Again with the Ajax accessibility


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My talk at AbilityNet in London about Ajax and Accessibility for a workshop.

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Again with the Ajax accessibility

  1. 1. Again with the Ajax accessibility Christian Heilmann, AbilityNet, July 2008 Thanks to: Gez Lemon, Steven Faulkner, Paciello Group, BBC, Gartner research.
  2. 2. I am here to talk about Ajax and accessibility.
  3. 3. Especially in a web2.0 context.
  4. 4. I can do that, but I have no clue if I can reach you.
  5. 5. Therefore I will give you lots of information to look up as your own homework.
  6. 6. Cause there’s one thing about good development and accessibility that you should know:
  7. 7. It is up to you to make things better.
  8. 8. No shortcuts, no silver bullets.