SpaceLock Meetup - Plan 25 Jan 09
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SpaceLock Meetup - Plan 25 Jan 09

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2 Months ago we had a meet-up to discuss how we proceed with Project SpaceLock... this is just to remind us of how things are going on, and to keep a track of time :)

2 Months ago we had a meet-up to discuss how we proceed with Project SpaceLock... this is just to remind us of how things are going on, and to keep a track of time :)

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  • 1.
  • 2. Architecture Overview 1. The Web Cam •Controlled by servo 3. Global Access motors •Captures – • currently a linux based • audio server •Provides info over the • video 2. LAN server internet •Communicates over • Runs Matlab, IIS7, •Increases accessibility RF ASP.NET, MSSQL & a C# •Provides remote access •RF module controller to logs interfaced at server •Updates db & videos over •uses in PHP & MySQL by C# internet •Stores them in local DB for access over LAN •Locks the system in use
  • 3. Time ! Deadline for submission of idea - 28th Feb 2009 But Team Creation needs to be done by 15th of Feb So, lets do away with the project idea submission & team creation by this Sunday! Feb 5 T1 starts!!!! What can be done before that ? • Collect as many relevant tutorials, articles, ebooks as possible from internet • Just think about your part, plan it on paper/mind, simulate it, think about issues related to it. • Learn about what you don’t know, explore things related to project.
  • 4. Our Priorities Additional, yet must implement We need a basic system first. features • Locking of LAN server After T1, we start working on parts • Global access through a website assigned to us with full speed. • Face Logging • Configuration Options through Basic system ? What’s that ? Internet motor control • • motion tracking – might not be sms • possible application on LAN server • • alerts on cam disconnects C# application on LAN server • • security – one user shouldn’t be Matlab Routines • able to watch other’s video merging audio + video • • Linux Portability by Mono mic data aquisition • • Video Compression – to be done that’s all • after base is over Will keep adding more on the basis of ease of implementation, necessity, etc
  • 5. Task Distribution Abhishek Harsha Saagi Prabhat 1. Design of DB 1. Develop the 1. Handle Matlab 1. Handle RF C# controller (with help of portions Communication 2. Explore MSSQL all of you) 2. Sockets over 2. Motor Control connectivity 2. ASP.NET MVC Matlab 3. Try out making through web app for 3. Video/Audio motor control ADO.NET LAN access Combination through RF 3. Locking the 3. Assistance in 4. Timing of 4. Program it over System C# modules video captures PC through 4. Socket 4. Web app for 5. Motion software of programming access over Detection your choice on C# side internet – 6. Further 5. Later we try to 5. SMS sending PHP & MySQL Assistance to do it by C# app 5. Overview Me over C# 6. Else we use 6. Help in the and merger and ASP part your program electronics of modules part
  • 6. What Now? Start playing around with uC, Get familiar Know some more RF, motors, ASP, C#, .NET for with RF & C#, make small fast development tools of trade apps to gain experience Collect useful resources Jot down any features Deal with CTs necessary that come into your mind, think how to do Write a few words it, explain to the Find best practices of team, justify its to be put up as these relatively new and inclusion project description unexplored avenues Oh yeah! There’s some money too - Top 10 teams win INR Do 10,000 each. Be ready for some return on the investment Well of time and money in T1