Hub Vienna Summer 2012


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Hub Vienna Summer 2012

  1. 1. The Hub Viennais ready for the summer – are you?Get your starting point and connect the dotstill the end of the Summer!
  2. 2. This summer is an opportunity to › & explore This summer you are invited to explore,learn, work and connect in a stimulating learn Use the sunny season ahead to expe- rience new fields, get new perspectivesenvironment and enjoy the Hub’s summer and share your knowledge and exper-vibes over July and August. Draw your next tise at Member Slots or over conversa-steps, get inspiration, engage with new ideas tions at the Open Space.and people, enjoy inspiring conversationsover an iced coffee or a cold beer. Use theupcoming summer to regain energy, meetup and get ready for the season ahead. get meet &ct things conne done Use the summer events to get to Equipped with knowledge, achieve- know others over a cold drink on a ments and experiences of the past take Community Event, having dinner at a the time to work on your ideas and World Cuisine, or simply sharing the catch up with things that you always same working table. wanted to do but you never found the time to.
  3. 3. for July Outlook salad every Tuesday! W M ed e 0 Ki dit 4 ck in er g o ra ff ou ne rw a every Tue: Sexy Salad or ld n C W cu isi u ne is of ed ev in en M ts e mer so bring along one ingredient and join us for Cr 11 This already traditional event goes on this sum- o Pl er i An emb w ea e s. n a er S d M lot fu su os tet with nd re sc h K ni ath ng & i s g ( ar Pa T h in W ree aN in sabout your idea. Co ord in en Ed ed s) & M uc 18 e a En Pa mb ti r t i er o vir cip Slo n ato t w in on ry ith m Wed: Member Slot Co M th e m ar mu tin e C nt Th u ni a L a ty a En ug ri l Ce 1 leb 9 ga er on bb rat S ge ea me in um gt nt n he m An open slot to initiate your own events for thecommunity – share expertise, experiences, connecting and practice. Contact one the hosts and talkon topics of interests, develop communities of learn- Su m er me r w Pa Th ith rt u aC y Un 2 olo lea 6 rC sh O oc in kt ail July & g t pe August he n Co m Sp mu a ni c Throughout ty e Po we # 2 r!
  4. 4. Wed 04 July, 17:30 – 21:00 Mediterranean Cuisine with Dimitris Kokkinakis, Chara Oikonomidou, Seraina Brugger We escape the summer heat, to flee to flavors, impressions and bites from different regions of the world. Hub members with diverse cook-World ing traditions and practices are introducing their food and share some insights of their country in an open dinner. You are invited to partici-Cuisine pate and contribute! This time we kick off with Mediterranean Cuisine. After the dinner we’re planning to watch the movie » Way of Passion « at Karlsplatz (Kino unter Sternen), and get to know religious traditions and prac- tices from Sicily. Save the next date: Thu 02 August, 17:30 – 21:00
  5. 5. Wed 11 July, 18:00 – 20:30 Wed 18 July, 18:00 – 20:30The Pleasures and Pains Participatory Communityof Crowdfunding Engagement for Environmentalfor Social Business Education in the Caribbean with Katharina Norden & Anna Mostetschnig with Martina Luger The team of Kicked Out! has less than a month left with it’s Kick- Martina Luger, an environmental consultant working at Nicara-starter crowdfunding campaign and would like to share their ex- gua and Honduras, is hosting a talk to share her experiences fromperience! In this member slot we will discuss the strategies, the the projects on participatory processes for environmental issues in thedo’s and don’ts, our learning curve – in short the joys and sorrows of area of the Caribbean, bringing also life stories from the Gulf. HerKickstarter. job at Horizont 3000 with BICU University is to strengthen the team’s knowledge about climate change and transmit knowledge to the citizens, key individuals and institutions of the area in order to reduce their vulnerability and foreseen effects of climate change. Read more and register for the evening here: Member Slot
  6. 6. Thu 19 July, 18:00 ColorHUB Summer Party Cocktail The Hub Vienna is inviting you to revamp your summer moodby co-creating a very colorful and energetic celebration. Dress up inthe color(s) that describes you the best and bring your party moves.Watermelon Happiness, Painting & stencil madness will be waiting Q ilsfor you! BB ta ck Get your good vibes ready for: ol Co Po g lin ic m dd us Cr e ea Pa Ic M ss ne il & t es on ad en nc ting na ll in el m m ur ba s pp rm ste ain To oos Ha ate P F W
  7. 7. Thu 26 July, 18:00 – 20:30Open Space # 2 | for members only In the summer chill we warmly invite you to an event that will bring You want to propose a topic?together the diversity of our HUB community! To unleash its power Bring it to the event or click herewere using Open Space as a format that allows to direct the conversa- to post it on HubNet (Open Space Group)tion to the topics that matter to the group. After a first meeting in Junewe open up a second round of discussing, connecting interests and ex-changing ideas.Some topics that have been suggested by Hub Members: • Urbanites On Wheels – Creating an Online-Campaign for Better Cycling in Vienna by Matthias Bernold • Courage to Fail? by Nicole Traxler Community Meet-Up
  8. 8. Stay tuned for August!You’re welcome to enjoy the summeralong with the Hub Vienna!