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WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Alpha - The Lightweight WebSphere Liberty Profile

WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Alpha - The Lightweight WebSphere Liberty Profile



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Was liberty Presentation Transcript

  • 1. IBM WebSphereTechnical Conference2011October 10-14, 2011Berlin, Germany WebSphere Application Server v8.5 Alpha – WAS Liberty Profile Ian Robinson - IBM Distinguished Engineer, WebSphere Foundation Chief Architect Tim deBoer - STSM, RAD Lead Architect © IBM Corporation 2011© IBM Corporation 2011
  • 2. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Agenda • The Characteristics of a Development Environment • Key Developer Concerns • What Next for WebSphere Dev/Test Tools and Runtime • Demo2 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 3. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany The Characteristics of a Development Environment • A rich set of developer productivity tools that – Make it easy to get started with new technologies – Assist rapid development for expert users – Provide a responsive environment to test against – Provide a test environment that has fidelity with the target production environment3 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 4. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany What constitutes “Fidelity”? • The application programming model available in the Dev Env faithfully reflects that of the production system – Application code and configuration – Application bindings (types, if not values) • Code that cannot run properly in a production environment should be flagged as such in the test environment • Ability to test with the same semantic behavior as production system when container-managed QoS is configured. – Easy to test basic function to get it up and running – Easy to engage QoS within Dev Env with same behavior as production runtime4 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 5. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany How is Fidelity Achieved? Authoring and Debug and Run • By testing on a server Collaboration type that most closely Advanced Web, JEE, and OSGi tools WAS V6.1, V7, V8 resembles the production XML, SCA, Batch, WAS server runtime. server types Persistence tools Code coverage, profiling, PD Team collaboration RAD Basic Web & JEE tools Basic content assist, validation, … WTP Java project support, Content assist, Validation, … Eclipse5 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 6. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany The Development Profile • By default, WAS servers defined to RAD are configured with a Development profile as the best compromise between fidelity and a responsive test environment Development Profile • Optimized for devt activities such as publishing apps • Smaller thread pools • Less resources • Disable activity log • -Xquickstart JVM option to defer JITing • Faster server startup • No default apps installed6 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 7. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Frequency of Development Tasks • Common development tasks include: fastest • Modify file within an application • Debug a problem in an application Hourly • Restart/redeploy application • Restart server Daily • Share code with team • Change app structure (add/remove a module/bundle) faster • Make config change Weekly • Share config change with team • Reproduce problem from another environment Monthly • Upgrade to new service release • Create application • Install server fast Frequency Time to complete • All tasks should be as painless as possible, with special emphasis on the more frequent ones. If the time taken to accomplish these tasks is an impediment to the development, the cost of the fidelity of the test server runtime is challenged.7 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 8. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Developer Feedback • Developers are looking for more (or less) from the test server runtime in the tools. – Greater test simplicity • Config model (hard to edit, backup, share) • Admin console is for operational mgmt rather than development • Problem determination (including within customer apps) – Responsiveness • Incremental publishing, app install, server startup time – Footprint • WAS server types defined to RAD have a WAS production server footprint and memory use. – For all types of application • Tools available only as part of RAD distributions8 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 9. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany What Next for WebSphere Dev/Test Tools and Runtime? WAS V8.5 Alpha introduces: • A new dynamic profile of WAS which is focused FIRST on the development experience – Small footprint test server runtime – Simplified, shareable config – Fastest possible server start-up • Fidelity with full-profile WAS – Same containers, QoS as full-profile WAS – But radically refactored to focus on the development experience – Extreme dynamicity to start what the app requires and no more • Initially focused on dev/test of web, mobile and OSGi apps. Visit and participate in the new WAS Developer Community wasdev.net9 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 10. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany WAS V8.5 Alpha: Introducing WAS “Liberty” Profile • Not a single static profile: rather a dynamic, flexible profile of the runtime to load only what the application needs – Memory footprint (web feature): < 50 MB – Profile is dynamic – switch parts of the server on and off without restart. • Extremely lightweight – Incredibly fast (re)start times: <5 seconds • Simplified configuration for quick time to productivity; one single config file or modular config (as desired). – Easy to share / diff / manage in version control – Easy to componentize configuration across larger development teams • Tools available as Eclipse features as well as in RAD…10 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 11. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany WebSphere Developer Tools (WDT) & RAD RAD Problem Determination • Code visualization - class, Team Productivity • RTC integration Extended Programming Model Support Install: IM sequence and topic diagrams • Collaborative • Advanced support for WebSphere Integration • Static analysis (code review) debug J2EE 1.4 and earlier: • Support for WAS v6.0, v6.1 • Code coverage: optimize unit • Collaborative code • EJB & Web Services • Test Environments for WAS testing analysis deploy v6.1, 7.0, v8.0 • Profiling • DD editors • Portal Tools & Portal Server Programming • JAX-RPC support Enterprise Connectivity Model Support • Web: • Profile applications on WAS • J2C (EIS) tools • SCA • Page & site designer • Cloud: Deploy to IWD, or • CICS, and IMS Adapters • Java (WAS) Batch • Web diagram Editor WebSphere/Portal instances • Adapters for SAP, Siebel, JDE, • SIP/CEA • Struts, JSF support on SCE Oracle, PeopleSoft • XML (feature pack) • iWidget support WDT WebSphere Integration • Support for WAS v7.0, v8.0 Liberty Profile Integration • Publish, start/stop the server Install: Eclipse update site or IM • Publish, start/stop the server • Edit & manage server configuration • Debug Jython/wsadmin scripts WAS Extensions Support Eclipse (WTP, DTP) • Binding and extension editors Programming Model Support Fut • Support for non-spec extensions ure • Basic creation, editing, and C ont validation support for JEE ent applications: • Web, XML, JPA, EJB, EAR • Database tools WDT adds support for Mac for dev/test with WAS Liberty Profile11 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 12. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany What This Means For Developers • Availability of WebSphere Development Tools as Eclipse feature – As an alternative to integration in full RAD – Simple Eclipse feature update for WTP 3.6 (Helios) and 3.7 (Indigo) – Free! No Expiry • Lightweight WAS Liberty profile runtime for dev/test through new WAS V8.5 Alpha server type in Eclipse – Focused on the development experience – Small footprint test server runtime – Simplified, shareable config – Fastest possible server start-up – Fidelity with full-profile WAS – Free! No Expiry – Initially focused on web apps (including JPA, transactions, security…) • Accelerate development time to value – Develop/test with WDT and WAS v8.5 Alpha Liberty server type – Deploy applications unchanged to full profile WAS for production12 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 13. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Create a Lightweight WAS Server in WDT Create a lightweight WAS server configuration in seconds.13 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 14. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Simplified Sever Configuration • Simplest case: 1 XML file for all server config • Editable within the workspace • Exportable, shareable, versionable resources.xml No need for Admin Console, wsadmin, server.xml etc. or extended EARs ws-security.xml14 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 15. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Simplified Configuration<server> features control which capabilities (bundles) are installed in the server <featureManager> <feature>jsp-2.2</feature> singleton configurations specify <feature>derby-10.5</feature> properties for a runtime service like </featureManager> logging <logging trace.specification=”webcontainer=all=enabled:*=info=enabled” /> instance configurations specify <application type="war" id="tradelite" name="tradelite" multiple resources like location="tradelite.war" /> applications and <datasource id=“ds" jndiName="jdbc/TradeDataSource" datasource definitions databaseName="${shared.resource.dir}/data/tradedb"/></server> Any of this configuration could be put into a separate xml file and included in this master configuration file15 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 16. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Flexible Configuration • Shareable config snippets <server> ... <include url="http://hurgsa.ibm.com/~irobins/ was4d/config/blog.sample.xml" /> <include file="${shared.config.dir}/datasource.xml" /> <server> server.xml • Config can be componentized at any level of granularity, from 1 file to many. – Can use WDT to associate config snippets with a server config. • Visualization through WDT tools as a single logical view. • Team development: keep the application and configuration components together.16 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 17. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Under the Bonnet/Hood/Kühlerhaube Highly composable Liberty profile based on ‘features’ WAS servlet-3.0 Container jsf-2.0 jsp-2.2 Applications WAS Features jmx-1.0 webAppSecurity-1.0 OSGi Liberty Kernel framework (runtime) JDK 6.0+17 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 18. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Dynamic Feature Management Feature bundle Feature bundle useful-api-3.2.jar useful-core-3_.* Feature bundle useful-extras-3.2_.* /lib/features/useful-3.2.blst reads bundle list installs and starts bundles in OSGi framework Feature Manager injects config OSGi Configuration reads config Admin <featureManager> <feature>useful-3.2</feature> </featureManager> server.xml18 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 19. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Dynamic System Configuration evenmore.xml more.xml Kernel bundle Config defaults <include file=“more.xml” /> Config metadata optional <include file=“evenmore.xml” /> includes Feature bundle extra.xml Config defaults reads default Config metadata config from bundles injects <include file=“extra.xml” /> merged merges user config into server.xml config over bundles defaults OSGi Configuration Admin19 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 20. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Dynamic Service Control Kernel bundle service 0 activate Feature bundle inject config service 1 service 3 service 2 inject dependencies OSGi Dynamic Services config OSGi Configuration Admin20 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 21. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Get the WebSphere Dev Tools Easily• Free & frictionless download of developer tools• Extends Eclipse JEE Helios (3.6) and Indigo (3.7)• No time limit. Available from: – New WASdev community site: http://wasdev.net – Within Eclipse (Help MarketPlace) – Eclipse Marketplace web site http://marketplace.eclipse.org/ – Eclipse update repository wasdev.net21 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 22. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Get the WAS Runtime Easily • Free & frictionless download of the WAS runtime for development & test • No time limit. • Full profile “WAS for Developers” has been available since WAS V7. • New lightweight “WAS Liberty profile” is now available through the WAS V8.5 Open Alpha program. • A zip download for web application development: 25 MB. Available from: – New WASdev community site: http://wasdev.net – Within the WebSphere Development Eclipse • Develop, debug and test web applications using lightweight tools and runtime – deploy with complete fidelity to full-profile WAS server. wasdev.net22 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 23. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany WebSphere Application Server Family WebSphere WebSphere WebSphere WebSphere Application Application Server Application Server Application Server Server for Hypervisor Edition Network Deployment for z/OS Developers Optimized to instantly run Delivers near-continuous Takes full advantage of in VMware and other availability, with the z/OS Sysplex to Enables efficient server+ Lightweight virtualization + Lightweight advanced performance + Lightweight deliver a highly secure, development of profile environments profile and management profile reliable, and resource innovative capabilities, for mission- efficient server applications that critical applications experience will eventually run on WAS in production WebSphere Provides secure, high performance transaction engine for Also available as + Lightweight Application moderately sized configurations with web tier clustering and a no-charge profile Server failover across up to five application server profiles edition for the developer desktop A lower-cost, ready-to- An open source- WebSphere + Lightweight WebSphere based, small + Lightweight go solution to build Application profile Application Server footprint foundation profile dynamic Web sites and Server - Express applications Community Edition with no up-front acquisition costs Built on a common code base23 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 24. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Summary • WAS V8.5 Alpha includes a lightweight, composable “Liberty” profile of WAS. – With high fidelity to WAS V8 production environment – Focusing on the needs of the developer • Reduce overhead of common development tasks • Suitable for modest development hardware • WebSphere Developer Tools for Eclipse deliver tools for the most popular WAS programming models as Eclipse features. • Free with no time limit for development use – Accelerates development time to productivity. wasdev.net24 © IBM Corporation 2011
  • 25. IBM WebSphere Technical Conference 2011 – Berlin, Germany Copyright Information© Copyright IBM Corporation 2011. All Rights Reserved. IBM, the IBM logo, ibm.com, AppScan, CICS, Cloudburst, Cognos, CPLEX, DataPower, DB2, FileNet, ILOG, IMS, InfoSphere, Lotus, Lotus Notes, Maximo, Quickr, Rational, Rational Team Concert, Sametime, Tivoli, WebSphere, and z/OS are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. If these and other IBM trademarked terms are marked on their first occurrence in this information with a trademark symbol (® or ™), these symbols indicate U.S. registered or common law trademarks owned by IBM at the time this information was published. Such trademarks may also be registered or common law trademarks in other countries. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the Web at “Copyright and trademark information” at ibm.com/legal/copytrade.shtml.Coremetrics is a trademark or registered trademark of Coremetrics, Inc., an IBM Company.SPSS is a trademark or registered trademark of SPSS, Inc. (or its affiliates), an IBM Company.Unica is a trademark or registered trademark of Unica Corporation, an IBM Company.Java and all Java-based trademarks and logos are trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. References in this publication to IBM products and services do not imply that IBM intends to make them available in all countries in which IBM operates. 25 © IBM Corporation 2011