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Physical therapy–the-right-choice-for-back-pain-reduction
Physical therapy–the-right-choice-for-back-pain-reduction
Physical therapy–the-right-choice-for-back-pain-reduction
Physical therapy–the-right-choice-for-back-pain-reduction
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Physical therapy–the-right-choice-for-back-pain-reduction


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  • 1. 1- 718­769­2521 Physical Therapy – The Right Choice for Back Pain ReductionPhysical therapy programs are ideal for back pain iftailored according to individual requirements. Treatmentincludes massages, exercises, electrical stimulation andhot/cold packs.Back pain is one of the commonhealth issues affecting people allaround the world. As an effectiveremedy, many go for physicaltherapy treatment as it is possibleto achieve optimal results in ashort period of time without anyside effects. Physical therapy isconsidered the right choice forback pain reduction. However, youmust ensure that you schedule anappointment with a reliable pain management center toobtain effective relief from pain.If you have been experiencing back pain for an extendedperiod of time, then you should consult a qualified physicaltherapist. After evaluating various symptoms, the therapistwill decide on a physical therapy program to suit yourspecific requirements. Almost all treatment plans include 1- 718­769­2521
  • 2. 1- 718­769­2521physical therapy exercises to activate spinal joints, muscles,tendons and ligaments. Normally during the course of thetreatment, a physical therapist takes the time to educatepatients on how to adopt the perfect posture for bending,lifting, sitting and sleeping. These instructions will surelyspeed up tissue healing and help in effective painmanagement.Get to Know Various Physical Therapy Services Physical therapy programs are designed to provide excellent mobility and functionality for the knee, shoulder, spine and other body parts. A well- established physical therapy center offers personalized treatment schedules dependingon the symptoms, age, gender and severity of the pain.Various physical therapy techniques are implemented totreat and rehabilitate patients suffering from muscle/jointdislocations, sprain and back pain.The main techniques included in conventional physicaltherapy treatment are: • Massage/myofacial release – It is a passive physical therapy treatment to bring back normal functioning of 1- 718­769­2521
  • 3. 1- 718­769­2521 the tissues, muscles and ligaments through soft tissue massaging. • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) – This treatment stimulates the brain to release endorphins. The process helps in effective pain reduction. • Ultrasound – The procedure utilizes ultrasound waves to produce heat to achieve increased blood circulation. This will reduce muscle contractions and stiffness and promote effective natural healing. • Hot packs and ice packs – Hot packs help tight muscles to relax, thereby reducing the pain caused by muscle tension or spasms. It also improves the circulation of blood to the affected area. Ice packs help to reduce swelling.Traction and physical therapy exercises are also highlyrecommended to reduce back pain and regain a normallifestyle. Maximum recovery from back pain is assured ifyou perform the stretching and strengthening exercises forback pain as advised. The results of physical therapy arepositive; to obtain these benefits, it is necessary to followthe instructions of the physical therapist.The Right Treatment Center Is a Very ImportantConsideration 1- 718­769­2521
  • 4. 1- 718­769­2521Physical therapy is the right choice for back pain reductionbecause it involves less aggressive procedures to deliverreliable results. For your treatment, always choose areputable physical therapy center with adequate facilitiesand trained physical therapists. Such a pain managementcenter ensures effective treatment that will provide aspeedy recovery from severe back pain. Rehabilitationtreatment and awareness instructions to preventinjuries/sprains are also offered as part of the physicaltherapy services.Contact Details3500 Nostrand AveBrooklyn, NY 11229PH: (718) 769-2521 1- 718­769­2521