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Senior Project Presentation Speech

  1. 1. This is the result of almost 800 matches over the course of three days. Hellomy name is Jot Hulen and my senior project was being a tournament director for theannual Creekview Beginners Tournament . I choose this project because I have grown up wrestling. At the age of 6 I wasintroduced to the sport of wrestling because my cousin started wrestling at SequoyahHigh School. I have wrestled ever since then and continue to grow as I participate intournaments all over the nation. The values I was taught as a youth wrestler havecarried me through the various levels of competition. As a result of this I see theimportance of the ideals taught in youth wrestling and its competition. In my research,about the concepts of youth wrestling, I discovered that the values I was taught are inalmost every youth program’s philosophy and purpose: to encourage and grow thesport of wrestling. This is the reason I wanted to host the beginner tournament atCreekview, because I think it produces and encourages more wrestlers at a young age. The Beginner tournament is a new style of tournament here in Georgia, but ithas been popping up all across the nation. The Beginner Tournament is to encouragewrestlers who need “mat time”, which is just the amount of time you spend inwrestling competition. Wrestlers with zero years of experience to two years ofexperience are allowed to compete in these tournaments from ages 14 and under, notethere is no high school beginners tournaments. However, the problem with just basingit on the number of experienced of a wrestler is the natural athleticism of somewrestlers. The Team Georgia Organization has made an extension of the qualifyingrules for a beginners tournament, that if you have placed first in your weight classtwice in the same year that you are no longer considered a beginner and are ineligible
  2. 2. for any other beginner tournaments. This rule has allowed for some of the moreequally experience wrestlers to stay in the beginners program while allowing some ofthe better wrestlers to grow into other levels of competition. The main goal of youthwrestling is to encourage more wrestlers, but that is hard to do when you have lessexperienced wrestlers being dominated by wrestlers who have grown up wrestling.The benefit of the beginner tournament is to let the less experienced kids keep theirmoral up and continue wrestling. My product is the bout sheets I have presented. These bouts are just set upand then wrestled. The tournament it self has a lot of administrative stuff as well. Oneof the first steps of setting up this tournament was it being accepted by Team Georgiafor their tournament list. Coach Higgins and my project Facilitator Coach Judkinshandled a lot of the issues with Team Georgia because of its policies on running atournament, such as hiring officials. Once the tournament was made about of thetournament list, I then needed to make “tournament flyer”. This flyer is electronic andgoes on the Team Georgia website under a link to register for the tournament. Theflyer contains all the vital information for the tournament, such as start times, weighin times, gate fees, concessions, and amount of mats. These are all vital for theparents and coaches to decide on which tournament to participate in that weekend. Asthe date approaches for the tournament, a link is posted on the Team Georgia websitewhere wrestlers can then register for the tournament. All the registrations are due onthe Thursday before the tournament at twelve pm. Team Georgia then creates thebrackets for each age group and weight class. The coaches and I then used a software,provided by Trackwrestling that creates the bout sheets that are predetermined by the
  3. 3. brackets. The day before the tournament we got the high school and middle schoolwrestlers to help move the six mats from the wrestling and storage rooms in to thegym. The wrestlers then set up all the score boards and tables as labeled in a diagramI passed out. I then went around to each of the tables and dispersed the bout sheets tothe tables. One of the biggest issues that occurred during the tournament is the filling outof the brackets and the making on coinciding bout sheets. The high school wrestlerswho were in charge of the tables and keeping up with the brackets were not thatknowledgeable of their duties, so as the tournament went on they struggled sometimeswhich held up the tournament. The kids did learn as they went and the challengeswere overcome. The tournament itself ran fairly smooth. The officials were above averagequality. There was good competition for the wrestlers. The parents even behaved.Over all the tournament was an over all success. My project facilitator is John Judkins, who is a teacher and wrestling coachhere at Creekview. He previously taught and coached at Seqouyah and Pickens HighSchools. He helped me with my project by showing me the step and helping me workthrough some of the administrative issues that came alone with my project. Overall my project reinforced my goals for my career. My dream is to be ahigh school teacher and wrestling coach. One of the large duties that comes withbeing a coach is that you have to host or at least help run a large tournament. I thinkthis project showed me I can do this on a larger scale. I would really like to suggestthat you involve your children in the sport of wrestling. Remember its never to early
  4. 4. to try. Thank you for your time.