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Introduction to W3C widgets and how to win a competition in a few lines of JavaScript


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My talk at Brighton Barcamp 4 about W3C widgets and how we need web developers to drive the specs further. Also showing with what I won the Summer of Code Vodafone widget competition

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Introduction to W3C widgets and how to win a competition in a few lines of JavaScript

  1. W3C widgets for mobile ow to win a or h in 28 comp etition lin es of code. Christian Heilmann – Barcamp Brighton, England – September 2009
  2. Mobile technology is sexy!
  3. Developing for mobiles is a bitch though.
  4. We love web standards.
  5. What keeps us from using them though is outdated technology.
  6. So, to use the knowledge we have and to embrace the cool new mobile world, there is a solution!
  8. ...or for humans...
  9. 2009/04/introduction_to.html
  10. Widgets, like Air, Flash, Jetpack or other defined environments are great.
  11. The reason is that the standards work.
  12. And in the widget case, there is another big perk.
  13. Another benefit is that you have more rights to do cool stuff in JavaScript.
  14. OK, so what about the winning thing?
  15. I was in Cologne, Germany for Vodafone’s Summer of Widgets.
  16. One of the hacks scraped the web and showed a translation.
  17. translation.html
  18. Which inspired me to do this one:
  19. ...and submit it.
  20. I won the competition last week (Netbook + Mobile)
  21. How did I do it?
  22. Rockstar?
  23. Lazy!
  27. We need you now!
  28. W3C widgets do not give you access to the cool mobile stuff yet.
  29. Location, camera, contacts, accelerometer...
  30. The more web folk do some cool widgets, the faster this will happen.
  31. Got you excited? Go for it!
  32. C h e e r s ! Christian Heilmann