011 Ivan Walsh
  • 3. Ivan Certain branches of the military, such as the U.S. Marines, still ban the use of social media because they are a “proven haven for malicious actors and content and are particularly high risk due to information exposure.”© 2011 Ivan Walsh
  • 4. Ivan “This directive recognizes the importance of balancing appropriate security measures while maximizing the capabilities afforded by 21st Century Internet tools,” Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn III.© 2011 Ivan Walsh
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  • 6. Ivan DOD Social Media Policy is to allow access to social networking sites from the military’s non-classified computer network, known as NIPRNET.© 2011 Ivan Walsh
  • 7. Ivan All military units will be required to open access to social networking sites at least initially.© 2011 Ivan Walsh
  • 8. Ivan Walsh.comText Goes Here© 2011 Ivan Walsh
  • 9. Ivan “Our ability to share the Army story is shaped by how we tell it and where we tell it,” said Lt. Col. Kevin Arata, US Army’s Social Media Division. “Using social media platforms allows us to tell our story where we know people are at and are listening.”© 2011 Ivan Walsh
  • 10. Ivan© 2011 Ivan Walsh
  • 11. Ivan Facebook and Twitter messages are an extension of press releases and stories that Army officials put out through Division of Public Affairs. And it’s a place for soldiers and their families to connect.© 2011 Ivan Walsh
  • 12. Ivan Lindy Kyzer, advisor to the Army’s Chief of Public Affairs “DoD is moving away from the silly notion of having ‘blacklisted’ social media sites and saying, ‘We’re not going to lay down the hammer and tell you where you can and cannot go, we’re going to mitigate risk as it comes.”© 2011 Ivan Walsh
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  • 25. Ivan Ready to Learn More? Read more on - It’s Free! Or follow one of the links below: Facebook Twitter @ivanwalsh RSS Images from Sam Felder and the US Army© 2011 Ivan Walsh