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The 9 steps of Brand Management. Please email us with your name and company name to for a downloaded copy of this presentation.

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Ideazfirst Branding Tips

  1. 1. Brand ManagementThe 9 steps of Brand ManagementInnovative Ideas. Better
  2. 2. (C) Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd 2Step 1: Consumer Insight1. Building holistic understanding of consumers2. Planning market research3. Interpreting market research4. Synthesising and sharing consumer learning5. Generating inspiring consumer insights6. Anticipating current and future consumer opportunities
  3. 3. (C) Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd 3Step 2: Marketing StrategyDevelopment1. Analysing market trends and growth drivers2. Creating a vision of market and channel potential3. Anticipating competitor actions4. Constructing brand portfolio strategies5. Building required marketing capabilities6. Providing input into the business planning process
  4. 4. (C) Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd 4Step 3: Brand Equity Management1. Defining the Key Positioning2. Developing the Key Vision3. Formulating Key Extensions4. Aligning brand business plans with the BrandKey5. Strengthening the brand mix6. Assessing brand health
  5. 5. (C) Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd 5Step 4: Communication ChannelManagementInvestigating communication channel opportunities1. Defining communication tasks, targets and budgets2. Developing creative Communication Plans3. Implementing integrated communication campaigns4. Evaluating campaign cost efficiency and effectiveness
  6. 6. (C) Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd 6Step 5: Brand Communication1. Developing inspiring briefs2. Building successful agency team relationships3. Judging creative proposals4. Developing outstanding communication campaigns5. Guiding outstanding brand packaging design6. Evaluating communication effectiveness
  7. 7. (C) Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd 7Step 6: Brand Innovation1. Creating a spirit of innovation2. Exploring consumer and technological opportunities3. Generating creative innovation ideas4. Designing winning innovation concepts5. Managing the innovation project portfolio6. Driving innovation projects through the funnel7. Launch planning, implementation and evaluation
  8. 8. (C) Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd 8Step 7: Brand ActivationConverting brand strategies into innovative activity plans1. Developing close marketplace connections with consumers2. Implementing consumer activation programmes3. Driving brand visibility and channel presence4. Managing prices, profit margins and budgets5. Monitoring market developments and brand performance
  9. 9. (C) Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd 9Step 8: Channel & CustomerMarketing Development1. Assessing channel and customer developments and opportunities2. Interpreting trade partner marketing needs3. Contributing to Category Management4. Developing channel and customer-specific marketing plans
  10. 10. (C) Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P) Ltd 10Step 9: Active Market Learnings1. Seeking and applying marketing best practice2. Analysing and capturing learning3. Promoting and communicating learning4. Experimenting to create new knowledge
  11. 11. (C) Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P)Ltd 11
  12. 12. (C) Ideazfirst Marketing Services (P)Ltd 12
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