The Beginning - Jan 20 2009


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This is where it all started...
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The Beginning - Jan 20 2009

  1. 1. Project SpaceLock The humble beginnings of the project …
  2. 2. Web cam Wi-fi 802.11 App server – MATLAB, VB/C#2008, IIS web server other programs sms view Users alerts email config Live web interface, medium ajax alerts WAP on Windows mobile browsers GPRS compatible web design
  3. 3. Issues 1. WiFi communication b/w app server and webcam (data acquisition) 2. Matlab or openCV ? 3. Stream or Image sequence 4. SMS alerts how to ? 5. Audio streaming!
  4. 4. WiFi b/w app server and webcam (data acquisition) • This area seems to be dark, reasons – • Lack of experience • Lack of know how • Hence is of importance! • Alternatives – – Serial communication – USB communication – Bluetooth crap (might be slow)
  5. 5. Matlab or openCV ? • OpenCV is portable, matlab is bulky • openCV can hamper design time • We have good experience in matlab • OpenCV forces to switch to VC++ which is relatively uncomfortable world compared to VB2008 • MATLAB over C# - learn a new language, fast dev Due to matlab experience
  6. 6. Stream or Image sequence • Streaming options – Image sequence • Easy to program in javascript, can be even done in silverlight to please microsoft • Light weight on resources • Usually seen in many IP cams and web based monitoring – Use headers of VLC along with DirectShow to create an RTSP server to stream media • Violates GPL !, valid for non commercial use • Needs more learning of directshow and RTSP know how – time waste
  7. 7. Stream or Image sequence • Image sequencing proofs – interesting google hacks to get view of insecure security cams from webcam-hunting.html • Reveals these – • Refreshing gives new images of Randy’s Donuts shop • ! Most AXIS cams are insecure, anyone can see Randy’s donut shop • Shit java applet used in some of the views screwd my firefox and slowed the system for a while
  8. 8. Stream or Image sequence • Some findings over net (IP cams) Webcam in motion
  9. 9. Stream or Image sequence • Why did all the IP cams used changing images ? – They have limited resources on hardware – They are just like your DSL routers, connected over internet with webcam interface – Flash plugins, silverlight plugins, Rtsp players aren’t readily available in all kind of Oses and devices, while a browser is available as opera mini in gprs phones to smartphones loaded with windows mobile, to desktops even netbooks. – Its lightweight, we don’t have to create an rtsp player in silverlight, we neither have to depend on’s open source rtsp server – Yes streaming can be done for recorded activity logs – Technologies like flash, java, silverlight which work in a browser, don’t guarantee complete availability all over world. Silverlight support is very less compared to flash and negligible on linux! – Hence sequence of images instead of live streams, it seems good, one of the shop cams showed good results. – While recorded video satisfy user’s need for records, there an rtsp server can be implemented, and a silverlight based rtsp player to please microsoft. .. Psst! They really want to see people use their software. – To show recorded videos – rtsp handled by’s lightweight 200 kb server, very easy to use, zero configuration|| played over web through silverlight.
  10. 10. SMS alerts how to ? • 1. cellphone fitted with a cheapass reliance sim connected to server • 2. cellphone around surveillance device– irrelevant as image processing and alert detection is done by matlab, so let the laptop/server control cell phone • Need to research on how to manipulate a cellphone from comp. I got a spare samsung phone (anyone wants to test it? )
  11. 11. Audio streaming! • While images can be updated from javascript or a robust (believed by microsoft, I guess it is… you know as powerful as flash, but then… it might not be running on 90% of computers, fuck 90% of computers may not even run windows…) haha javascript is everywhere :) • Yes.. Coming to the point, audio needs to be streamed, again’s cheapass rtsp server and a player over silverlight.. Done dana don done
  12. 12. To do • Identify as many issues as possible • Identify features, study their impact and feasibility + ease of programming too • Make sure a feature does not hamper ease of use or availability across world • And yes some tasks – WiFi needs to be analysed – Need to show a PoC(proof of concept) for rtsp player in silverlight – Have to program live images through ASP, implement over IIS server and have a javascript refresh stuff as of now. – Assess the mentioned issues and take decisions (4-5 days)
  13. 13. Our Strengths • Ebooks ;) • SP road • Profs.. Maybe • I got a DVD – AcadDevCon 2008 – full of tutorials on all microsoft shit ever done • We :) lol