Keynote - Jim Geovedi - professional-hackers
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Keynote - Jim Geovedi - professional-hackers

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  • 1. professional hackers jim geovedi information security troublemaker, professional script kiddy
  • 2. hackers
  • 3. are hackers getting paid now, like a pro?
  • 4. professional hackers
  • 5. corporate hackers
  • 6. corporate hackers programmer deals with programming operating systems or applications
  • 7. corporate hackers administrator responsible for running special equipment or whole infrastructures
  • 8. corporate hackers operator sitting in front of a monitor (or several) all days and evaluating output of logs and system messages
  • 9. corporate hackers security officer writing the security policies and procedures for the company decides what to do when security incident is happening defining security and access roles
  • 10. corporate hackers it auditor independent organ within the organisation which ensures the adequateness of it controls
  • 11. corporate hackers consultant works for a consultant company (general consultant companies, it consultant companies, or it security companies)
  • 12. corporate hackers hacker check security of networks, review source code, etc. hired to show to customers or press the company employ cool person
  • 13. independent hackers
  • 14. independent hackers operating system/software hacker develop and improve system based on personal interest
  • 15. independent hackers intrusion specialist concentrate primarily on how to break- in the system or network
  • 16. independent hackers vulnerability researcher discovering the vulnerability and how to take advantage of it
  • 17. independent hackers botnet owner take control of thousands of hosts rent the botnet for ddos, anonymous proxy, spam, phising etc.
  • 18. independent hackers rootkit/trojan/virus writer sometime work together with intrusion specialists and botnet owner
  • 19. independent hackers spammer/fraudster intend to result in financial or personal gain
  • 20. local hacking scene
  • 21. local hacking scene how many professional hackers in indonesia? a question of ethics: hackers behaviour real hackers vs. media whores
  • 22. local hacking scene skill development certification for professional hackers valuing our own skills
  • 23. fin.