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Hub Vienna - Summer in the Hub - August Overview


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Hub Vienna - Summer in the Hub - August Overview

  1. 1. A closer look at
  2. 2. August started really well in the Hub... We had the pleasure to host the Ashoka Globalizers. Triggered by the Essl Social Price, Ashoka picked 25 fellows with social innova- tions that were most promising to be scaled globally. The Globalizers used the Hub to work on their strategies to go global. Click here to find out more about the initiative and the fellows.
  3. 3. So, let’s have a closer look at AUGUST Member Spotlight Damien Bouchard (filmmaker) Hub Talk The Alpbach Crew Forum Alpbach Social Entrepreneurship Seminar 12.Aug 19.Aug - 25 Aug tba 13-14.Aug 2.Sept [lab_mo ] The Popcorn Experiment Hub Talk Christoph Chorherr (ithuba) Throughout August: Condensed Opening Hours The Hub will be open Tuesday - Friday Late Night Working Every Tuesday the Hub is open until 10pm
  4. 4. You want to have an overview of all the events that are taking place? 1.) Go to the website and click 1. on ‘events’ 2.) Here you will find all the events taking place 3.) If you click on an event, you will find a detailed description and by clicking on iCal, you can directly import the event 2. into your calendar 3.
  5. 5. You want to immediately put the event details in your calendar? ... just click on the links in the bottom right corner to import them :) click here to import in calendar
  6. 6. Member Spotlight Damien Bouchard 12.Aug starting 6pm Spotlight on Damie n Bouchard with Damien is a n independent film-maker inspire . the focus of creating movies that he Climate c hange, drug abuse and t Canada integratio n of indigenous people in dresses. are just some of the topics he ad click here to import in calendar
  7. 7. [lab_m o] 13-14.Aug Popcorning all day Unfortunately, we had to postpone the date of the popcorning experiment. However, there are still a few places available for the new date. Find out more and apply here: click here to watch the presentation click here to import in calendar
  8. 8. [lab_m o] 13-14.Aug Popcorning all day [lab_mo1] The Popcorn Experiment w/ Dey Dos  Fri, 13 Aug–Sat, 14 Aug 2010 You ever watched a kernel of popcorn just before it pops?  Hub Vienna, Austria It does so very suddenly and without warning. One moment  Open internationally it's a little kernel and the next moment: Pop! Into the fluffy white puff. Now, how about your ideas would do the  Max. 30 participants same… € 200 EUR excl. VAT w/ lunches, coffee breaks, materials Innovation that pops like a corn on fire – that‘s what this % -40% Hub Vienna members experiment is all about: so bring in your intentions, ideas, initiatives – old and new, strong or fragile – and enrich them with many new perspectives and ways to the desired impact. Let your ideas explode. Please note: A detailed agenda and further information will be made available upon approved registration, one week in advance of the experiment. Dey Dos. Co-founder of Beautiful Individuals, former President of AIESEC International, designer of various businesses and popcorn machine for new ideas… trigger, challenger, inspiration and supporter for the new. click here to import in calendar
  9. 9. Forum Alpbach 19-25.Aug in Alpbach, Tyrol Social Entrepreneurship Forum European Alpbach social entrepreneurship SEMINAR The Hub Team will be part of the faciliation team of the European Forum Alpbach Seminar. However, the Hub will be open as usual. Click here to find out more...
  10. 10. Hub T date tba alk Alpbach Crew starting 6 pm Social Entrepreneurship Seminar - Bring Back This year, one of the Seminars that are being held on the European Forum Alpbach will be on the topic of ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ (see also previous page). After the Forum, all the lecturers present in Vienna will provide an overview of what happened and will share the main insights from the seminar. Of course, there will be enough time to ask general questions on topics such as social entrepreneurship, social innovation and its relevance in Europe.
  11. 11. Hub T 2. Sept alk starting 6 pm Christoph Chorherr Christoph Chorherr Social entrepreneur, city planner, alk newspaper columnist, blogger, politician... Christoph Chorherr has a multitude of Hub T roles. Join us when he will give insights in his projects ranging from Ithuba, his sustainable school project in South-Africa, the visualization of the UN Declaration of Human Rights to the Waltz project in Vienna, where he is shaping new ways of education. click here to import in calendar
  12. 12. And don’t forget... The Hub is also a working space :)
  13. 13. 2 Strategies to get the most out of the Hub Workspace in August: 1| pick one spot during the week Whether it is focusing on a new idea that is spinning in your head, reading those articles that were lying on your desk for weeks or using the time to take a step back from your project and revisit your strategy... pick one day in the week and bring your work to the Hub ... make it a habbit and it will help you to get more done faster. 2| nd new people to meet With the virtual platform Hub+ you have access to the profiles of all Hub Vienna members. T a couple of minutes per week to go through the profiles and ake get in touch with people that share your interest. What better way to meet for a coffee or a spritzer than in August :)
  14. 14. Summer is half-way over let’s make the second half twice as good :)