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    Henny Swan
    • Henny Swan Henny Swan Hey Thaddeus, The BBC has Landmarks on all pages. They come bundled in the header and footer then each product has to implement their own Landmark for the main content. Landmarks are not a suitable supplement for skip links unfortunately as they are only accessible to screen reader users unless they are visible on focus as well. I wrote a post about this a while ago here: http://www.iheni.com/the-shelf-life-of-a-skip-link/ This summarizes the main issues and the discussion after it says it all I think. If browsers implemented support for landmarks and headings then skip links would be unnecessary but until then I think they are here for a while longer. As an aside, in user testing, I have found that often screen reader users are unsure what Landmarks are or don't use them. People often use the skip links however. Henny  1 month ago
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